Nightly Reading homework: Best Practice for Parents video

Dear Parents,

Thank you to those that joined me Thursday morning for the Reading Development in the Early Years parent coffee. I hope you walked away with a better understanding of reading development and our program, as well as some useful ways to help your young reader. A great additional resource is the Nightly Reading homework: Best Practice for Parents video. You can access this by clicking here. (Please note you will need a VPN.)

Your child’s teacher is always the best source of information specific to your child’s individual progress. I am always happy to speak to you regarding child development and literacy. If you are looking for further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,
Heather Knight (
ECE Vice Principal



100th DAY of School

FRIDAY February 2nd is the 100th day of Kindergarten (CHANGE from February 1)!  This is a very special day for our children and to celebrate we will engage in various activities that focus on learning about the number 100!

Also during our current unit of inquiry, students have been learning about various celebrations and holidays and they have explored elements of different celebrations such as special clothes, food, and traditions. As a final activity in this unit, our students have been planning a celebration for the 100th day of school!

In order to make this day as successful as possible, please help your child prepare the following:

  • Special Clothes
    –students can wear their favourite colour to school on Thursday February 2nd (no uniforms needed)
  • Food
    -children expressed a very strong interest in having the following food at the celebration
    -please sign up for an item with our room parent, Line in the class WeChat group
    -suggested quantity has been listed below
    -please send the food to school with your child on February 2nd
cookies (4 families needed)
small ice-cream cones (2 families needed)
similar to this:
*each family can provide 10 small cones
cupcakes (7 families needed)

*each family can provide 6-8 cupcakes

Macaroons (5 families needed)

*each family can provide 4-5 macaroons


  • Traditions

*Lights (similar to Christmas lights) – Agnes, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Karl-Petter, Nelly, Serena, and Teal mentioned they had some at home.  Please send them to school by Monday January 29 if you are able to lend us yours.

*Balloons – Ms Chong will buy some
-the kids will help decorate and blow them up

*100 Glittery Stars – the kids will make these in class

*100 Paper Chains -the kids will make these in class

*Building Game
-the kids will help count out 100 pieces of Duplo, pattern blocks and 100 cups for a building activity

-the kids will help prepare materials for an art activity in class 

Thank you for your help and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with me!

100th Day of School – Jan 2018

School Portraits

Simply go to:

Follow the “Order” link on the top right corner of page.
Use the password: scisece0917

Within the galleries you will find links to both your Individual School Photos and Class Group Photos.

Galleries are organized by Grade and Homeroom/Advisor/Teacher.

All online orders will be shipped to your school for distribution.

Please provide your full name (name on passport) when prompted on final order page.

ORDER TODAY! Prints Only Available Through February 10th 2018

(Digital Downloads will still be available after the date above)

Winter Concert

Our concert is tomorrow night at 6:00pm!  It will take place at our Hongqiao main campus which is located at 1161 Hongqiao Road near Yili Road.

Please drop off your child in the Hongqiao campus cafeteria at 5:30pm.  The cafeteria is located on the right-hand side once you enter the main gate.

Supervision will not be provided before 5:30pm so please do not drop off the kids before this time.

The concert Information on what to wear and links to songs for practicing at home can be found on Ms. Babb’s website:

Our class will be on the right-hand side of the stage (in between Ms Pelaez’s class and Ms Anstead’s class).  More photos can be found in the photo gallery.  See you tomorrow!