May 14 – 18


Yearbook Order: Order forms were distributed last week and are due this coming week, please message me if you need another form. A yearbook is RMB 200.

Gallery Walk: SAVE THE DATE! PreK Gallery Walk to celebrate our Art Unit and the end of the school year will be on June 7!

Field Day: June 8, more information to come.

Last day for library June 1

PAFA Spring Picnic: 4:00 – 7:00 PM May 26 at the main campus (1161 Hongqiao)

Web Update

Field Trip

On Tuesday, we went on a field trip to an art studio. Leading up to the field trip we spoke as a class about two different approaches to making art, self-directed and directed. The students recognized that at school they typically do self-directed art but we talked about how the trip would be more of a directed, step by step based piece of art. We discussed the value of both and the kids were excited to try this style of art too. The children really enjoyed the trip and we all made a piece of art that was shark themed. After the trip, we reflected on all of the different steps the students took to complete the work and the variety of materials they included as well. First, they started by painting the background, then used clay to make the shapes of a shark body part. We reflected on how it can be difficult to draw or make an animal with clay but if you think about the different shapes and how they relate to each body part it can help make it less daunting. In addition to using clay for the shark the students also had the opportunity to include coral, seaweed, and other animals in the ocean…a great chance to add their own individual approach. We also used sponges to paint on the clay. Overall, it seems the field trip was a great learning experience and a reminder that we can use multiple materials when making art to help express ourselves or bring our idea to life. Enjoy some photos from our trip.

Color Mixing

Last week when discussing how emotions related to different pieces of artwork a number of students referenced color as the reason for why they felt a certain way about a piece of work. We spent most of the week focusing on the primary colors, color mixing, light and dark colors, warm and cold colors. Early in the week we used a number of different forms of color wheels to explore and a wide spectrum of colors.


We found a website that allowed us to select specific colors and a quantity of the color to mix online. This was a great and easy way for students to experiment with how to lighten and darken a color. Feel free to check it out at home!


In addition to practicing online, we also painted a lot this week using tempura and water color paints. Students focused on different ways to mix colors either on a pallet, on their paper, or in a cup of water.

We also did a science experiment called walking watercolor rainbow. We had seven cups, four with water and four without. The two cups on each edge had the color red, one cup had yellow, and the other blue. The remaining three cups were empty of water and color. We then connected each cup by using a paper towel. At each step of adding a paper towel we made predictions on what we thought would happen.


We let the experiment play out over the next two days and observed to see that water and color traveled through the paper towels and MIXED to create all of the colors of the rainbow from only our original primary colors!

Some students were curious if paint was the only thing we could mix, they wondered about other materials in the classroom. On Friday morning the art table had three different types of paper (white, red, and green) and different things to draw with (colored pencils, crayons, markers, and craypas). During the morning children were able to experiment with all of these different materials to see what type of surface or writing tools were best for mixing colors

Buddy Class

On Friday we spent time working with Ms. Miller’s 1st grade students in our classroom in the morning. After almost an entire year the students are starting to really get to know one another and are building some nice relationships, it has been so fun to see these develop over the school year.

Telling Time

The students noticed a new digital clock in the classroom. Previously we only had an analog clock, this new digital clock seems to be an easier way for us to start looking at how to conceptualize time. Throughout the week we talked about the different measures of time such as seconds, minutes, hours, days, and weeks. Throughout the week we would make a reference to both our digital and analog clocks for when certain things in our schedule would occur such as library, music, story, etc. We are starting to understand how to read time on a digital clock and separate the hours from minutes, eventually students will transfer the knowledge from the digital clock to the analog. We also borrowed an analog clock from a first-grade class to experiment with.

Outdoor Classroom

On Friday, we paired up with a two Preschool Classes to create an outdoor classroom. There were many different items that are typically in the classroom that we brought out for students to play with. A tent had books to look at, Magna-Tiles, and Bristol Blocks were available on a red carpet, one table had dot paint, and butcher paper was spread out with crayons and markers for drawing. All of this in addition to our usual offerings of water play, and painting. A student commented that “It’s like the classroom was brought outside!”

