Weekly Update #23

With so many students absent due to illness and early holidays, we had a very small class for most of this short week.  Nonetheless, we had lots of fun together!  A few highlights below:

  • We practiced for the Chinese New Year Celebration on Thursday.  Everyone was so proud of all they had learned!
  • We cooked a Chinese soup on Tuesday with peanuts, sweet potatoes, and dates.
  • On Wednesday we made a carrot, sweet potato, and pumpkin soup to share together.
  • We had a mini-Olympics relay race together with all of Pre-K on Wednesday.

We have finished up our unit investigating the five senses.  After the holiday, we will begin to learn about plants — how they grow, what we use them for, and how we can take care of them.  We will plant lots of seedlings, cook different forms of plants, and work on the Building B garden.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday together with friends and family.  Happy New Year!

Upcoming Dates:

  • The Chinese New Year holiday begins on Thursday February 15.  Happy New Year!
  • We are planning a short field trip to Yili Park (Yili Lu & Hongqiao Lu) on March 2, 2018. More information coming soon.
  • I will be absent on Thursday March 8 and Friday March 9 to attend a professional conference.


Weekly Update #22

We were able to engage in lots of outdoor play this week due to the cleaner air.

A highlight of the week was the field trip on Thursday.  You can see the full blog update here.

Cooking Project: Carrot Cake

Last week we voted on what we would make after our trip to the wet market.  The class decided Carrot and Pumpkin Soup and also Carrot Cake.  This Friday we worked together to make the carrot cake.  Students helped crush the peanuts, add the ingredients, and stir together the batter.

The chefs in the kitchen cooked the cake for us so we were able to enjoy it in the afternoon.  Nearly everyone loved it!  If you want to make it at home, you can find the recipe here: Carrot Cake Recipe  Instead of making a frosting, we put a little powdered sugar on top.

Important Upcoming Dates

  • The Pre-K Chinese New Year Performance will be help on February 13 from 12:30pm to 1:00pm.
  • The Chinese New Year holiday begins on Thursday February 15.  Happy New Year!
  • We are planning a short field trip to Yili Park (Yili Lu & Hongqiao Lu) on March 2, 2018. More information coming soon.

Wet Market Field Trip

We had a great time visiting the local wet market this morning.  The weather was cold, so we probably stayed at the wet market for about 30 minutes.  While we were there, we used our senses to explore the different foods!

The kids had a great time seeing all of the new fruits, vegetables, meats, and nuts.  We saw fish, squid, crab, frog, and cuts of meat.  We saw a wide variety of fruits (oranges, apples, bananas, kiwi, strawberry and much much more) and vegetables (onion, carrots, lettuce, cauliflower).  It was an exciting sensorial experience.

We bought lots of different fruits and vegetables.  Some will be for snacking and others are intended for cooking projects.  We are planning to make the following dishes/foods:

  • Carrot Cake
  • Pumpkin and Carrot Soup
  • Peanut, Date, and Sweet Potato Soup
  • Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Weekly Update #21

It was tough for the class to have to play inside all week because of the bad air.  We talked about how the air we put inside our bodies has to be clean, just like out hands have to be clean before eating food.  We have lots of dances and movement chances inside, but we were very happy on Friday when we were finally able to have more outdoor play.

Drum Exploration: Music and Literacy

We borrowed several drums from Ms. Babb this week to keep in the classroom for a few days.  Students created patterns/beats with the drums, had impromptu drum circles, and created music together.

We also used the drums to beat out the number of sounds (syllables) we hear in each of our names.  For example, “Alexis” has three syllables (AH-LEX-SIS), so I would hit the drum three times.  This develops a student’s ability to recognize that words can be broken into smaller parts, which is an important literacy skill.

Senses Investigation: What is it like to be blind?

On Monday, we used blindfolds to cover our eyes and explore what it is like to be blind.  We learned that if you can’t see, you have to use other senses to get around.  Students moved around based on touch and based on being able to hear where people were.

Guiding friends around the ballroom

Senses Investigation: How to make butter

While we were not able to go on our field trip and buy ingredients at the wet market, we were able to cook some this week.  On Thursday we talked about how sometimes our food at lunch has butter in it (such as sandwiches or croissants), so Friday we made butter!

We shook cream in a jar with marbles for about 20 minutes.  After this time, the cream had separated into the buttermilk (liquid) and the butter (solid).  We tasted it on crackers during snack time.  It was delicious and lots of fun to make!

Important Upcoming Dates:

  • The canceled field trip has been rescheduled for Thursday February 8 from 9am to 10am.
  • The Pre-K Chinese New Year Performance will be help on February 13 from 12:30pm to 1:00pm.
  • The Chinese New Year holiday begins on Thursday February 15.  Happy New Year!

Field trip postponed

Good morning families,

The AQI is currently over 200.  We have made the decision to cancel today’s field trip and to reschedule for another day next week.  When the new date has been selected, we will send out new permission slips.

Thanks for your understanding.

Weekly Update #20

Hi families, sorry for the delay in this week’s update.  The iPad with the photos was left at school on Thursday and we had a snow day on Friday!  We had a great week, playing in the snow and cooking together.

This upcoming week, we will begin to wrap up our investigation of the senses by going to the wet market to buy ingredients for our last two cooking projects of the unit.  The class is interested in making cake, so we will probably make a zucchini cake or a carrot cake.

Upcoming Field Trip to Wet Market on February 1

Good morning families!  Today (Tuesday) a field trip form will be sent home with your child.  Pre-K is planning a short field to a local wet market (about a five minute drive from school).

Our class will use our senses to explore the wet market: smelling new smells, touching fruit (with permission), seeing new food, and listen to new sounds.  When we return to school, we will do a cooking project that will include the fruits and vegetables that we bought at the market.

The cost of the field trip is 10 rmb per a student.

The permission slips will be going home today, but if you need another copy, you can download a copy here: Wet Market Permission Slip EGAN