CNY Performance

Hi Parents!

Just a reminder that we will be performing in our Chinese New Year assembly tomorrow from 10:00 – 10:30, please plan to attend! Students are invited to celebrate by wearing red or traditional holiday clothing.

Have a safe and relaxing holiday, and best wishes for the Lunar New Year!

February Learning Update


  • Explore different collections and write opinions about these collections.
  • Begin to explain judgments in convincing ways (example: write your opinion, provide multiple reasons.)
  • Practice disagreeing with another person’s opinion in polite and thoughtful ways.
  • Incorporating transitional words, such as because.
  • Editing writing to include a variety of punctuation marks.


READING WORKSHOP: Readers Have Big Jobs to Do (Fluency, Phonics, and Comprehension)

  • Build their independence as readers by using all the strategies they know to solve difficult words, self-monitoring for comprehension as they read, and seeking help when they need it.
  • Add new strategies to read hard words, including thinking about the story/context, breaking up long words, using words they already know, and strengthening their knowledge of sight words to read fluently.
  • Use various strategies to build their reading comprehension, such as rereading when they don’t understand, reading for meaning, making “mind movies” to picture what’s happening, noticing time & place, and keeping track of who is talking.
  • Strengthen fluency when reading aloud with their reading partners by paying attention to punctuation and trying reading in different ways (using expression.)



How We Express OurselvesHumans express their creativity through art.

  • While exploring the key concept of Form, inquire into the different ways artists use line, shape, and color.
  • Examine and discuss various pieces of art, paying special attention to how to artists chose to use lines, shapes, and color.
  • Create pieces of art using various mediums (paper, oil pastels, etc.) that showcase different types of lines.
  • Distinguishing between geometric and organic shapes; creating a word wall of known shapes.
  • Use shapes made from a variety of materials (such as pattern blocks, tangrams, paper, etc). to create pictures and designs.
  • Inquire into color by mixing paints to make as many colors as possible.
  • Explore the color wheel (including primary, secondary, and intermediate colors) and the relationships between these colors.
  • As they create their own pieces of art, practice explaining the choices they make, in terms of materials, subject matter, colors, lines, shapes, etc.
  • Discuss various famous pieces of art—what they see/think/wonder, what they like/dislike about the pieces, etc.
  • Articulate their own questions about art, and work towards answering these questions.


MATH: Unit 5

  • In geometry, distinguish between defining attributes (e.g. triangles are closed and three-sided) versus non-defining attributes (e.g. color, size).
  • Build and draw shapes that possess defining attributes.
  • Understand the meaning of the equal sign, and determine if equations involving addition and subtraction are true or false. For example: Is 5 = 5 true or false? Is 4–1 = 4–0 true or false?
  • Determine an unknown number in an addition or subtraction equation relating three whole numbers. For example: 8 + ? = 11
  • Use addition and subtraction within 20 to solve word problems involving situations of adding to and taking from by using objects, drawings, and equations with a symbol for the unknown number to represent the problem.



  • Continue to practice printing lower case letters and numbers.
  • Continue to practice reading and writing high frequency words and “sight words.”
  • Work on sentence structure an using punctuation

Reading Workshop

Hi parents – read a message below from VP Heather Knight

Dear Parents,

Thank you to those that joined me Thursday morning for the Reading Development in the Early Years parent coffee. I hope you walked away with a better understanding of reading development and our program, as well as some useful ways to help your young reader. A great additional resource is the Nightly Reading homework: Best Practice for Parents video. You can access this by clicking here. (Please note you will need a VPN.)

Your child’s teacher is always the best source of information specific to your child’s individual progress. I am always happy to speak to you regarding child development and literacy. If you are looking for further information, please do not hesitate to contact me

Great First Week Back!

Hi Parents!

What a great first week back! All the students were excited to be back in school, and it showed in their renewed enthusiasm, joy, and positivity! We had a great week of sharing how our holidays went, and some great discussions on how vacationing in different places connected to our current Central Idea.

Some updates for the month:

Monday, January 15th – Session 2 ASAs begin

Tuesday, January 16th – we will be having our class photos taken (group shots). Please make sure your child is wearing the light blue uniform shirt on this day!

Tuesday, January 16th – Passport Club

Tuesday, January 23 – Families are invited to join as at the ECE at 5PM for Music Night! A fun evening celebration of singing and music-making – more details to come.

