Happy Chinese New Year! Xīn Nián Kuài Lè! 新年快乐!

This week was busy celebrating Chinese New Year! Thank you to all of the parents that joined us for the Sing-Along on Tuesday. We hope you have a wonderful holiday! 

The children wore Goose wings for our song about the little geese.

We spent the week talking about CNY and doing projects. We painted with red paint, watched clips of fireworks, and glued on oranges to a bowl for good luck.


Photos from the week are here.

Have a wonderful CNY holiday. Please take pictures of your travels and email me. I’ll continue to compile them to and we will continue to inquire into Journeys.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday!

Weekly Update


Library time was a big highlight this week. Mr. Balli read the book, “Book-O-Masks.” Nursery students were engaged and attentive to the story and several students took a turn trying on the masks.

Car Inquiry

Last week we asked the question, “How can we make a box into a car?” This week, we got to drive the car around the classroom and take imaginative journeys. Students painted plates this week to make into steering wheels so we can “drive” around the school together!

Ice Inquiry

We found ice outside on Wednesday and all of the students were very interested in it. They touched the ice, stomped and watched as it melted. We froze some ice cubes to continue the exploration in the sensory table. The ice has been a very popular activity as students try and “free” trapped and stuck bears and small animals from the ice blocks. Student practiced using words such as, “cold,” “frozen,” and “melt” to describe the ice. This activity helped students explore the key concept of Change and allowed us to use as scientific inquiry skills to learn more about the physical properties of water and ice.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Rosie! 

Thanks for celebrating with us Rosie! We enjoyed the cupcakes.

Mystery Reader

We welcomed our first mystery reader to the classroom on Wednesday. Arlo’s Mom, Cathy, read the book, Nosey Norman, and it provided lots of smiles and laughs. Special thanks to Cathy for joining us!  Please join us for mystery reader, we would have to have you!  More information here and sign up link is here. 

Lost Larry

This week we introduced Larry to the class. Larry is a puppet that usually lives in Ms. Jillian’s (ECE Coordinator)  office. Ms. Jillian has entrusted Larry to us and our job is to keep him safe.  However, the past two mornings Larry has gone missing from the classroom! Larry likes to go on journeys, but sometimes gets lost and can’t find his way back to our classroom. Luckily, Larry “emails” us a picture of where he is and then the students go on a journey to find him. We found him in the Ballroom yesterday and today in the Discovery Lab. Larry has quickly become a beloved member of our classroom. Students are making connections about our school as they think about where Larry could be and how they can go find him. We will be adding pictures of Larry’s various journeys around the school to our map as well.



We introduced castanets this week and students used them to clap along to Five Little Ducks. We practiced clicking the castanets when the mama duck says, “quack, quack, quack!” We used the castanets several times throughout the week and practiced making soft and loud clicks and clapping along to the beat of familiar songs. Not only did the castanets help the students develop awareness of musical concepts, but they were perfect for strengthing hand muscles and developing fine motor skills.


Photos are here.

The Nursery/Preschool Chinese New Year celebration is on February 13th, at 9:00 am. This is a sing-along format and children will not be on stage. Please keep in mind that this event is out of routine for your child and they may have a hard time saying goodbye. Please help us keep goodbyes short and consistent. We will say goodbye in the gym. You can also talk to your child about the event to help prepare them for the change in routine. More information here. 

No school February 15th-23rd. Please let me know if your child will miss any school before or after the holiday.

I’ve shared Teaching Strategies GOLD (TSG) updates with all parents this week. Notifications should be going to your SCIS parent email account. Please let me know if you need help accessing TSG.

I’m still collecting maps, pictures, ticket stubs and any other “journey” related materials.  If you are traveling over CNY, we would love some more maps to explore.




Have a wonderful weekend!

Mystery Reader

Mystery Readers for B106

As promised at back to school night, Nursery is having a sign up for second-semester parents to volunteer to read a book from home or a book from our class, during morning meeting times!

The sign up is here: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d45afa92eabfc1-mystery2 

 When? Mystery reader will take place every day 4 and day 8, from now until the end of the year. The read-aloud times will be at 8:45am on those mornings. If none of these dates or times are convenient for you for you, please email me and we can find an alternative time.  When you come, please send your child on the bus or bring them in as you would normally, and then it will remain a surprise until I announce that there is a mystery reader coming into class. It is fun when the children try to guess who it will be each time.

How? Parents can wait in the lobby and one of our assistant teachers will bring them in when the children are ready. Parents may choose to do this as a couple, with only one reader. Parents may choose to both come in and take turns reading two different stories. Parents may choose to volunteer separately on two different occasions. A visiting relative may also sign up to read to the class.

Please expect some tears upon your departure. You are not normally a part of your children’s day at school, so this is an experience that changes their routine, and they may expect to come home with you. We know it can be hard to manage emotions when saying goodbye, but we can handle it on our end as long as you are quick with your separation and remain positive as you leave. (Just like in the early days of transitioning into school).