May 7 – 11



Art Field Trip: Tuesday, May 15 we will be going to MoGo

Spring BBQ: Saturday, May 26 starting at 2:00 on the Main Campus.

Pre-K Gallery Walk: Our end of the year celebration is scheduled for Thursday June 7 from 2:00-2:45pm.  We will be celebrating the end of our Art Unit and the wonderful year we have had together. Please come enjoy all of the art our Pre-K students have been working on for the past month as our hallway and classrooms transform to art galleries.

Weekly Update

Sensory Play

This week we had a number of opportunities to engage in some fun sensory play in the classroom and outside on the playground. Sensory play is a great way for students to strengthen their fine motor muscles in a fun and creative way.

Art Unit

This week students came up with a list of words related to Art. We wrote down all of the words and later looked to see if we could find a pattern or relationship between them. We came up with three categories for our art words, places we see art, types of art, and feelings. As a group we went through each of our words and decided which of the three categories it would best fit. We were then able to try and come up with a better definition of art. We have decided that art is a way for people to express themselves. We learned that expressing yourself is essentially saying how you feel and that there are many ways to express ourselves verbally, and non-verbally. We looked at many different pieces of art and discussed how we felt or how the artist might have felt when they made the piece.

Nicholas: I feel happy

Mairah: Happy!

Xiao Yan: Sad

Katie: Scary, I don’t be scared, the person is scared. He’s not happy.

Eva: Funny, because I know that movie it’s not scary it’s just funny.

Codie: He looks scared.

Jason: He is an art and this art have a rock. It makes me feel good.

Bella: Scary.

Mairah: I feel scared too.

Eva: It makes me a little angry, I’m saying a saddish angry.

Anthony: I feel funny.

Xiao Yan: Silly.

Anna: A sad scared because it makes me a sad and scared.

Carina: Funy.

Balsa: I saw this one earlier. It looks a little silly.

Hewie: Scared (opens mouth to show teeth) ahhh!

Poyraz: That one is also a little silly right there.

Olivia: It’s a little scared. That person is scared. I feel silly though.

Nicholas: I feel funny because I think this guy is funny and when I look in the sky it looks funny.

Codie: Funny, the people in the middle look funny hahaha.

Katie: The mouth looks funny like this (opens mouth) ahhhh hahahaha.

Lyles: I am scared, this person is scared.

Anthony: I am scared of the blue one.

Nicholas: Because this thing could be put in another place and he could not come back.

Domi: This is scared, it looks like a tunnel inside.

Bella: Happy, the colors.

Balsa: It’s messy and silly with all of those colors.

Eva: I like one of those purple colors it makes me feel a little scared.

Mairah: Happy, because it’s colorful.

Anna: Happy and sad. My happy so much that it could be sad. The color is so beautiful. It is sad because there is some dark there.

Balsa: I know, sometimes when you’re so much happy you can cry.

Poyraz: All of the colors are a little silly and smiley.

Xiao Yan: I think it’s silly, the ground has water and the lights are inside the water.

Codie: The chair is also in the water and that is silly.

Handwriting Without Tears

This week we focused on the letter “M” and discovered 34 different words with the M starting sound.

Crack The Egg

In the Ball Room this week students enjoyed playing a new game “Crack The Egg.” In this game one student lays in the middle of the trampoline holding their legs with their arms while four other classmates jump on the trampoline bouncing them in the air. If their arms or legs come apart they are cracked. The children are getting very good at figuring out how to take turns in each of the roles of the game and making sure to limit the number of children jumping at a time.

Happy Birthday!

On Friday, we celebrated a birthday in class by reading David Goes to School, by David Shannon and eating cupcakes. Happy Birthday!


