Happy Chinese New Year Break

No Friday Letter this week.  Ms. Kit is headed to Cambodia and Laos!  Have a fantastic CNY break and I will see you at the end of February.



Make sure to check the photos, read the Dragon News about upcoming events.

I sent home Sight Word lists today with several students today.  Please practice over the break.

If you would like to have your child make Valentines Day cards for their friends…we will exchange them when we return from break.  Here is a class list with all the students names.

First Names

Student Led Conferences are coming up March 22nd.

Happy Chinese New Year! and Happy Valentine’s Day!


Love, Ms. Kit

February 5th-9th

This week we started our new unit on Farms!  As a provocation, Ms. Kit displayed a lot of different snacks and asked, “Where do Ms. Kit’s snacks come from?”   We got a lot of great answers (the store, SCIS, your village 😉 your kitchen and my favorite Africa!)


*If you have any books or toys about Farms…we would love to borrow them for our unit 🙂

Goma Greens then provided us with a Mystery Box of fruits and vegetables.  The students got into two teams and once they felt inside the box, they drew what they felt inside.  After the groups discussed what they felt, we unveiled the ingredients.  They then made the connection that all of the items come from a farm and that is what our unit is!

We have begun talking about systems and the process it takes for the vegetable to make it to your dinner table.  We learned about carrots!   Ask your child to tell you what they learned.  We uploaded their videos to their blogs of their prior knowledge when asking the question, “How do carrots get from the farm to Ms. Kit?”  We will take another video showing what we have learned!

In Readers Workshop, we have been learning about non-fiction books and how non-fiction books give us information.  We are learning about the different features such as Glossary, real photographs, bubbles, questions or facts, etc.  Try pointing out these things when reading together at home.

In HWT, we have begun writing lowercase letters.  We learned about the Magic C which we use to make c, o, s, a, d, g and q!  It really is magic 🙂




Field Trip March 1st.  Please send permission slip and 70 RMB before CNY holiday.

NO ASA Feb 12-14th

CNY Celebration-  On Tuesday students need to wear RED or Chinese Traditional Clothing.  The CNY Assembly from 2:10-2:40.  Parents are welcome to come see the performance in the gym.

CNY Break- February 15th- February 23rd.  Please let myself and transportation know if you are planning to leave early or return late.

March 7th Love and Logic Parenting Session Starts (10 am and 5pm)

March 27 @1:30 pm.  Open Visit to Main Campus for Kinder parents


Have a great weekend!

Ms. Kit

Note from Ms. Knight

Dear Parents,

Thank you to those that joined me Thursday morning for the Reading Development in the Early Years parent coffee. I hope you walked away with a better understanding of reading development and our program, as well as some useful ways to help your young reader. A great additional resource is the Nightly Reading homework: Best Practice for Parents video. You can access this by clicking here. (Please note you will need a VPN.)

Your child’s teacher is always the best source of information specific to your child’s individual progress. I am always happy to speak to you regarding child development and literacy. If you are looking for further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,

Heather Knight

ECE Vice Principal

Jan 29th-Feb 2nd

We made it to the 100th Day of School!!!   We had so much fun celebrating with our other Kinder friends.  In our classroom, we had four committees who organized activities for the other friends.

Costumes:  Make 100th Day crown

Decorations:  100 links hung from the ceiling and a 100th Day photo frame with 100 hearts

Food:  100 pancakes!!!  Each child got to eat a pancake as a snack.  Thank you to Milin for helping us make the batter and cook all 100 pancakes!

Games:  Whats can you make with 100 legos? Blocks? Cups?

Students were in groups and in charge of hosting and running the centers when their friends came to our class.

At the end of the day, we made our 100th Day snack.  We had 1600 pieces of snack!!!!

One of our new free choice Literacy centers is a Marshmallow Hunt.  All around the room there are marshmallows with sight words on them.  Students take a paper and hunt for the words.  When they find them, they cross them out.  This would be a fun activity to do at home.  Write words around the house and have your child hunt for them. and either cross them off or write them.

In Readers’ Workshop this week, we worked on creating titles for our stories.  We learned that titles should be short, show action and tell what the story is going to be about.  After making a cover page, we published our books and put them on the bookshelf.  They were so excited to be authors and have their work displayed.

