Winter Holiday Party

In case you missed it in the Weekly Highlights or on WeChat,

B102 will have a low key holiday celebration on Friday at 10:15am-11:15am. Bus dissmissal is at 11:30, so if parents are in attendance, they are welcome to bring children home at this time. Please inform Angela of the transportation change in this case. Children arrive as normal in the morning, and parents may join us at 10:15 for some activities and play time before we head out for the holidays!

Free dress for children, but keep in mind there will be icing, paint and play dough at the interest areas.

Five families are already on vacation, so hopefully we will still have a few families that can make it. If you cannot, please don’t worry, we’ll keep your children entertained and well loved.

Lunch is not served on this day. 


From the ECE Librarian:

Dear parents: on December 5-6 we will be having a book fair sponsored by Blue Fountain Books.  The book fair will go from 8:30am-4:00 PM.   Parents are welcome to purchase books on these days.  The book fair will be held in the library.


Josh Balli

ECE Librarian


Cold/Flu season is beginning!

As I’m sure you are aware cold viruses and influenza are easily passed around in colder weather when children and adults remain inside and in close contact for longer periods of time. Children this age tend to get more illness as their immunity is still building, and they also tend to put toys and hands into their mouths frequently.

B102 has a lot of children out sick at the moment. Some have runny noses and coughs and others have had more serious viruses with fever.

Please take your child’s temperature before they get on the bus if they have been showing signs of illness or if they have seemingly recovered. If they have had fever medicine to lower their temperature the night before and  it appears to be gone by morning, kindly keep them home for monitoring. At least 24 hours without a fever should be observed before sending them back. Also Diarrhea/vomiting should be completely finished before their return.

Runny noses and coughs vary from mild to very intrusive. If your child is struggling to breathe, sneezing a lot of mucus repeatedly, or coughing excessively, (which may lead to gagging) it is likely they are unfit to attend school as the germs will spread to the other students and teachers. Viruses spread easily at this age as toddlers often forget to sneeze and cough into their elbows. Please be mindful when evaluating their degree of sickness.

Finally, if your child or a family member has a serious illness such as influenza or a stomach virus causing vomiting and diarrhea, strep throat, fifth disease, roseola, chicken pox, HFMD, unexplained rashes, Pink-eye (conjunctivitis), Head Lice, ringworm (fungal infection) or some other serious diagnosis, please inform the school nurse and myself so the school can step up cleaning protocols and get information out.

If you are in doubt about what to do, all information about illnesses and protocols and policies can be found in the Parent-student handbook. ECE Parent-Student Handbook 1718

Thank you for all your co-operation

Stay healthy as winter approaches!