ECE Art Auction- May 12

Time is running out! Be sure to get your tickets for a fun evening with our SCIS community at the ECE Art Auction. Beautiful art pieces created by our own ECE artists will be auctioned off live by our emcee for the evening, Melanie McClure.

Silent auction packages include a four-day cruise to Japan, Shanghai Insiders jeep tour, brunch packages, hotels stays and more. Spa treatments & lunch at the Westin, vouchers for Sherpas and Din Tai Fung will be raffled off throughout the evening.

Tickets can be purchased at the ECE front desk or Thursday, May 10 at the Kindergarten and Grade 1 concert on the Hongqiao main campus. Be sure to get your tickets so you don’t miss this fun filled evening!

April 30 – May 4


  • Field Trip to Mogoh Art studio on Tuesday May 15th! Field trip forms will go home on Monday. Please return by Friday, May 11th.
  • Art Auction is on May 12th. Please let me know if you need help ordering tickets.
  • SCIS Summer Camp- please see below for more information about camp at the ECE this summer. It is a great program…and best of all I will be there this summer 🙂 let me know if you have any questions!

Weekly Update

Sharing Break

Students were excited to have a mid-week break for the Labor holiday. When they came back to school on Wednesday they shared what they did with their day off.

Xiao Yan- I and my grownup went to the supermarket.

Riya: I went to the bingo plaza, and I play games in the bingo plaza.

Jason: I play at my friends birthday party and have one balloon.

Domi: I go to the zoo and it is front, close to the school…a little close. And I go with one persons birthday.

Anthony: I go to ice skating, I fell down but I know how to climb up. I also go to rock climbing, I climbed up to the top. My sister tried the taller one, there was a button to touch on the top.

Katie: I go to my friends house to play.

Lyles: On the holiday I go on an adventure on a pirate ship.

Carina: I go to play with my friends. I don’t know what that is called, that place, it was so hot.

Cody: I go to movie, a dog movie. My mom gave me buy two ice creams. I see something driving and something like this it’s silly.

Mairah: I go to a park, with my brother and my mom and dad. I also go to one store there too and I got one book.

Poyraz: I do fishing, I go on a boat and do fishing. I caught a cray fish. One fish got on but it didn’t want to come up, he jumped off.

Bella: I went jumping and jumping on a trampoline. There was also a ball pit on the side too. I went with Dylan, my sister and mommy and daddy.

Nicholas: I yesterday bought a transformer toy at my home. I also got a camera and I take a lot of pictures of a fish, and a star fruit.

Olivia: My family, my sister, my grandma, and my grandpa, and uncle come to Shanghai to my home! Now they are at my home, here in Shanghai my family.

Eva: I watched in the movie theatre. It was a little boy who went in the ground to race. He had to find the three keys and put them in the right place. It was so funny, the guy got up with coins on his eyes.

Hewie: I go to a little bit Starbucks. Elizabeth go with me too. I eat pizza too.

Anna: Uh my don’t go anywhere. I just stay in my house and give my mom some flowers. I play with my mom something, I play cat. Me is cat and mom is a pirate cat.

Tina: I went to a park with my family, and took my son to a playground.

Mr. Andrew: I went golfing yesterday with a few of my friends.

Hide and Seek

This week many students enjoyed a game of hide and seek. They took turns counting to 20 while their classmates hid around the Discovery Lab. Once someone was found they would stand near the door to show they had already been found. The last person to be found had the option to be the seeker or choose a friend. The game started with two classmates and quickly developed into a very large game. It was great to see so many classmates working together in this game!


On Thursday the students had their final concert of the year. They had three rehearsals this past week. For the past few months they have been working so hard with Ms. Babb to learn the words, dances, and instrument routines. It was truly a proud moment to see them celebrate their hard work with such a wonderful performance on Thursday night! Thank you so much families for coming out to support and celebrate all of the hard work your children have done.


Enjoy a few funny photos from our picnic on Friday!

