The Seven Continents


Students this week in PE class had a fun time exploring and traveling to the seven continents! Equipment such as balance beams, walking buckets and scooters were used by students to cruise through the oceans and visit each continent. Communicating, sharing and risk taking were needed in this activity and the students did a great job!

Welcome back!


I hope everyone had a great Winter break! Students had a lot of fun their first week back in PE classes working on balancing, teamwork and fitness exercises. Wands were introduced which made for some fun fitness routines this week! We used both the big gym and the GMAC (gross motor activity center) for classes this week.



In PE students practiced using body control by balancing! Students had fun walking and balancing through our jungle themed course that had turtles, alligators, hippos and snakes. The challenge was to take the gold, both big and small pieces, to the treasure box. Students also had a chance to work together as a class and design their own course.

Balloons in PE


This week students had a chance to practice hand eye and foot eye coordination along with light and hard striking with balloons. Activities were done individually, with a partner and in groups with stations. Balloons always seem to put a smile on a face! What causes the balloon to stay in the air? How many different ways can you keep the balloon in the air by using body parts only? Which station was the most challenging for you? These were just a few questions that we discussed in PE. Ask your child at home and see what they say.

Bucket/Cup stacking


In PE class students are developing hand eye coordination by stacking buckets and cups. Students are encouraged to use speed when stacking to make different formations like the 3-2-1, 2-1 2-1 and tower patterns. Students really enjoyed sharing thoughts and ideas about stacking both the larger buckets and smaller cups.

Kicking in P.E.


Students are “cleaning their room” by kicking in P.E. class! Students are practicing kicking skills in P.E. by using a variety of playground balls to kick (including soccer balls). Dribbling, trapping and kicking were introduced and used in a game called “clean your room”. We’ll continue to work on these skills throughout the year in a variety of settings.

Jumping in P.E. class


Ready, set and jump! We worked on jumping safely in P.E. class last week.  Students used jumps ropes to make snakes in the grass, ocean waves, electricity and high water to practice running and jumping under control.  Students did an excellent job of demonstrating a landing on to feet with bent knees while being balanced


This week in P.E. class


This week in P.E. class students used exercise poly spots to work on cardio, strength and flexibility exercises. A mini circuit was designed and students worked hard moving from one dot to another.

Students were also introduced to the GMAC (Gross Motor Activity Center) room this week.  Students practiced jumping, landing, rolling, stepping and crawling skills through a fun and exciting course!

Welcome back!!!!!


P.E. classes have been off to a great start this year!  Students have been really energetic, enthused and eager to move and practice skills.  Students have practiced hand eye coordination by tossing and catching beanbags along with balancing skills.

Hula hoops were next with students using body control, coordination and rhythm both individually and with a partner. Balancing skills and games such as “Cat and mice” and “Musical Hoops” were also enjoyed by students.

Next week will introduce the GMAC room (Gross Motor Activity Center).

Goooooooooo Dragons!