An Inquiry into Sneezes and Coughs

Today, the students were provoked by the illnesses that have struck many of the students at SCIS. Many students are sick with the flu, colds, and chest colds. The class was curious about coughing and sneezing, so I helped them find some more information about how far and fast a sneeze can travel. We watched slow-motion videos of this and finally found a great video that explains the best way to sneeze. Check it out!

LS Principal’s Bulletin: PYP Key Concepts

Every Friday, LS Principal Liz Gale posts a bulletin to the school website that includes important information you should read, such as, important dates, PYP program of inquiry information, suggestions for helping your child, research, announcements, and information.

This week our pictures from our new PYP unit of inquiry, signs and symbols, were featured on the weekly Principal’s Bulletin.  Please take the time to read about the exciting learning experiences occurring at school. Ask your child concept related questions as you explore signs and symbols outside of school.

PYP Concepts