Field Day June 8th

The students will be having field day on June 8th. They get to go through lots of fun gross motor skills activities. Our team’s color is white. Please send your child in white sports clothes that day if they have any. A white t-shirts works!

Rainy Day

The students spent the week learning about building on the Bund but unfortunately it rained on Friday. We will be postponing the trip and let all the parents know as soon as we have a new approved date.

We did have a great time in the gym on Friday.

Field Day Volunteers


Dear Parents,

Field Day is coming up on Friday, June 8th, and we are looking for volunteers to help run some of our fun activities for our Nursery and Preschool students. If interested, please sign up by clicking on the link below:

Thanks for your help and support!  Field Day is not possible without you!

The Motor Skills Committee

Thank you!

The Motor Skills Committee

Fun in the Sun and Building on the Bund

This week the students learned about some of the tall Pudong Towers. This is a great lead up for our field trip next week. Thank you to all the parents who signed up.

Important things to remember for the field trip:

  • Please make sure your child is in uniform (just like every day)
  • Please pack a hat for your child (with their name inside)
  • Please put sunscreen on your child in the morning
  • Please make sure you child comes to school with a water bottle
  • Please make sure your child is wearing comfortable shoes that are easy for them to walk in

We are going on the trip pretty early so hopefully it will not be too hot. Before we leave for the trip we will ask students if they are hungry and they may eat some of there snack, as well, they will have an opportunity to eat when we get back to class. If you are attending the trip, please do not bring snacks or purchase snacks during the trip. This is not fair to other students, we do not have the ability to properly wash hands on the trip and we have food allergies as well in class, so group purchased snacks can also be a problem.

Please be at school by 8:30am if you are attending. I will go over a general description of the trip.

Thank you kindly for your cooperation


Getting ready for the Bund

Thank you all for sending the field trip permission forms back so quickly. If you have not yet don’t this, the forms are in the blue folders in your child’s back pack. We only have a few spots left for parents on the bus, so if you would like to attend, please send back the form as soon as possible.

This week the students learned about water houses. There learned about house boats, boat houses and stilt houses on water.

We are just starting to learn about the buildings on the Bund and Pudong. Please send any pictures you may have of your child visiting these areas. It will help during our inquiry circle time.

Sunny Week

Important Dates

No school Tuesday May 1st

The students have been inquiring into building they are interesting in. This we learned about buildings in Singapore (Audrey Feng’s suggestion), An outside school in Japan (Chen Chen and Payne’s suggestion), buildings made of snow (Ken’s suggestion) and buildings in Brazil (Eric’s suggestion). We also took out a tent for students to play with.

With the warm weather comes opportunities for students to play in water. Please make sure that as clothes come in, you are send extra things back to school so your child will be comfortable.

Flyer’s went out for the art auction this week. Please send in money and the form if you would like to attend. This is a great social night for the parents and also an opportunity to purchase so child made art with proceeds going towards charity.


Help! Missing Toys

We are missing some of our classroom toys. Sometimes they go home during play which is very understandable. If this happens, could you please help us out by sending them back to school. We had three kaleidoscopes go missing yesterday. Thank you kindly or your help.