If there are any changes to your child’s pick up schedule this semester, please remember to email our Transportation Staff

Happy January and Happy New Year!





Happy Holidays – Last Week Reminders!

Hi Parents!

Thank you for all your support in our first semester! As we prepare to go on break, here are some reminders.


Our last day of school for Semester 1 is on Friday, and students are dismissed at 11:30. Grade 1 students are invited to wear their Pajamas to school. If you would like to send any shareable treats with your child, please feel free, but it is not necessary. See the attached image below!


Semester Reports will be available through ManageBac on Friday – if you need help, please watch this online tutorial or see this guide on accessing report cards. For assistance in accessing ManageBac or to set up your account, please contact:


Classes resume on January 9th – have a safe and joyful Winter Break!

Session 2 ASA

ASA Registration 

After School Activity (ASA) registration for Session 2 will begin next Monday, December 11 and end at 3:30 on Wednesday, December 13.  An email will be sent to all parents of Kindergarten and Grade 1 students via the email account with link to register students for one SCIS sponsored After School Activity.

  • Tag Games-Learn and play many different tag games.
  • Soccer-Learn basic soccer skills and how to apply them in a game. ONLY new participants.
  • Paint Club-Explore different styles of painting and use different mediums to create unique pieces of art. Be prepared to get messy and have fun!
  • Sand Castle Club-Explore the sand sensory room to create sand sculptures.
  • 3D Models-Have fun and develop fine motor skills by creating a variety of objects using paper model kits. 
  • Play-dough Fun-Learn how to make play-dough into different sculptures such as animals, plants, etc.
  • Chinese Stories and Crafts- Listen to traditional Chinese stories followed by art and crafts inspired by the reading.
  • Paper Handcrafts-Explore the many types of paper sponges, waxed paper, and iridescent paper.
  • Healthy Eating & Fitness Club-Play popular PE games and then prepare healthy foods to help replenish our energy.
  • Legos & Blocks-Create towers, buildings, and cities using Legos and blocks.
  • Finger Painting- Get messy and play with finger-paint to create beautiful pieces of art.
  • Advanced iPad Applications-Explore a variety of advanced iPad applications related to their personal interests during this dynamic ASA!
  • Folk Dancing-Learn the basic steps for a few traditional dances from around the world!
  • Paint Party-Explore your artistic side through a variety of process-based art activities using paint, watercolor, acrylic, and more. Instruction in simple techniques will allow the children to harness their individual creativity!
  • Chinese Calligraphy-Use Chinese calligraphy to learn about Chinese characters.
  • Ballroom Bonanza-Fun on the trampoline, slide, and in the ball pit!
  • Art Club-Explore a variety of mediums and learn about famous artists and their artwork in our after school ‘art studio’.
  • Soap Making-Explore creative ideas for making different soaps.
  • Ballet Fun-An introduction to ballet through music, movement, beginner steps and improvisational dance!
  • Bead Designs-Create colorful bead designs.
  • Eric Carle Club-Listen to books from this author followed by fun activities related to the books.
  • Weaving-Make bags, bracelets, baskets, and hats using simple materials.
  • Thursday-Jewelry Making-Design and create your own jewelry.


If you have any questions, please contact the ASA Coordinator, Heather Knight, at

Happy December!

Hi Parents!

We have a busy two weeks of school before break – here is some reminders and information!

Monday December 4th & Tuesday, December 5th – We will be travelling to Main Campus for our Concert Rehearsal

Tuesday, December 5th @ 6PM – Our Winter Concert! See Mrs. Babb’s Site for more information

Tuesday, December 5th & Wednesday, December 6th – Blue Fountain will be at the ECE for a book fair! Our class will be going to check it out on Wednesday – you can send money if you would like your child to be able to purchase anything.

Friday, December 15th – Grade 1’s are invited to come to school in their PJs! We will be doing some fun holiday-themed activities with the Polar Express to celebrate the end of Semester 1. More information will be coming home TODAY about this event. Dismissal is at 11:30.

If your family is planning on leaving early for the holidays, please let me know this as soon as possible!


It’s Flu Season!

Hi Parents!

Apologies that I have not been answering e-mails since Monday – I have had to take the week of work due to catching Step Throat. I should be back at school on Friday, when I am no longer contagious. Tomorrow I will do my best to answer e-mails and send out comments from conferences.

There is lots of illness going around the school – if your child is complaining of body aches, fever, or sore throats, please have them checked by a doctor, and keep them home!