Buddy Class

We spent Friday afternoon on the Kindergarten and Grade 1 playground with Ms. Miller’s grade one class.

Mystery Reader

On Thursday we had a special mystery reader, Ms. Stacey! Ms. Stacey worked at SCIS last year and the year before as our Early Years Coordinator. The children were very excited by the surprise. Thank you Ms. Stacey for taking the time to visit!!

If you would like to come in and read to the class before the end of the year please just send me an email!


April 23 – 27


  • No school on May 1st  
  • PK Concert is on May 3rdPlease see Ms. Babb’s website for details. If your child will not be able to come to the concert, please let me know as soon as possible!
  • ECE Art Auction on May 12th– ticket forms have been sent home, I look forward to seeing you there!
  • PAFA Spring BBQ 2:00 PM on May 26th at the HQ Main Campus
  • Summer Camp is here! Follow the link to find out more information and register. I am excited to be running camp this summer so please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have!

Weekly Update

Unit of Inquiry

This week we finished up our unit of inquiry into plants as a resource for living things. We reviewed our three main concepts of the unit, living and non-living, how we care for plants, and the resources plants provide for living things. We had a chance to have a number of great conversations throughout the unit and increased our understanding about our relationships as humans with plants.

Framing in the Positive

The students love playing in the gross-motor areas of our school such as the ball room, discovery lab, and playground. These areas provide them with space to move, climb, build, use their imagination, and strengthen their muscles. Occasionally it can be a little exciting or overstimulating when students go to these areas and are moving quickly and having fun. Over the past few weeks we have made a habit out of reviewing some of the rules and roleplaying certain scenarios or problems that happen in these spaces. The students have been able to identify things they should not do. This last week they were challenged to reframe or state things they can do in these gross-motor areas. We review these things a few times a week as a way to make our gross-motor play more successful. Please see a great list of ideas the class came up with this week.

Lyles: You can play in the ball room, safely.

Poyraz: We can play together.

Anna: We can share the toys.

Eva: You could build together.

Riya: Play together.

Olivia: Use words.

Xiao Yan: Share toys.

Balsa: Play in the ball pit.

Cody: Use your words, you can say ‘can I play?’

Anthony: Play safely.

Bella: Listening.

Nicholas: We can listen to friends.

Shared Writing

This week we finished our shared writing story about all of the different things that plants need. We finished with five total pages, and work (writing, spelling, and illustrations) was contributed from all students in our class. We will keep the book in the classroom as a remainder of the knowledge the students built throughout our unit on plants.

What do living things get from plants?

Students brainstormed a number of different things plants provide for living things. After exhausting our list, we read a book about plants as a resource and were able to add a few more items to our list. Please see below…

-Oxygen (air)

-Food from…


Fruit-the flower



-Planting…it is fun to do!

-Jobs like a florist, or farmer



-Wood products, like homes, toys, and tables.

Classroom Garden

As part of our final assessment for this unit of inquiry students were given the opportunity to make a plant using any material in the classroom. As a class, we have discussed the different parts of plants and the students did their best to create a plant of their own design. Students started their work with a teacher and were asked to explain their idea prior to getting any materials or starting to work. If students were struggling with an idea or what to include on their plant they thought aloud with a teacher and referenced classroom resources, photos, our natural materials, or books. It was a great and creative way for them to display their learning and connect our plant unit to our art unit. Enjoy the variety and creativity in our wonderful garden below, feel free to ask your child to explain the different features of their plants to you!

Handwriting Without Tears

This week we focused on the letter K. Like all of our other weeks students brainstormed words that had the same starting sound as the letter K. Throughout the week we have several brainstorming meetings where we list off the words with our letter sound. This week while writing our words the students noticed the words they were saying actually started with the letter C. We quickly realized the letter C and K are able to make the same sound. It was a little confusing, but we were only focussed on reinforcing the letter sound and not the actual starting letter.

New Unit!

