In our last Chinese Culture lesson, we talked about Dragon Boat Festival. We learned that we always eat “zong zi”(sticky rice dumpling) in this festival and most of our friends tried it during the class. We also decorated “xian ya dan” and inquired the procedure to make it.  We watched a cartoon and sang a song about this festival.

Kids enjoyed all of them very much.They know more about Dragon Boat Festival now.

Dragon boat festival

This is our last Chinese culture.We took time learning about dragon boat festival.

First,we learned when is dragon boat festival and what are the traditional activities.

We chose sticky rice、dragon boat and sachet to be the important activities to be recognized.

We inquired what is sticky rice, including what we need to make a sticky rice, what’s the step to make a sticky rice.And we ate some sticky rice.Most kids like them very much.

Then,we inquired the sachet.We talked about what’s the effect of the sachet and what we put inside.We tried to make our own sachet.

Last,we also learned something about dragon boat.We watched some race about the dragon boat.And we made a mask of the dragon’s head.


This is nurserys fifth Chinese Culture lesson, the theme is Chinese Art&Craft. Our kids try to make the branch with ink by rolling and blowing. After that we add the plum blossoms to the branch and treethey all look so niceWe also watch the traditional cartoon Tao Qi de Jin Si Hou.

Preschool Chinese Culture —-Chinese Art&Craft

Tie-dye is the ancient folk traditional hand-work technology of printing in our country. On 29th of March,2018, all the preschool students made a unique tie-dye handkerchief by ourselves.

We thought  the materials we need and hypnotized the procedures to make such project before we did it.Then we tried to practice by ourselves under teachers’ help.All of us did it successfully.We made so pretty tie-dyes! We loved the handicraft within the arts of China.




This is nursery’s fourth Chinese Culture lesson, the theme is Chinese new year.  We watched the traditional cartoon “Chu Xi de Gu Shi”,”Chu Xi Shou Sui”,”Chi Nian Gao, Jie Jie Gao”. Our kids are supposed to know that 2018 is “dog year ” in traditional Chinese expression and we can all wear new clothes when new year comes.

We also did the handcraft “2018, dog year”. Our children used red, green, orange and pink pom pom to make the number”2, 1, 8″ and sprayed glittering powder to decorate the zero,which is included a cute dog, too. Our children participated positively and surprisingly did a great job at tracing the numbers.

Pre School Spring Festival Chinese Culture

Chinese New Year is coming, we chose traditional Chinese new year customs to be our culture theme.

We learned some customs in Chinese new year,such as pasting Spring Festival couplets,hanging red laterns,giving red pockets, setting fireworks and so on.

We tried to make some hand crafts by ourselves,includng new year number, dragon,red lantern of the dog and the paper craft of t he dog..