Final Update

I can’t believe this is the last update of the year! It’s been an incredible year of learning. It is a great privilege to be your child’s first teacher. This group has kept me busy, but they have given me so much joy. Your children are energetic, creative, determined, and so happy. It’s been so fun teaching them this year. You have been a very supportive and involved group of parents and I greatly appreciate all of your support this school year! Have an amazing summer and I hope to see you around SCIS in the coming years!

Thank you for coming to celebrate with us on Wednesday. It was a wonderful party. Thank you for the wonderful gift! I love it!

The last two weeks of school have been busy! The learning and fun did not slow down for us. We spent a lot of time wrapping up our Neighborhood unit, celebrating birthdays, going to a sing-along, having a mystery reader, and attending a whole school assembly.

Please see all the pictures from the last two weeks here.

Have a wonderful summer and please stop by and say hi next year! I can’t wait to see all the big preschoolers next fall!! Thanks again for the wonderful year!

Happy Field Day!

We had so much fun parachuting, bopping balloons, looking for treasure, throwing water balloons, throwing spaceships, and getting wet! It was a wonderful field day and soooooo much fun!

Please see the all of the pictures here

The End of the Year Party is WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13TH. I apologize for the wrong date being noted in the email I sent earlier this week.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Goals to Achieve Before Preschool

I read a quote I quite liked recently.
“When you do something for me, all you are teaching me is that you can do it better than me. When you let me do something, I discover I am a capable and competent person!”

Each time we have a holiday break it is a good opportunity to work on the following skills with your children at home, as they will need to be accomplished before entering preschool next fall.

Fostering Independence
While it is quicker to do a task for your child such as opening and closing snack boxes, unscrewing lids and putting on socks, shoes, and outerwear, it is an important fine motor skill a child can learn.
It would be very helpful if you could send your children in simple slip on or Velcro shoes that they can manage, and practice with them at home, often. (You may have to start their dressing process much earlier till they get the hang of it!)
Preschoolers dress and undress themselves including shoes and outerwear.

Toilet learning
By age 3 most children are ready to take the next step. They can use more language, have the small motor function to practice toileting, and they are physiologically able to hold it and recognize the urge to go. Some children are practicing using the toilet now and are ready to remove the nappies full time! It can be a bit messy and inconvenient (especially if you are traveling) but it can be done in as quickly as a long weekend with a little commitment and patience.
Preschoolers need to be toilet trained to attend school.

One other milestone you may want to accomplish is giving up bottles and pacifiers at bedtime and naps. Toddlers are capable of using sippy cups and regular cups during meals. Self-soothing is an important skill we deny children if they are dependent on milk to fall asleep. But the real concern is the damage that can be done to children’s teeth when the milk pools and sits in their mouth. It is a leading cause of tooth decay. Permanent teeth are already present in the mouth so it doesn’t just affect baby teeth.

Weekly Update 6/1



We continue to talk about our neighborhood. This week we looked at all of the pictures of us from our neighborhoods and continued to talk about places we go. There is so much dramatic play going on in Nursery right now! Students are dressing up, engaging in dialogue, and acting out different scenarios. It’s been so fun to watch as students engage their imaginations and grow in their creative thinking.



We focused on the dentist this week. We asked the questions, “What does the Dentist do?” “What tools does the Dentist use?” “Do you brush your teeth?” and “What tools do you use to keep your teeth clean?” Students were very curious about the set of teeth and practiced brushing them throughout the week.

Tooth Brush Painting

We used toothbrushes to paint. This was a fun and new way to paint while also encouraging students to use different hand and arm muscles than a regular paint brush.

Library Time

I shared a video of our library time on Teaching Strategies Gold. We will no lin


We practiced fine motor skills by beading small beads on pipe cleaners. Students remained focused for extended periods of time and returned to the activity throughout the week.

Happy Birthday, Penghao and Ashley! We’re celebrating summer birthdays before the holiday. We had fun singing to Penghao and Ashley today.



Photos from the week are here.

Library: Please return all library books! We will continue to visit the library, but we will not check out any more books.

Field Day is Friday, June 8th 9am-11am. Field day is when our whole school participates in games (some wet) throughout the school. Nursery and Preschool classes rotate through stations as a class. Our class is team YELLOW and children encouraged to wear yellow clothes to school on Friday, June 8th. Children should wear comfortable sports clothes as we will be running around quite a bit. Please pack a complete change of clothes for your child on Friday since we will be participating in water games. 

There are couple spaces left on the parent sign up here:

I’m also looking for a parent to help our class transitions through the stations and take pictures of the various activities.

End of the Year Party

The End of Party is  Wednesday, June 13th 10:30-10:45am.  More information to come, but we hope everyone can join us to celebrate a great year of Nursery!

Please let me know as soon as possible if your student is departing before the last day of school. 

Happy Children’s Day! Have a wonderful weekend!


Weekly Update (5/21-5/25)


We started off the week with a field trip to Yili Park. Thanks to all the parents that joined us! We had a great time snacking, playing, and running. It was a great trip to explore our neighborhood together. This field trip helped us understand our central idea, “Our Neighborhood is made of places and people and the tools they use.”