For the remainder of the school year we will be focusing on how people use art to express ideas, thoughts, and emotions. We will be exposed to a number of different types of visual art and have the opportunity to engage in creating art as well.

Student Taken Photos

April 16 – 20


Cultural Craft Fair: Saturday April 21st from 10:00-2:00

Math Inquiry Night: Tuesday April 24th from 5:00-6:00

No School on May 1st


Heart-to-Heart Art Auction: May 12th 7:00


Weekly Update

Week Of The Young Child

This week the ECE celebrated The Week Of The Young Child, each day had a specific focus on early learning. Music, cooking, working together, art, and family were the five main areas of development the school chose to focus on. While we incorporate these activities on a weekly basis and daily basis, this week we put a special emphasis on some of them. Please see some of the weekly activities through the photos below.

Handwriting Without Tears

This week we focussed on a specific topic, family, in conjunction with our Family Friday theme for the week of the young child. Students chose to write fiction and non-fiction books about their families, biographies about each person, or events they have done in the past.


This week we replanted our seeds taking proper light and watering into consideration. We will continue to track and monitor our seeds and hope we can get some of them to sprout.

Handwriting Without Tears

This week we focused on the letter R. We found 22 words that started with the letter R, and students continued their trend of finding words within the classroom starting with R.

Plants Need Continued…

We continued our work on our Shared Writing book this week. Students took time to decide how we wanted to illustrate our book and worked in pairs to complete the pictures. We will continue to work on this project next week and add the book to our library.

Water Table

This week students have enjoyed lots of water play in the classroom! Throughout the week we added different materials to the table such as animals, bottles, funnels, marbles, and brushes. It has been a very sought-after choice to work and students have had to navigate how to share spots at this area. In addition to this being a very fun area to play the children had to really work on their problem solving and negotiating strategies this week. Students used our classroom timers often this week to help rotate who was using the table.

Shared Drawing

This week we read a book Plants Grow, the book was a good summary of some of the different ideas we have developed over the last few weeks. After reading the story students responded to the prompt what do plants need through a drawing. Students were able to share an idea and also had the chance to draw their idea or let a classmate draw it instead.

Parent Visit

On Tuesday Riya’s mom, Arjika, joined the class to share an art project with us. Students worked with her to make three-dimensional apple using paper. The project connected well with our current unit of inquiry as we have been recently talking about the many things plants provide humans and the students have been focussing on food. Thank you Arjika for joining and sharing this art project with us!

April 9 – 13


School Uniforms and extra clothes: Please remember that your child should be coming to school in their SCIS uniform each day, blue shirt, dress, or skirt, unless otherwise noted for a special event. Uniforms are available for purchase in the Building-B basement if you need. In addition to the uniform can you please make sure to send in an extra change of clothes for your child’s cubby to have for accidents or to change after wet or messy play. The extra clothes do NOT have to be an SCIS uniform. Please include shorts, socks, underwear, shirt, and extra shoes. If you would like you can also send a hat and sunglasses for the sunny days. Please let me know if you want the hat and glasses to stay at school.

Toys from Home: Please note it is school policy not to bring toys to school. If your child would like, they are allowed a soft stuffed animal and a book for the bus ride but please avoid sending in stickers, cards, and other hard plastic toys in your child’s backpack.

Bussing Changes: Please remember that any changes to your child’s bussing should be emailed at least one day in advance. If there are last minute changes please make sure to email me AND  as I am not always available to check and respond to email throughout the day.

Cultural Fair: The ECE is hosting a cultural craft fair on April 21st from 10:00 – 2:00 for students and their families. Pre-Sale forms were sent home this week but please email if you need another one! 60RMB in advance or 80RMB at the door. Looking forward to seeing those interested in attending.

Book Fair: A note from Mr. Balli Next week we will be having our Spring Book Fair on April 17-18 (Tuesday and Wednesday).  This book fair will be sponsored by Obido and I wish to bring a few things to your attention.