Thursday was National Read Aloud Day.  Ms. Knight came in to read us a story.

As you may have notice, your child is now bringing home 3 books from the library.  This is to allow them so more independence and preparation for first grade.  After CNY, you child will also receive a book bag that they will bring home with just right books for them to read with you.  More info to come.


If you are leaving for Chinese New Year, please let me know immediately as well as sending a message to transportation.

Arrival and Pickup–

If you are picking up your child early, you need to inform myself and the transportation PRIOR to 2:20.   Students should be arriving before 8:30.

Check your child’s app for videos, reading and activities that they have uploaded

CNY Assembly February 13th from 2:10-2:40 in the ECE Gym

CNY Break February 15-23

Have a great weekend!


Ms. Kit

January 22nd-26th

Yesterday was as Filippa stated, “The best day EVER!!!”   We had snow!  The kiddos were so excited when they came in today and even more excited when they learned they still go to go out for recess.  Here are some photos from our very first snowy Shanghai day.

Outside recess is an important time for socialization and inquiry.  Since the weather is getting colder, please be sure to send your child with all of the gear (hats, gloves, scarf) to keep them warm outside.

This week in word study, we worked with the CVC words -an, -at, -ake.  We learned a new poem called, Make a Pancake.  Students drew illustrations to go with the poem and took turns reading to each other.  A great extension of this activity would be to make pancakes for breakfast this weekend!  Here is a simply recipe if you’re feeling up to it.

In Reader’s Workshop, we have been learning to choose “just right”books.  This means:

Your child is interested in the book

Can read and figure out almost all of the words

Understands what he or she is reading (can tell you what the story is about or what he or she is learning)

Can read fairly smoothly.  If your child is stumbling over many words, she or he will not be able to focus on reading for understanding

When choosing a book, we are teaching students to:

Pick up a book that looks interesting

Look at the cover and the pictures inside

Read a little in the book

Think, “Does it feel right?”

I am attaching a Tips for Reading with Your Child for more information

More information will be coming about CNY celebrations.  Please check your child’s Mandarin teachers website for more info.

Hope you enjoyed your SNOW DAY!  I was in Hong Kong for the weekend at the HKIS Literacy Institute learning more about reading and writing.  It was a great weekend of learning.

Thursday, Feb 1st is the 100th Day of School.  Please read the note below to know what to bring.

100th day Trail Mix SCIS

January 15th-19th

Happy Friday!

In HWT, we learned the letter T and J.  The students are able to independently draw their word that starts with each letter and add it to our chart.  They have started labeling their pictures independently as well.

For our celebrations unit, we have been discussing how celebrations are similar and different.  Students chose two holidays/celebrations and made Venn Diagram showing the similarities between the two.  During technology, we made a Chatterpix Kids presentation explaining our venn diagrams.

We decided that most celebrations have food, music, games, decorations and clothing.  For our summative assessment, students will be planning a 100th Day of School Celebration for the other Kindergarten classes.  Stay tuned for more information next week on what to send in!

In Readers Workshop, we have been learning how to making choices as readers.  Finding “Just right” books.  We do this by using our favorite books to help us.  We also look to make sure that we can read most of the words on the page.  You are still encouraged to read with your child books that are able their level as a read aloud.

In Writer’s Workshop, we have been learning ways to make our writing even better.  Using speech bubbles, thought bubbles, bold letters, uppercase letters and exclamation.

Students have been playing rhyming games and activities and have started recognizing CVC words such as -at words (cat, mat, fat, hat, rat, bat).  Play rhyming games at home.  What words can you rhyme with fan, cat, dog or sit?


ECE Family Music Night Tuesday, January 23rd from 5-7pm

Please be sure to send Library books back on Days 2 and 6.  I will be updating the bags this week with a new calendar of dates.

Scholastic forms were sent home on Tuesday.  The deadline is Wednesday, Jan 24th,  2018

An invitation was sent to attend an Open House at the Main Campus for the Kindergarten to Grade 1 transition.  See flyer below.

Have a fantastic weekend!


Ms. Kit

Scholastic Orders- January

Scholastic Orders are going home today.  The deadline is Wednesday  Jan 24th,  2018

Here are some teacher recommendations.  My recommendations come from books we’ve read in class, student interest, beginning reading skills and fun 🙂

Happy Reading!