Weekly Update (5/21-5/25)


We started off the week with a field trip to Yili Park. Thanks to all the parents that joined us! We had a great time snacking, playing, and running. It was a great trip to explore our neighborhood together. This field trip helped us understand our central idea, “Our Neighborhood is made of places and people and the tools they use.”

Field Trip Reflections

We reflected on the field trip by gluing pictures on the paper and then drawing representations of our experiences. Our circle time students were asked, “How did you feel at the park?” Everyone felt happy and silly for our field trip!

Doctor’s Office

We started learning about Doctors in our neighborhood this week. The students have been exploring the different tools and role-playing the doctor’s office.

We also sang the song, “When I Build My House” throughout the week and used tools that we made as props.


We’ve been talking a lot about bakers in our Neighborhood and how our food is made. We made sugar cookies and biscuits this week.  Nursery students develop so many skills when they bake! Here are just a few:

  • Social Emotional:  Delaying gratification and self-control by waiting for turns.
  • Math- counting, comparing and measuring sizes, sequencing
  • Language- learning new vocabulary, listening and following directions, and asking for turns.
  • Cognitive: Making connections! Today we discovered that we used some of the same ingredients to make cookies as we did to make biscuits. We are also increasing our attention span as we wait and participate in the whole baking process start to finish.


Photos from the week are here

Field Day is coming up! On June 8th, students will participate in a school-wide field day. Field Day is 9am-11am and students will participate in multiple games (some wet!) and activities in and around building B. Our team color is YELLOW. Please help your child wear yellow on June 8th. We are still looking for a few volunteers. Please sign up here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d45afa92eabfc1-nurserypreschool1 

I’m also looking for one parent to come on the day of the event and help our class travel to and from activities as well as take pictures. Please let me know if you are interested.

If you would like to schedule an end of the meeting to discuss your child’s progress this year and their upcoming transition to preschool please let me know and we can arrange a time.

Weekly Update


We welcomed Arthur’s Dad, Ross, as a mystery reader this week. He read us one of our favorite books, “My Truck is Stuck.” Let me know if you’d like to read to us in the next few weeks!


Class Picture

We took an updated class picture this week. Rupert and Arlo are out traveling for several weeks, but we got a picture with our current group of 14. It’s amazing to see how many friends are looking at the camera and even smiling! Look at the photos of this week to see more.

I absolutely love this time year as students have developed so many skills! They are talking more, engaging for longer periods of times, developing meaningful friendships and relationships with teachers, and are so confident in their school environment.

Water Play

The weather got hot this week! We enjoyed some water play outside.

If wet clothes come home with your child, please send a new set of extra clothes the next day.

Happy Birthday Ms. Ellie! 

The students were so excited to celebrate Ms. Ellie’s birthday! They sweetly said, “Happy Birthday, Ms. Ellie!” throughout the morning. They love celebrating birthdays!

Goodbye Nodoka!


Photos from the week are here

Please consider signing up to run a station at Field Day on June 8th 

I recently posted some tips on toilet training here. 

If you would like to schedule an end of the meeting to discuss your child’s progress this year and their upcoming transition to preschool please let me know and we can arrange a time.


Field Day Parent Volunteer Sign Up

Dear Parents,

Field Day is coming up on Friday, June 8th, and we are looking for volunteers to help run some of our fun activities for our Nursery and Preschool students. If interested, please sign up by clicking on the link below:


Thanks for your help and support!  Field Day is not possible without you!

The Motor Skills Committee

Toilet Training

Typically, children between the age 30-36 months are developmentally ready to be toilet trained with dedicated parent support at home and reinforcement at school or daycare.

  • Reserve 3-5 full days dedicated to helping your child start the toilet training process. As every child develops at their own pace, some children are fully trained and independent within several days, other children will need several weeks or even months to become independent.
  • Encourage the child to drink plenty of fluids (water or milk)
  • Use cloth underwear or thick cloth training pants. Pull-ups or diapers are not recommended to be used except for nap or overnight needs.
  • Take the child in to use the restroom every 45 minutes to an hour.
  • Help the child understand that his/her body provides signals for when he/she needs to use the toilet (cramps/pressure in the abdomen).
  • Have the child sit for toilet time (boys included until they are able to stand)
  • Have the child help clean him/herself after toilet accidents. This is an important step for learning self-care.
  • Children may find learning to wipe their bodies is easier with flushable wet wipes.
  • Ensure the child flushes the toilet after use.
  • Ensure the child washes his/her hands with soap after each time using the toilet (self care; hygiene)
  • Be patient. The child will resist and can regress in his/her progress.