 What? If your child has a particular book that they love, you may want to share that with the class. If you have something cultural that you wish to share or if your book is in another language, you can mock read the story, retelling it in English. You are also welcomed to read in Chinese. This book should not have too much text to hold their interest. Similarly, you can retell the story in your own words if the text is too lengthy. Pop up books or ones with touch and feel are always fun to engage young children. If it is a short story, you can read it a few times also asking questions or bring a few books. Our class does have a love of stories and can sit for stories as long as “Going on a Bear Hunt.” Typically, our children sit for 10 minutes at most with read-alouds.

Remember that you are reading to a group as opposed to one child on your lap. The book needs to be seen by all the children in the circle and held high and outward as you turn the pages. Ask your child to read like a teacher and they will probably show you! They often mimic me by sitting in a chair and “reading to a class”.

Please choose books carefully. Some Old-fashioned nursery rhymes or folklore books might have themes of “naughty” children abandoned in the woods, or scary wolves and fire-breathing dragons, or even racially inappropriate themes, and these are not good choices. Difficult storylines or language will not go over well either, and your audience may become fidgety or bored.

Weekly Update


Unit of Inquiry: Journeys take people places to explore.

We continue to talk about the journeys we take throughout the school and this week we made a large mat of Building B. Students helped me take pictures of common places we journey to

  • We continue to inquire into:
    • How we travel
    • Where journeys take us
    • What we discover

We continue to talk about the journeys we take throughout the school and this week we made a large mat of Building B. Students helped me take pictures of common places we journey to throughout the school. They then helped glue pictures on to our large map. The nursery students love glue sticks! We talked about how we travel around the school (walking) and how we get to the places we go. We also talked about what we can explore in the places we go.

We’ve been reading the book, “Are We There Yet, Daddy?” Students help track the Daddy and little boy’s journey to his grandmother’s house.

Earlier in the week, the children had the idea to create a car out of a box. We read the box, “My Car” and made a list of things we wanted to include. We can’t wait to drive it around the classroom next week.

“What’s Missing?”

We love playing the game, “What’s Missing?” this week. The game is simple and involves Ms. Julia covering up a group of objects and removing one. The children then had to guess which object was missing. The students were so engaged for this activity! It was a great activity to promote memory and cognitive skills.

Library Time

We had Library time with Mr. Balli and the children were very engaged for his story. We love library time.

Happy World Read Aloud Day!

Every class at SCIS is paired up with another class in a different grade level as “Class Buddies.” Our class buddies are Ms. Yanisiew’s Kindergarten class. Throughout the rest of the school year, we will make time to play together and read together. On Thursday our buddies read out loud to us in celebration of World Read Aloud Day. This was an invaluable experience for our Nursery students and they did so well stepping out of their comfort zone and being risk takers. They really enjoyed all the stories our kindergarten buddies had to share.


Pictures from the week are here.

We are starting Mystery Reader. You can see this post for more information and sign up to read to us here: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d45afa92eabfc1-mystery2

Please remember I’m using the SCIS-parent email address when communicating with parents via email as required by SCIS policy. Please make sure you have access to this email or it is being forwarded to your personal email account.

Love and Logic: Please consider signing up for Love and Logic workshop. I have heard many positive things about the workshop from parents that have attended.

The Nursery/Preschool Chinese New Year celebration is on February 13th, at 9:00 am. More information here.

No school February 15th-23rd. Please let me know if your child will miss any school before or after the holiday.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Reading Development through the Early Years


Join ECE Vice Principal, Heather Knight, in exploring reading development in children from 2-7 years old, literacy instruction at the ECE and how you can support developing readers of any age at home.  Please RSVP by Jan. 30. Confirmations will be sent on Jan. 31. Sessions can accommodate 36 participants with a minimum of 8.


10:00 am Session

5:00 pm Session

Weekly Update (1/15-1/19)


We had all 15 students here! We did our best to capture a new group photo. We also had our official picture day on Tuesday.  

“Journeys” Unit of Inquiry

We continue to talk about our daily journeys to and from school and around the school. Students have been helping direct us to the ballroom, outside, and on our journey to Mr. Balli. Students are developing their understanding of distance and time.

We dug deeper into our inquiry unit and made a big map replica from the book, “Journey Home from Grandpa’s”  

Students also made their own maps after looking at the maps from the book. If you have any old maps at home, our nursery friends would love to explore them! This activity allowed the students to think symbolically (objective 14a) and use writing and drawing tools (Objective 7b).

We practiced using scissors this week. Students cut various textures and practiced opening and closing the scissors. It was great fine motor skill practice and opportunity to develop persistence and patience when working on a new task. 

Happy Birthday Arlo!

Library Time

We took a journey to the library this week and checked out some new books.


Photos from the week are here 

We need your help for the journeys unit. Please email pictures of your child from your most recent travels. We’re also looking for maps, boarding passes, postcards, etc. More information can be found in last week‘s update. 

Music Night is this Tuesday. We hope to see you there! 

Chinese New Year information is here