This is nursery’s forth Chinese Culture lesson, the theme is Chinese new year.  We watched the traditional cartoon “Chu Xi de Gu Shi”,”Chu Xi Shou Sui”,”Chi Nian Gao, Jie Jie Gao”. Our kids are supposed to know that 2018 is “dog year ” in traditional Chinese expression and we can all wear new clothes when new year comes.

We also did the handcraft “2018, dog year”. Our children used red, green, orange and pink pom pom to make the number”2, 1, 8″ and sprayed glittering powder to decorate the zero,which is included a cute dog, too. Our children participated positively and surprisingly did a great job at tracing the numbers.

Pre School Spring Festival Chinese Culture

Chinese New Year is coming, we chose traditional Chinese new year customs to be our culture theme.

We learned some customs in Chinese new year,such as pasting Spring Festival couplets,hanging red laterns,giving red pockets, setting fireworks and so on.

We tried to make some hand crafts by ourselves,includng new year number, dragon,red lantern of the dog and the paper craft of t he dog.. 


This is our third Chinese Culture lesson, the theme is traditional chinese  cartoon.  We watched the traditional ink cartoon “Xiao Li Yu Tiao Long Men”. (The Small carp jump over the dragon gate).

We talked about carps symbolize lucky in Chinese Culture, and also used red color to paint the pottery fish. They participated actively and did a good job at painting.

Pre-school traditional Chinese Cartoon,11,28,2017

This is pre-school’s third culture.In this period, we chose to learn some traditional Chinese cartoons.Among all the fancy cartoons, we chose “xiao kedou zhao mama(little tadpoles find mother)”.

Our kids are supposed to know that little tadpoles are different from their mother.And they are also supposed to get understanding of the growth of the frogs.

We dressed as different characters in the story and played in the role.We also drew some little tadpoles with the ink.

Our kids participated very positively.




Preschool Chinese Traditional Food Culture 2017

This is our second Chinese Culture.We have talked about Chinese food.We learned traditional food made by flour.We discussed the procedure the grain become into flour and then they become different kinds of food.

We also try to made different kinds of food.We made dumplings,pancakes and little steamed bread.

Kids enjoyed these very much.They not only know more about Chinese traditional food but also try their best to make them.


Nursery Traditional Chinese Food Culture 2017

We had our second Chinese Culture on October 20th2017. We talked about Traditional Chinese Food——dumplings(Jiao Zi).We observed the different types of dumplings and told stories that we have dumplings during some special festivals. Our children were really interested in making the “dumplings” by themselves!What’s more,after making the dumplings,we used our senses to know “Jiao Zi”, we watched、smelled after that we ate the real ones!Children couldn’t help eating dumplings,they’re so yummy!


Nursery Mid-Autumn Festival Culture 2017

We had our first Chinese Culture on September 26th,2017. We talked about Mid-Autumn Festival. We sang the song“ Yue Liang Yuan”,read the story  “Chang E Ben Yue”,and children tried to make mooncakes by themselves!During the culture lesson,“Chang E” sent us the mooncakes,it’s so yummy and we really enjoyed it!We all hope “Chang E” will come back again. All of us had a great time during the Chinese Culture!


Pre-school middle autumn festival culture 2017

Sept,26th of 2017, we hold a middle autumn festival culture party, we read the story(yue liang gu niang zuo yi shang),and met a spacial fairy name “Chang e”.She came to join us and brought some yummy moon cakes for us.It was really nice.Then we made moon cakes with play-doh.We had lot of fun in this day.Hope “Chang e “will come to our school again.