Volunteer for Field Day!

Dear Parents,

Field Day is coming up on Friday, June 8th, and we are looking for volunteers to help run some of our fun activities for our Nursery and Preschool students. If interested, please sign up by clicking on the link below: 



Thanks for your help and support!  Field Day is not possible without you!

The Motor Skills Committee


Send in your building pictures

Hello Parents,

When we return from holiday in April, Preschool will begin a new unit of study.  Our new unit involves buildings specifically that people use buildings in different places and in a variety of ways.  We will begin our study by discussing where we live. To help the children understand clearly and make connections, I am asking for your help.


Please email me:

  • One picture of your child standing in front of your house or apartment Please include the entire building in the photograph so we can see all of it. (see attached example)
  • Pictures of your child inside your home include the room around them, not just their face.


We will be discussing a variety of buildings used around the world.  If you have pictures available, it would be wonderful if you could send photographs from aboard.


Please email me:

  • Pictures of your home or your family member’s homes from around the world.
  • Pictures of other buildings you have seen during your travels including: Barns, Sheds, Castles, Cottages, Cabins, Bungalows, Huts, Yurts, Tipis (Teepees), Shacks, Hotels-motels, Inns, Office Buildings, Schools, Stores, Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, Post Offices, Supermarkets, Libraries, Restaurants, Hospitals, Factories, Skyscrapers, Theaters, Concert Halls, Museums, Parking Garages, Gas Stations, Mechanic Shops

Last year I had parents send extra photos of their children in front of buildings from their travels, their family’s homes aboard, and interesting buildings in Shanghai.  We were able to make connections on the world map in our classroom and make a book of building in different countries!


Thank you for your help,




Child in front of building with entire building included so we can see the top.


Child’s family home in Poland.



Child in an airport building.  Picture includes items that show let you know it is an airport – the signs and the chairs behind them.

Parents can come eat lunch with your child!

Friday, April 20  –  11:45-12:20  –  B105 & Cafeteria

Every Spring, the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) have a week to celebrate young children and their families called Week of the Young Child.  In honor of this, the Preschool Team would like to celebrate with a special event!  On “Family Friday” (Friday, April 20) parents are invited to eat lunch with their children at school in the cafeteria!  You will get to eat what the children are eating on the same lunch trays and the cost of your lunch will be covered by the school (no need to pay).

Please arrive at school by 11:45.  We will invite you into the classroom, wash our hands, and walk down to the lunch room together.  We will be eating during our normal lunch period, 12:00-12:20. (unfortunately, I did not know what we will be eating on that day).

You can read more information about NAEYC’s Week of the Young Child on their website https://www.naeyc.org/events/woyc


This sign-up is closed.

This Sign-up will CLOSE on Friday, April 13.  We need to inform the lunch staff of how many people will be attending. If you have not signed up by that time you will not be able to attend.