Animal movement

Important Dates

February 13th 9:00-9:20 Chinese New Year 

CNY 2018 flyer[1]

February 15th – library

This week the students leaned to story of the zodiac race! the student recreated animal movements of the 13 animals (cat included) in the story and also used puppet to retell what they have learned. This incorporated both literacy and our unit of inquiry.


What’s in the box

The students continued exploring movement, this week exploring ball movements like rolling, throwing and bouncing.

Please note that if the air is over 200 AQI, the students will not be going outside. If you send your child in with an air mask, we will make sure they wear it during outside play time.

It’s cold season. To fight the spread of germs we have been reminding students to wash their hands right after they cough, sneeze or wipe their noses. Toys are frequently disinfected.

If your child is unwell please let them rest at home so they may rejoin the class in full health.

Important dates 

February 8th – library

February 13th 9:00-9:20 Chinese New Year 

CNY 2018 flyer[1]

February 15th – library


On Monday, we played a guessing game with a ball in a box. The students have been using different vocabulary words to describe ball movements.

On Friday the students visited Ms. Babb’s room where they explored movement to music. They very much enjoyed the trip over to building A and attending a specialist class.


WFRA. This week we explored making books about one topic. The students made some very cool books and book making was a big hit this week.

This week we started exploring the story of the animal zodiac race to get ready for Chinese New Year.


The students had an exciting week visiting Shanghai Gymnastics Studio! Thank you to all the parents who attended and helped out. All the students had a wonderful time.


January 23rd – library

January 23rd – ECE Music Night, activities 5-6pm, food from 6-7pm

January 29th – library


The students are continuing to explore the central idea “Things move the way they do for many reasons” through body movement. This week they mapped their movement by painting their feet and moving across a long piece of paper. Some students walked, others jumped. It was interesting to see how the walking foot prints were different from the jumping ones, with walking having feet apart and jumping having feet together. It was also interesting to see the difference between big jumps and little jumps.

The students also have an amazing visit to Shanghai Gymnastics where they explored movement on the beam, trampoline and tumbling mat. On Friday they looked at pictures and reflected on the movements they did.

Welcome back!

It was so nice to see all the students after the winter break! We all had a wonderful first week back. The students were all excited to see their friends and got right back into the preschool routine.

We started a new unit of inquiry on movement! This week we introduced the topic by looking at body movements. We did clapping patterns as well as learned some movement songs.

A big thank you to all the families that attended the end of unit party. It was so nice for you to have an opportunity to explore play in the classroom with your children.


January 16th – Picture day. Please send make sure your child is dressed in their uniform for school

January 17th – library

January 18th – field trip to Shanghai Gymnastics 9:15-10:45

January 23rd – library

January 23rd – ECE Music Night, activities 5-6pm, food from 6-7pm

January 29th – library


We started a new unit of inquiry this week with the central idea “things move the way they do for many reasons”. The students demonstrated different body movements such as standing up and sitting down and we worked this into making patterns.

Next week we will be visiting the Shanghai gymnastics studio to learn more about body movements.

Some songs that we learned include:

Patty Shukla Shake Move


Thank you to all the parents who sent in winter break pictures. The students had a good time sharing them.

Payne’s skating video and Matty’s skiing pictures tied in well with the movement unit!


This week the students read “Three Billy Goats Gruff”.


Important Reminders

Just a few reminders of upcoming events:

Picture day January 16th for class groups, new students, missing students and retake pictures. Please make sure your child is wearing their uniform this day.

Field trip Thursday January 18th

  • Parents who have volunteered have been notified. There is one last spot on the bus. Please email me as soon as you can if you would like to join.
  • If you believed you have signed up but have not received an email with details (emails sent to SCIS addresses), please email me as soon as possible.
  • Please confirm by responding to my sent email with “confirmed”
  • The bus is almost full, if you plan for extra adults or children to be joining you please email me. One family signed two people up and they have been specially notified. If you think you told me that there would be two people from your family joining and have not received a individual email, it means I do not have this information noted.

Movement UOI Parent Letter

Preschool Unit of Inquiry

January 9 – March 30, 2018


During this Unit of Inquiry, students will inquiry into the natural world and its laws and how humans use their understanding of scientific principles.  Students will develop an understanding of how and why things move and the factors that affect movement.


Transdisciplinary Theme: How The World Works
Central Idea: Things move the way they do for many reasons.
Lines of Inquiry:

1.     How do things move?

2.     Why does it move that way?

3.     What makes it move slower or faster?

4.     What makes it start and stop?

5.     What materials affect movement?

Key Concepts:

Change – How can we affect change?

Causation – Why does it happen?

Reflection – How do we know?


Student will…

Commitment: follow through when participating in classroom activities and movement experiments

Cooperation: share material and work together to solve problems

Integrity: accurately record data and share experiences honestly

Curiosity: explore new materials as provocation within the classroom

Learner Profiles:

Student will…

Reflective: reflect on why things moved the way they did after an action

Inquirer: ask questions and search for the answers of how and why objects move

Thinker: predict how things will moved based on prior experience


How can you help to support this unit at home?

  • Email your child’s favorite body movement or dancing song (in any language) to you classroom teacher
  • Send in a ball from home to share with the class (example: tennis, ping-pong, basketball, football) – please label balls with your child’s name
  • Email pictures, stories, or videos of your children making connections from our unit at home (example: building ramps, rolls objects on the roll, doing yoga or other body movements, using balls)


Thank you for your support!

The Preschool Team

Health and Safety

I just wanted to mention that we are encouraging hand washing with the students serval times an hour. We have a few coughs, running noses and sneezes in class that always seem to appear this time of year. To prevent the spread of germs we are making sure students wash their hands before eating, after the toilet, after they use a tissue and after they touch their face. We are continuing to wipe down eating surfaces before snacks and the toys are being disinfected regularly.

A young girl is sick and having her temperature taken.

Please continue to keep an eye on your child’s health.