Last weekly update

Highlights this week

This week has been especially busy! Mrs.Knight visited our class and read us a story, we celebrated Victor’s birthday, we enjoyed our end of the year assembly, and we had our water party! Also, thank you for all the lovely gifts. Ms.Diana and I really enjoyed this year seeing your children grow and learn. We hope you enjoy your summer. Best of luck in Kindergarten!

End of the year water party!

We had a great time playing with water today! We had a kiddie pool, a sprinkler, a “waterfall,” and lots of water toys. We got completely soaked! Then we enjoyed popsicles and changed before lunch. It was a great way to celebrate our time in Pre-K together. Enjoy the photos!


Water Party June 13th

Dear Parents,

We have had such a fun year in prekindergarten! On June 13th the PK classes will be having an End of Year celebration. Please note the following information:

  • Students should arrive at school with a swimsuit on under their school uniform. Water will be the focus of this event, and student will get wet! They will change back into their uniform after the celebration, so please ensure your child has extra underwear and clothes at school.
  • Please send a plastic bag for wet clothes.
  • Sunscreen should be applied to students at home. Sunhats are strongly encouraged!
  •  No volunteers are needed for this event

We look forward to celebrating all the learning and fun we have had this year!


Pre-K team

Weekly Update #36

Important Dates 

  • The Pre-K End of the Year Celebration will be on June 13.  This is a student-only celebration.
  • Last day of school is June 14!  It is an early-dismissal. Buses will resume as usual.

Highlights of this week

What a busy and productive week! We prepared for the Pre-K Art Gallery Walk. Thank you all for coming! The children had a great time showing their amazing work.

We had the last Building B Sing-Along together with the rest of Pre-K, Nursery, and Preschool.

We participated in Field Day! It was so much fun engaging in different activities and working as a team.



Weekly Update #35

Important Dates

  • Gallery Walk will on Thursday June 7
  • Field Day will be held on June 8.
  • The Pre-K End of the Year Celebration will be on June 13.  This is a student-only celebration.
  • Last day of school is June 14!  It is an early-dismissal.

Preparing for our Art Gallery Walk

This week was dedicated to students completing the final art project. To promote independence, accountability, and creativity, students were given the responsibility of thinking about what art technique and tool(s) they wanted to include in their canvas, what they plan on making as well as provide a visual of their plan. Once the art canvas was completed, students were given another opportunity to reflect on their work and decide if there’s anything else they would like to add or change. This was a great learning process for our students as they learn to be thoughtful, careful, and patient when creating art. It was so nice to see students take pride in what they have created and be happy with their end result.

We also watched videos on how children describe art and practiced describing how and why we create art. In addition, students have taken an interest in practicing their drawing via Art Hub on YouTube. Art Hub provides step by step instructions for children to follow as they learn to draw different animals, characters, and food. Lastly, we explored different art techniques and tools, such as splatter painting, marble painting, dry clay, corn puffs, and toy stamping. We also learned that art can include dancing, building with different materials, singing, and photography!

weekly Update #34

Upcoming Dates

The next few weeks are super busy!

  • May 26: PAFA picnic
  • June 7: Pre-K Gallery Walk
  • June 8: Field Day
  • June 13: End of the Year Assembly and grade-level celebration (student-only)
  • June 14: Last day of school! This is an early dismissal day.

Art Exploration 

We have continued to explore lots of art materials and techniques this week.  Quick-dry clay, mask painting, sewing, and much more!

Next week, we will explore a few more techniques before working on our final masterpiece!

Describing Art

We’ve been learning how to talk about art and how to describe it too.  We can describe the colors, the shapes, and the lines.  But we can also think about the story or the feelings that art might try to convey.

We’ve watched an awesome video entitled Kids Describe Art to Experts, which have helped model appropriate descriptive language for the class.

Interactive Writing 

We engaged in interactive writing where students share the pen with the teacher.  Please find below our finished product! Students were excited to be the author of the story while I took the role of the illustrator.


Field Day Friday June 8th

Dear Parents,

Our annual Field Day will be held on Friday June 8 (rain date is on Monday June 11).
This is a day where your child will join a team of other students from different classes and travel around the school to participate in 10 fun (and sometimes wet) stations!
To avoid overcrowding and to maximize space for students, only parents who have signed up as volunteers to help run stations should be on campus during this time.
A Sign-Up Genius link available for volunteer sign-up here. Thank you for your understanding!

Please read the attachment so you know which color your child will need to wear on Friday June 8.
For example, Riya is RED A. This means she is on Team Red A and will need to wear RED (top only is fine).

Please remember the following for Friday June 8:
– Send in a water bottle
– Almost all the kids will NOT be on my team so label your child¹s water bottle with their name and room number (i.e. Riya B206 *this can be done on masking tape)
– Apply sunscreen and mosquito repellent on your child at home if needed
– The kids will get wet so send in an extra change of clothes (socks, underwear, top and bottom – does not have to be school uniform)


Pre-K Team

Weekly Update # 33

Important Dates

  • The Pre-K Gallery Walk is scheduled for Thursday June 7 from 2:00-2:45pm.
  • The SCIS Spring Picnic will be Saturday May 26 at the Main Campus.  Hope to see you there!

