Final Update!

Thank you to everyone for an amazing year!  Thank you to the kids for learning together and playing together and growing together during our time together in Pre-K!  Thank you to all of the wonderful parents who have made this year amazing and fun!  Thank you to Ms. Susan for all of her hard work and help over the year!

As well, thank you for the wonderful end-of-the-year gift for Ms. Susan and myself, it was very kind and lovely!

Our Last Week Together

Our last week was of course a little bittersweet!  We spent lots of time just playing together, relaxing, and rereading some of our favorite books.  We celebrated several birthdays, had a school-wide assembly, had our water play day, and enjoyed our last few days together.

I hope that everyone has a relaxing and fun summer and I am looking forward to seeing everyone again in August!


Playing With Water!

We had a great time playing with water today!  We had a kiddie pool, a sprinkler, a “waterfall,” and lots of water toys.  We got completely soaked!  Then we enjoyed popsicles and changed before lunch.  It was a great way to celebrate our time in Pre-K together.

Enjoy the photos!  Sorry for the strange blue blur in the corner, it is from the iPad case.

Water Play Wednesday

Tomorrow is an exciting day!  We have our end-of-the-year assembly together with Nursery, Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Grade`1.  We also are celebrating a birthday!

Most importantly, we are have a water play day!  In the morning before lunch, Pre-K will enjoy water outside with their classmates.  We will have buckets of water, a kiddie pool, water balloons, and more.  Please send your child to school with a change of clothing.  They can wear their swimsuit to school if they want to.

Weekly Update #36

We had a busy week!  A couple of highlights.

  • We celebrate two birthdays together as a class.  So much fun!
  • We had the last Building B Sing-Along together with the rest of Pre-K, Nursery, and Preschool.
  • We hosted the Pre-K Gallery Walk.  It was a great success, thanks so much for coming!
  • Field Day was a blast on Friday!  We played team games together and spent time with kids from KG and Grade 1.

Upcoming Dates

  • The Pre-K End of the Year Celebration will be on June 13.  This is a student-only celebration.
  • Last day of school is June 14!  It is an early-dismissal.

Weekly Update #35

We have had a great week here, working hard on our final projects on our art canvases.  It’s been a long process to plan the projects and the class has risen to the challenge!

We started the week by making a verbal plan for our canvas.  We then made a physical plan by circling what materials we were going to use and drawing a sketch.  Over the rest of the week, we worked in small groups with different materials to create our masterpieces!

Next week, students will reflect on their art and have the choice to add one more material/technique.  Students will conference one-on-one with the teachers to talk about their art, their process, and how they felt making the art.

Upcoming Dates

  • Gallery Walk will on Thursday June 7.
  • Field Day will be held on June 8.
  • The Pre-K End of the Year Celebration will be on June 13.  This is a student-only celebration.
  • Last day of school is June 14!  It is an early-dismissal.


End-of-the-Year Celebration

Dear Parents,

We have had such a fun year in prekindergarten! On June 13th the PK classes will be having an End of Year celebration. Please note the following information:

  • Students should arrive at school with a swimsuit on under their school uniform. Water will be the focus of this event, and student will get wet! They will change back into their uniform after the celebration, so please ensure your child has extra underwear and clothes at school.
  • Please send a plastic bag for wet clothes.
  • Sunscreen should be applied to students at home. Sunhats are strongly encouraged!
  • No volunteers are needed for this event – this is a student-only celebration.

We look forward to celebrating all the learning and fun we have had this year!

Weekly Update #34

Too bad about the rain today!  We got some time in at the ballroom and did lots of dancing and exercises games and videos in class to get some gross motor movement in.

Art Exploration

We have continued to explore lots of art materials and techniques this week.  Quick-dry clay, painting still-life of flowers, using collage materials, trying out new highlighter markers, and much more!

We are preparing to start our canvases next week, which should be a integrative experience of all of our new art techniques and art materials.

Describing Art

We’ve been learning how to talk about art and how to describe it too.  We can describe the colors, the shapes, and the lines.  But we can also think about the story or the feelings that art might try to convey.

We’ve watched a series of awesome videos entitled Kids Describe Art to Experts, which have helped model appropriate descriptive language for the class.

Upcoming Dates

The next few weeks are super busy!

  • May 26: PAFA picnic
  • June 7: Pre-K Gallery Walk
  • June 8: Field Day
  • June 13: End of the Year Assembly and grade-level celebration (student-only)
  • June 14: Last day of school! This is an early dismissal day.