Field Trip Reflections

We reflected on the field trip by gluing pictures on the paper and then drawing representations of our experiences. Our circle time students were asked, “How did you feel at the park?” Everyone felt happy and silly for our field trip!

Doctor’s Office

We started learning about Doctors in our neighborhood this week. The students have been exploring the different tools and role-playing the doctor’s office.

We also sang the song, “When I Build My House” throughout the week and used tools that we made as props.


We’ve been talking a lot about bakers in our Neighborhood and how our food is made. We made sugar cookies and biscuits this week.  Nursery students develop so many skills when they bake! Here are just a few:

  • Social Emotional:  Delaying gratification and self-control by waiting for turns.
  • Math- counting, comparing and measuring sizes, sequencing
  • Language- learning new vocabulary, listening and following directions, and asking for turns.
  • Cognitive: Making connections! Today we discovered that we used some of the same ingredients to make cookies as we did to make biscuits. We are also increasing our attention span as we wait and participate in the whole baking process start to finish.


Photos from the week are here

Field Day is coming up! On June 8th, students will participate in a school-wide field day. Field Day is 9am-11am and students will participate in multiple games (some wet!) and activities in and around building B. Our team color is YELLOW. Please help your child wear yellow on June 8th. We are still looking for a few volunteers. Please sign up here: 

I’m also looking for one parent to come on the day of the event and help our class travel to and from activities as well as take pictures. Please let me know if you are interested.

If you would like to schedule an end of the meeting to discuss your child’s progress this year and their upcoming transition to preschool please let me know and we can arrange a time.

Weekly Update


We welcomed Arthur’s Dad, Ross, as a mystery reader this week. He read us one of our favorite books, “My Truck is Stuck.” Let me know if you’d like to read to us in the next few weeks!


Class Picture

We took an updated class picture this week. Rupert and Arlo are out traveling for several weeks, but we got a picture with our current group of 14. It’s amazing to see how many friends are looking at the camera and even smiling! Look at the photos of this week to see more.

I absolutely love this time year as students have developed so many skills! They are talking more, engaging for longer periods of times, developing meaningful friendships and relationships with teachers, and are so confident in their school environment.

Water Play

The weather got hot this week! We enjoyed some water play outside.

If wet clothes come home with your child, please send a new set of extra clothes the next day.

Happy Birthday Ms. Ellie! 

The students were so excited to celebrate Ms. Ellie’s birthday! They sweetly said, “Happy Birthday, Ms. Ellie!” throughout the morning. They love celebrating birthdays!

Goodbye Nodoka!


Photos from the week are here

Please consider signing up to run a station at Field Day on June 8th 

I recently posted some tips on toilet training here. 

If you would like to schedule an end of the meeting to discuss your child’s progress this year and their upcoming transition to preschool please let me know and we can arrange a time.


Field Day Parent Volunteer Sign Up

Dear Parents,

Field Day is coming up on Friday, June 8th, and we are looking for volunteers to help run some of our fun activities for our Nursery and Preschool students. If interested, please sign up by clicking on the link below:

Thanks for your help and support!  Field Day is not possible without you!

The Motor Skills Committee

Toilet Training

Typically, children between the age 30-36 months are developmentally ready to be toilet trained with dedicated parent support at home and reinforcement at school or daycare.

  • Reserve 3-5 full days dedicated to helping your child start the toilet training process. As every child develops at their own pace, some children are fully trained and independent within several days, other children will need several weeks or even months to become independent.
  • Encourage the child to drink plenty of fluids (water or milk)
  • Use cloth underwear or thick cloth training pants. Pull-ups or diapers are not recommended to be used except for nap or overnight needs.
  • Take the child in to use the restroom every 45 minutes to an hour.
  • Help the child understand that his/her body provides signals for when he/she needs to use the toilet (cramps/pressure in the abdomen).
  • Have the child sit for toilet time (boys included until they are able to stand)
  • Have the child help clean him/herself after toilet accidents. This is an important step for learning self-care.
  • Children may find learning to wipe their bodies is easier with flushable wet wipes.
  • Ensure the child flushes the toilet after use.
  • Ensure the child washes his/her hands with soap after each time using the toilet (self care; hygiene)
  • Be patient. The child will resist and can regress in his/her progress.

 Children enrolled in SCIS-ECE preschool through 1st grade programs, must be *toilet independent. Teachers will continue to provide reminders throughout the day as children can become distracted with their school schedule and play time with friends.

*Tiolet independent: A child recognizes and responds to the body signals to use the toilet. A child can complete all steps of toileting on his/her own including removing clothing, wiping, flushing the toilet and proper hand washing.

ECE Art Auction- May 12

Time is running out! Be sure to get your tickets for a fun evening with our SCIS community at the ECE Art Auction. Beautiful art pieces created by our own ECE artists will be auctioned off live by our emcee for the evening, Melanie McClure.

Silent auction packages include a four-day cruise to Japan, Shanghai Insiders jeep tour, brunch packages, hotels stays and more. Spa treatments & lunch at the Westin, vouchers for Sherpas and Din Tai Fung will be raffled off throughout the evening.

Tickets can be purchased at the ECE front desk or Thursday, May 10 at the Kindergarten and Grade 1 concert on the Hongqiao main campus. Be sure to get your tickets so you don’t miss this fun filled evening!