Spring Book Fair!

Dear parents,

We will be having a book fair next week on April 17 and 18.  The book fair will be in the ECE library and sponsored by Obido.  Attached you can find the schedule of when classes will be coming.

Also, a new option this year will be the ability to pay with vouchers.  Should you wish to publish with a voucher, please visit this website.



Julia Cook Visit!

Dear Parents,

I am very pleased to announce that former school counselor and bestselling childrens author, Julia Cook will be at the HQ main campus on Thursday, March 15!  Ms. Cook is the author books such as Bad Case of Tattle Tongue, Soda Pop Head and Bully BEANS.  The following times she will be talking to the students in Kindergarten and Grade 1.

Kindergarten: 9:20-10:00am

G1:  10:20-11:00am

Julia will also be signing books at the main campus library from 3:00-4:30.

To learn more about Julia please visit her website here:


Dr. Seuss Day!

Dear parents,

This Friday, March 2nd is Dr. Seuss Day!  Please come dressed as your favorite Dr. Seuss character on that day.  Some popular ideas are the Cat in the Hat, Thing one and two, the Grinch and the Lorax!!!




Book Fair!!!

I am excited to announce that on December 5 & 6 we will be having a book fair in the library!  It will be run and sponsored by Blue Fountain Books and go from 8:30-4:00PM.  Parents are encouraged to attend the book fair as well.

Please see the attached website and picture for information

Two New Sections!

Dear parents,

We have two new sections for the library.  The first is our “Scary Books Table”.  These include books for Halloween such as Winnie the Witch, Black Lagoon books and many more!  Also, we have four new authors of the month we will be studying.  They are:

  1. Leo Lionni
  2. Peter McCarty
  3. Gail Gibbons
  4. Margaret Read McDonald

Please stop on by the library to check out these fantastic books!

Library Schedule

Library Schedule (1)

Dear Parents,

Attached is this years library schedule.  Also, for your convenience, I have made the teachers name below, in case the format is confusing!

Library Class Codes:


  • N1: Ms. Jenna (Days 1, 5)
  • N2: Ms. Julia (Days 3, 7)
  1. Pre-School:
  • PS1: Ms. Megan (Days 3, 7)
  • PS2: Ms. Jessie (Days 4, 8)
  • PS3: Ms. Lindsey (Days 1, 4
  1. Pre-K:
  • PK1: Mr. Andrew (Days 2, 6)
  • PK2: Ms. Alexis (Days 2, 6)
  • PK3: Ms. Hanna (Days 2, 6)
  • PK4: Ms. Julie (Days 1, 5)
  • PK5: Ms. Aurora: (Days 1, 5)
  1. Kindergarten:
  • K1: Ms. Anstead (Days 1, 5)
  • K2: Ms. Chong (Days 2, 6)
  • K3: Ms. Pelaez (Days 1, 5)
  • K4: Ms. Kittleson (Days 2, 6)
  • K5: Ms. Yanisiew (Days 4, 8)
  1. Grade 1:
  • G1A: Ms Andrews (Days 3, 7)
  • G1B: Ms. Dryden (Days 2, 6)
  • G1C: Ms. Miller (Days 4, 8)
  • G1D: Ms. Ross (Days 3, 7)
  • G1E: Ms. Stamatyades: (Days 4, 8)

What books do we have????

If you are ever curious to see what books we have in the library, please look no further then right here!


This website is called “Destiny” and it is used to check in and out books out of our system.  To search Destiny click the “Catalog” button on the home page then type in the title, keyword or author you are searching for.  The system will tell you whether it is in the ECE, Lower School or Upper School Campus.

Should you find a book that you want to reserve, please email me at jballi@scis-china.org or my assistant at glu@scis-china.org.

Library Folder

You have probably noticed your child coming home with a pink folder with their name on it.  This is the library folder.  We talk about this in the library, but you can help encourage learning at home by following some simple folder rules.

  1. Do not hold or carry the folder by the zipper.
  2. Do not put anything besides library books in the folder, ESPECIALLY food and drink.
  3. Make sure books from home do not end up in the library folder.  These books are often returned to the library and it can be difficult to find whose books they belonged to.

In addition, the library folders will list what days your student is to bring books back.  If they forget books on the given day, please do not worry, they are always welcome to check out books the next day in the morning.