  • Parents are more than welcome to attend the book fair.  It will be from 8:40-4:00pm
  • One new option will be the ability to buy books with vouchers.  This is in case you do not wish to send money with your child to school.  Vouchers can be printed on this link. .  Should you choose this option, you may be able to get another voucher to get credit for a free book!

Spring Concert: Our final music concert of the year will be on May 3rd at 6:00 PM in the ECE Gym. On Friday, your children brought home more information on what to wear for the concert. Please see Ms. Babb’s website for questions about their costume.

Art Auction:

Week of the Young Child: 

Weekly Update

Seed Reflection

This week we had a conversation about how the seeds we planted three weeks ago still have not grown. Prior to break, as a class we thought we needed more light for our seeds to grow, so we added a special heat lamp. Upon returning to school from our break we noticed the seeds still did not sprout. A suggestion was made that we could put our seeds outside in the garden for more sunlight, instead of using the lamp. Students also came to the realization that they were not watering their plants enough, many realized they had only watered their plant twice in a week. We decided to make watering a morning and afternoon activity and write a reminder on our schedule.

During our conversation, we realized that some of our classmates had siblings in other classrooms that were also growing seeds. We went to Ms. Hannah and Alexis’ classrooms to ask the siblings what they were doing with their seeds to help them grow. After conversations with other classrooms we learned that other classrooms were watering their seeds and seedlings multiple times a day and it seemed like pumpkin seeds grew much slower than other seeds. When looking at the seed selection of our class we noticed lots of us chose to plant pumpkin seeds. Next week we will plant seeds outside and have the option of choosing a new type of seed too.

Plant Books

On Tuesday we read a story titled “Myster Garden” while we were sitting in our Building-B garden. The book was all about how different seeds grow into different types of plants. Our story dealt with a garden that was growing fruits and vegetables, so at the end each student was able to share their favorite fruit or vegetable from the story.

Olivia: Watermelon

Mairah: I like watermelon

Carina: I like watermelon

Anna: I like all of the fruit

Lyles: Carrots

Anthony: I like watermelon

Poyraz: I like carrots

Balsa: Sunflower seed

Katie: Mango

Xiao Yan: I like watermelon

Domi: Watermelon

Nicholas: I like watermelon

Jason: Tomato

Eva: Ummmm watermelon I think

Bella: The carrot

Cody: A watermelon

Additionally, later in the week we read a story called Eating the Alphabet and the book gave examples of fruits and vegetables for each letter of the alphabet. While listening to the story students were excited to think of the starting sounds of some of their favorite fruits or vegetables and identify what letter made the starting sound.

Carina: Strawberry it starts with an S

Katie: Mango starts with M

Anna: Watermelon starts with letter W

Cody: Pineapple start with P

Nicholas: Orange starts with O

Mairah: Spinach starts with S

Jason: Tomato starts with T

Eva: Pear starts with P

Xiao Yan: Star Fruit starts with S

Bella: Cherry starts with C

Anthony: Banana starts with letter B and banana is a fruit

Riya: Avocado starts with the letter A

Domi: Broccoli start with letter buh buh B

Olivia: Carrot is C

Hewie: Corn is a C

Lyles: Blueberries is a B one

Sharing Break

We have had a great first week back from break, students were very excited to see one another and share about their breaks. There were many opportunities to share about the break in small and large groups. Those interested shared their photos using our large projector to the entire class and were able to answer questions about their experiences. We also created two books with the photos of the children for our class library. Throughout the week students used the books to learn more about each other’s breaks.

Hand Writing Without Tears

This week we focused on the letter B! We thought of over twenty-five words starting with the B sound. Students continued to search for and write down the words beginning with the letter B throughout the classroom and sharing with their classmates during our meetings.

Impermanent Art

Our classroom recently received a number of glass and ceramic tiles. They have provided a fun and open-ended way for students to practice impermanent art. Some have chosen to make designs with the tiles, pattern them by size or color, build, and even enact dramatic play with them. It will be exciting to see new ways students decide to use them in the future.