 Children enrolled in SCIS-ECE preschool through 1st grade programs, must be *toilet independent. Teachers will continue to provide reminders throughout the day as children can become distracted with their school schedule and play time with friends.

*Tiolet independent: A child recognizes and responds to the body signals to use the toilet. A child can complete all steps of toileting on his/her own including removing clothing, wiping, flushing the toilet and proper hand washing.

ECE Art Auction- May 12

Time is running out! Be sure to get your tickets for a fun evening with our SCIS community at the ECE Art Auction. Beautiful art pieces created by our own ECE artists will be auctioned off live by our emcee for the evening, Melanie McClure.

Silent auction packages include a four-day cruise to Japan, Shanghai Insiders jeep tour, brunch packages, hotels stays and more. Spa treatments & lunch at the Westin, vouchers for Sherpas and Din Tai Fung will be raffled off throughout the evening.

Tickets can be purchased at the ECE front desk or Thursday, May 10 at the Kindergarten and Grade 1 concert on the Hongqiao main campus. Be sure to get your tickets so you don’t miss this fun filled evening!


Weekly Update

Neighborhood Inquiry

The central idea is Our Neighborhood is made up of places and people and the tools they use.

We continue to inquire into

  • the different roles people play in our neighborhood.
  • the different functions places have in our neighborhood.
  • the specific tools people use to do their jobs in our neighborhood

Students are making connections, sharing pictures of their neighborhood, engaging in circle time discussions, and listening intently to books about places and people in our neighborhood.

We got many pictures of friends of in their neighborhood and they have made for excellent conversations during circle time. It’s not too late to email me pictures of your child in their neighborhood.

Cloud Dough

Cloud dough is a mix hair conditioner and corn starch and produces a play-doh like dough that is much softer. Students

Bristle Blocks and Construction

The Bristle blocks have been very popular the last couple weeks. Students have spent extended periods of time constructing projects. The creativity has been so fun to see as students construct airplanes, boats, ice blasters, and spaceships. Students continue to express interest in construction workers and building. We have started working on tool belts by coloring some tools that we will later cut out and laminate.

Watermelon Exploration 

Arlo’s mother donated a huge watermelon to our class and we loved it! We took time to explore and ask questions about the watermelon. We asked, “How can we get it open?” and many of our friends said, “Cut it!” We then tried using plastic knives from the classroom. The students said we needed a big knife! Once we got the watermelon open, students explored the seeds, discovered we could make watermelon juice and enjoyed snacking on watermelon!

Mystery Reader

Thanks to Helena’s mother, Marion,  for reading to us! There is still time to read with is this year. Sign up here or email me to arrange a time. Mystery reader sign up



Photos from the last weeks are here and here.

Time is running out for Art Auction tickets! Please consider joining the art auction next Saturday, May 12th. I’ve attended all of ECE’s Art Auctions and they are always so much fun and a great way to support an amazing charity.

Yili Park Field Trip

Nursery is planning a field trip to Yili Park located in our Neighborhood, on Monday, May 21. We will be departing at 9:00 am and returning to school by 10:30am.  This is an extension of our learning in the Nursery Program’s How We Organize Ourselves Unit.  We will have some time to tour the park and make a map of our Journey as we take notice of gardens, the functions, and attributes of a park, and note different jobs and tools that contribute to the maintenance of a park. A parachute will act as an activity from our Play unit, as well as a picnic blanket. We will be taking school buses and will have our snack in the park. Students (and parents) are asked to bring a healthy packed snack and water bottle. We are hoping to have one adult for each child, so please consider joining us on this fun outing.  Keep this note and post it as a reminder.

Please return the field trip form by May 11th 


Week of the Young Child (Weekly Update)


We had an amazing Week of the Young Child!

Music Monday

Students joined the preschool classes and Ms. Jenna’s class for a sing-along! We had fun singing along.

Tasty Tuesday

We made orange juice. We peeled oranges, placed them in the baggies, and squeezed the oranges. Later we squeezed the juice into cups and drank some fresh orange juice. Every child drank the juice!

Work Together Wednesday

We joined our Kindergarten buddies for building and parachute games. We worked together to keep the ball in the air and make the parachute go fast and slow.

Artsy Thursday

We did ball painting for Artsy Thursday!

Family Friday

On Family Friday each student showed us a picture of their family and identified their family members during circle time.

Some students brought in special items that were important to their family to share.


Photos from the week are here

Math Inquiry night is next Tuesday, April 24th 5-6pm

Have a wonderful weekend!