Field Trip 

We had a great time at the MoGogh Art Studio. Prior to the field trip, we took a vote on what we wanted our art lesson to focus on and decided on creating a shark using different art tools, paint, and play-doh. We listened to step-by-step instructions and used our fine-motor skills to manipulate play-doh to make a shark and paint using a roller and a paint brush. We also created texture on our work using bubble wrap and tissue paper. Students especially loved bringing their art work home and receiving a gift of pencil crayons so they can continue exploring art at home!

Outdoor Play

We enjoyed playing outside with our friends from different classes. It was so much fun playing in the tent, dipping our feet in water, drawing, and painting outside.

Highlights This Week

  • We’ve been creating a book about art together, engaging in a lot of interactive writing. We have been practicing our letter sounds and formation. Students have been noticing different punctuation, such as a period and question mark in stories and in their immediate environment.
  • Magna-tiles have become especially popular as students begin to build intricate structures. We were able to borrow some more Magna-Tiles sets from Ms.Julie’s class and came up with a strategy to ensure we didn’t mix our Magna-Tiles with her’s. We sorted the pieces, counted them, labelled each set, and took a picture so we can remember how much was borrowed.
  • We shared the stories we made with each other. We gave our authors two compliments and one question.
  • We learned that art can consist of building and dancing. During play, Yu Ching and Olivia practiced their dancing and singing routine and performed for the teddy bears and myself. During the performance, Rica, Mia, and Elvy provided food from their restaurant called ” Elvy and Rica’s Restaurant.”
  • We have so many friends interested in writing good-bye messages at the end of the day. This week, Sybren, Stella, Yu Ching, Olivia, Victor, and Elvy wrote a goodbye message for the class. It was such a nice gesture!


Weekly Update #32

Important Dates

  • Art Auction is on May 12, 2018 at 7pm.  Hope to see you there!
  • We have a field trip planned for Monday May 14 to MoGogh Art Studio.  If you haven’t returned the permission slips  along with 50RMB yet, please do so as soon as possible.
  • The Pre-K Gallery Walk is scheduled for Thursday June 7 from 2:00-2:45pm.
  • The SCIS Spring Picnic will be Saturday May 26 at the Main Campus.  Hope to see you there!

Inquiry into Art 

We’ve had a busy and fun week here in Pre-K.  We are fully involved in our newest unit, our investigation into art and expression. We  have been looking at many famous artworks and reflecting on them.  We are gaining new vocabulary to help us talk about art in a deeper way–how it makes us feel, what we think is happening, what we think the artist felt, how the colors are used.  We’ve been exploring new art materials, learning about shapes and colors, and connecting art to our feelings. We have been learning about how art can create a feeling or emotion inside of us.  It’s been great reviewing vocabulary words for feelings (happy, sad, scared, angry) and learning new ones (confused, bored, tired, excited).

Interactive Writing 

We engaged in interactive writing this week, with students sharing the pen.We worked on identifying the sound we needed to write, matching it to a letter, then a student helped write it in the message.They are all such risk-takers–willing to experiment with lower-case letters and write words out!

Highlights This Week 

  • We created an essential agreement for the Art Interest Area. Students are learning to take responsibility when using art materials and understanding why it is for us to care of class materials.
  • We made Ms.Julie a card. Students brainstorm messages we could write to her and voted on the one we liked best. Then we engaged in interactive writing where students wrote each letter for the message, demonstrating their understanding of letter sounds and letter formation. Ms.Julie was very touched by our kind gesture and the students felt good to be showing kindness and care for another person’s well being.
  • Students have been taking initiative to explore art books in the class and discussing what they see and think with each other.
  • Through play, students have been taking an interest in drawing what they have built, matching uppercase and lowercase letters together, learning to draw animals through step by step instructions given in a book.
  • Please continue looking through the pictures to see all the learning that has been going on in our class!

Pictures From Our Students

Weekly Update #31

Important Dates

  • Class field trip to MoGogh Art Studio will be on Monday May 14th. Please send back the permission form by Thursday May 10th along with 50 RMB.
  • Make sure to sign up ECE Summer Camp for an early bird discount!
  • ECE Art Auction on May 12th– I hope to see you there!
  • PAFA Spring Concert on May 26th at the HQ Main Campus

Inquiry into Art 

This week, we read a story called Monsters Love Colours by Mike Austin and Penguins Love Colours by Sarah Aspinall.  We experimented with mixing primary colours (blue, yellow, red) to create new colours (orange, purple, green). We also discussed how feelings/thoughts can be associated with different colours. Based on our student’s thinking, students associated specific colours with the following:

Red : anger, love, mean, happy, hungry

Yellow: happy, confused, hot, angry, sun

Blue: sad, cold, frozen, ice

Orange: hot , silly, fire

Green: scared, confused, monster

Purple: poison, good

We also explored a new art technique where students could incorporate different types of lines into their work. It was great watching students take this even further by using different methods such as, their fingertips and handprints to colour in their work.

Pre-K Spring Music Concert!

We spent a lot of time rehearsing for the Music Concert this week. The students worked very hard and their efforts did not go unnoticed. The concert was a success! Our students reflected this morning on what they were most proud of during the music concert. In summary, they loved having their family present to watch them perform and they felt they did a great job with their singing and dancing.  I couldn’t agree more! A big thank you to Mrs.Babb for putting this performance together and our MAs for supporting!

Pictures Taken By Our Students