Playing with Plants

We continued to have a number of different plant parts available for student interaction this week. Lots of flower pedals, stems, and seeds were available for students to explore, count, and sort.

Shared Writing

This week Ms. Knight, our Assistant Principal, visited for a guest lesson. Ms. Knight often comes into our classrooms throughout the year to see the different things we are working on and loves to work with the students too. This week she joined us to work with the whole class on a writing lesson. Shared writing is essentially a shared way to model to students how we write. As a class, we work together to develop all aspects of a sentence, thinking of the words in a sentence, the letter sounds that make those words, and writing the letters. With Ms. Knight, we started the process of creating a classroom book about our current unit, plants. Our book is titled Plants Need… and details all of the different things a plant might need to live. As a class, we decided the first sentence in our book would be “Plants need water” and began to say the word plant slowly and listen to all of the sounds we could hear in the word. The students quickly identified the P, T, and S sounds in the word. Student’s volunteered to come up to write each letter sound we heard in the word, and Ms. Knight helped to fill in the missing letters in-between. Later in the week we added another page to our book with the sentence “plants need soil” we repeated the same process as the first time. Students quickly noticed the similarities in the base of our sentence ‘plants need’ and were able to write each letter of the first two words by referencing the previous page of our book. It will be exciting as we continue to model writing short sentences how this skill might translate to student work throughout the classroom.

March 25 – 29


Spring Break: School will resume on Monday April 9.

Week of the Young Child: will be held from April 16 to April 20.  We will be doing special activities in class to support the week’s themes.

Cultural Craft Fair: April 21st from 10:00 – 2:00 at the ECE

Math Inquiry Night: is on April 24 from 5pm to 6pm.

Pre-K Spring Music Concert: Thursday, May 3rd at 6:00pm in the ECE Gym

Art Auction: Saturday May 12 at 7pm.

Uniform and Toy Reminder: Families, please remember that your child should be coming to school in their SCIS uniform each day, unless otherwise noted. Uniforms are available for purchase in the Building-B basement. Students are allowed to bring a soft comfort toy, stuffed animal, with them on the bus. Please help us to remind your children to keep things such as stickers, cards, and other toys at home for their safety and the wellbeing of the toys. Thank you!

Weekly Update

Art Auction

This week we spent time working on a group art project to be sold at the upcoming ECE Art Auction on May 12th (more information to come from PAFA). The students have shown an interest in many of the buildings in Shanghai and so we decided to incorporate the Shanghai skyline in a piece of artwork. We were able to get the skyline engraved into a piece of wood. The students thought of ideas of how we might want to decorate the wood and finally voted on painting. We covered the skyline with tape prior to painting. Then, each student chose the color or colors they wanted and used balloons to stamp their favorite colors onto our piece of artwork. The children were really excited to pull off the paint and see the skyline with all of their colors decorate the Shanghai sky.

Final Product…

Author Visit

On Wednesday, the ECE had a special author visit from Trevor Lai.  Trevor is the author of over twenty books and has recently released a cartoon called BOOMi. While in the library Trevor read a story to us, talked about how he gets his ideas, what he likes to write about, and how he started writing books when he was four years old, just like us! Trevor also introduced the characters of his cartoon to us and we watched a short clip.

Seed Update

This week the class discussed the lack of light that was available for our seeds. One student made a suggestion we could use a bigger light that could help them grow instead of the sun. We talked about a special heat lamp and were able to borrow one lamp from the high school biology class. On Tuesday, we started using the heat lamp and will see if we have any luck getting our seeds to grow while using the lamp. We also discussed that our seeds need water to grow, students thought the morning arrival time or afternoon would be good times to water the seeds. The class voted and decided the afternoon would be the best time to water.


On Monday Ms. Diana, a Pre-K Mandarin Teacher, shared some tadpoles she found over the weekend with our classroom. The students were very excited to come in on Monday morning to see them in a glass jar on one of our tables. They took time to observe the tadpoles and made many predictions of what might happen to them over time. Students wanted to learn more about tadpoles and decided we should look for books on our iPad using the APP Epic! Books. Epic! is an APP we often use in the classroom to read books on our projector, it allows students to see the pictures and text in a larger version. Epic! also provides us access to thousands of different books and we have been using the APP as a research tool to find information about new subjects we are interested in.

Handwriting Without Tears

This week students learned about the letter ‘P.’ We thought of over 55 different words starting with the ‘P’ sound. We also introduced a special letter of the week clipboard, where students can write down words of different words they think of or see in the classroom. Students have enjoyed this new opportunity to write down their own words and thought of and wrote 15 words by themselves this week.


On Friday we enjoyed the warm weather with a picnic!

Jack and the Beanstalk

This week we read Jack and the Beanstalk, as a way to incorporate some fictional books to our plant unit. The students really enjoyed the book and the idea of magical beans so much we found two versions of the book to read. We also listened to an audio book too. On Friday had the opportunity to taste two different kinds of magical beans. We ate edamame and green beans. Many students quickly noticed how the pods could be opened to reveal the beans inside.

March 19 – 23


Scholastic: This will be the LAST Scholastic book order of the school year, order forms have been sent home with your child, please email if you need another order form. Please note all money and orders are due TUESDAY.

Spring Break: Spring Break starts March 31, 2018 and resumes on Monday, April 9, 2018. Please email if your child will be leaving before or returning after the holiday.

Student Led Conferences: A big thanks for those that were able to attend the SLC on Thursday, we know it is not easy to take time off during the day!

Weekly Update


On Monday, while reviewing living and non-living things a student asked about seeds and if they were living or non-living. This wonder served as a natural transition to a conversation about plants a resource for living things, the main focus of our new unit. Later that day during snack another student found an apple seed in their snack. After this discovery, many other students began to notice that seeds are all around us. In our snacks alone we found many seeds. During lunch, we were also on the hunt for seeds and found even more seeds during lunch. We have been inspecting the seeds and noticed the similarities and differences with all the seeds we have collected. Throughout the week we read stories to learn more about seeds.

Each student had the opportunity to choose from seven different seeds to plant in their own pot this week too. We are optimistic that we will have some growth soon, and will be tracking the number of days until we see sprouts.

Garden Work

On Friday morning Ms. Jillian, the Early Years Coordinator, asked our classroom to help prepare the Building-B garden for planting. During our Outdoor time the students spent time pulling weeds, turning soil, and finally planting some seedlings. Some students were a little hesitant at first but after seeing their classmates and teachers at work they quickly joined in. We were helped by one of our ayi’s and a maintenance worker. The ayi was very knowledgeable about gardening and gave our students some great advice, the students were very excited to see her later in the day when we were going to lunch and spoke with her about the garden. We are looking forward to caring for the garden as the year continues.

Student Led Conferences

It was great to have so many of you in the classroom on Thursday for our Student Led Conferences! Your students did a wonderful job showing you around the classroom and telling you about the different routines and activities we do throughout the day and week. It is atypical to have your parent at school with you but I think they all did a nice job of showing and explaining a number of different aspects of our classroom and their learning. A special thank you to the parents that were able to attend, I know it is not easy to find time during the day. Parents did also did a great job of engaging with their children, asking questions, and joining in on the fun!

Building-B Sing Along

We had our third sing along of the school year on Wednesday. We sang Hello Everybody, Open Shut Them, Hokey Pokey Shake, Alice The Camel, I’m a Little Dragon, and the Goodbye Song.

Building a House

While in the Discovery Lab (Sand Room) this week two students started to build a house using wooden hollow blocks. They quickly caught the attention of their classmates as they continued to build. Over the next ten-minutes they were joined by a number of their classmates and they worked together to create a large house and a meal to enjoy inside the house.


Photos by Students: Coming Monday…

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