June 11 – 14


-Semester two reports are available through Managebac. If you are having trouble viewing them please contact ECE Secretary Maggie Yang maggie_yang@scis-china.org for assistance.


Final Update

Kindergarten Visits

This week we visited two kindergarten classes, Ms. Kit and Ms. Yanisiew. On Monday, we enjoyed a book and a short work time with Ms. Kit’s class.

On Tuesday we spent time working in Ms. Yanisiew’s room with her class to get a better idea of what it will be like in Kindergarten.

End of Year Assembly

To celebrate the end of the school year every class came together in the gymnasium to listen to Ms. McClure make a few announcements, sing some songs, and say goodbye to our Kindergarten and Grade One friends.

PreK Water Day

On Wednesday we enjoyed a fun morning of water play! All the PreK classes got together to enjoy the warm weather and had fun with water sprayers, waterfalls, sprinklers, and more. At the end we also enjoyed a popsicle surprise!

Final Picnic

On Thursday we enjoyed our final snack of the school year outside in the garden!

Have a wonderful summer!!!

June 4 – 8


  • The Pre-K End of the Year Celebration will be on June 13.  This is a student-only celebration. Children should come to school in swimsuits and bring a towel, and an extra change of clothes as there will be water activities
  • Last day of school is June 14!  It is an early-dismissal, please note busses leave at 11:30 and lunch will not be served.
  • Spring Concert: A non-VPN link will be coming soon. ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hik4b5nm9M
  • Library: Please return all library books this week if you have not done so already. You will be notified if there are still any outstanding books.

Web Update:

Kindergarten Visit

In a continued effort to prepare for life in Kindergarten next year we visited Ms. Chong’s class this week. The first part of our visit we spent listening to the Kindergarteners reading their favorite stories as well as making stories with them too. The second half of the visit we ate snack with them and had a chance to ask about the different activities that make up the day for a Kindergarten student.

Happy Birthday!

On Monday we celebrated a birthday by reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears by James Marshall, and also ate rainbow cake! Happy Birthday!!!

Building-B Sing Along

We had our final Building-B sing along of the school year on Wednesday and the students had a chance to sing and dance to some of their favorite songs from throughout the school year.

Art Walk

This week the students worked really hard finalizing all of their artwork for our big show on Thursday. Thank you so much for all of those that were able to make it, I know it is not always easy to attend these events during the day. The children were really excited to have the opportunity to show off their work to an audience.

Expression Through Art

While continuing to think about art as a form of expression, this week we experimented with couple of new art experiences. We drew to music, we listened to two types of songs, the first one had a slow beat, while the second was a more upbeat and faster song and children were asked to draw how the music felt. It was interesting to see how the music impacted the way in which children chose to color, specifically the lines, and speed.

Additionally we used photography to capture ourselves dressed up in costumes as a way to show how clothing (similar to masks) can help people to make a statement.


Finally, children had a chance to experiment with a 21st century version of the self-portrait…the selfie. Each student chose one feeling or emotion that they wanted to portray in their selfie-portrait.

Field Day

On Friday, the children came to class dressed in all colors and split into teams to participate in 12 different activities. While reflecting on our day many of the students enjoyed the water activities the most.

Happy Birthday Ms. Tina!!!

On Friday, the children celebrated Ms. Tina’s birthday by writing something they like to play or do with Ms. Tina on a card. Happy Birthday Ms. Tina!!!!

Xiao Yan- I like Ms. Tina to go to my home.

Cody- I like to help Ms. Tina when we do the masks.

Jason- I like to do the art with Ms. Tina.

Balsa- I like your Mandarin class.

Nicholas- I like to hear her stories after snack.

Anthony- I like to play with Ms. Tina the paper airplane.

Lyles- I like to play a special game with you.

Katie- I like Ms. Tina’s hair.

Olivia- I love Ms. Tina, thank you for Mandarin the Chinese class.

Eva- I like when you play with me.

Carina- I like when Ms. Tina reads me a story.

Hewie- I love Ms. Tina playing Magna-Tiles to me.

Bella- I like to play the matching game with her.

Mairah- I like when you speak Mandarin.

Domi- I like to play with Ms. Tina.

Anna- I love Ms. Tina, I am so happy to Ms. Tina.

Riya- Ms. Tina is beautiful


May 28 – June 1


  • Gallery Walk: SAVE THE DATE! PreK Gallery Walk to celebrate our Art Unit and the end of the school year will be on June 7! Unable to attend? No worries, feel free to invite a grandparent (or other family member), family friend, or ayi for your child to share their work with.
  • Field Day will be held on June 8.
  • The Pre-K End of the Year Celebration will be on June 13.  This is a student-only celebration. See email for details, children should arrive in swimsuits and bring a towel as there will be water activities
  • Last day of school is June 14!  It is an early-dismissal, busses leave at 11:30 and lunch will not be served.
  • Spring Concert: A non-VPN link will be coming soon.
  • ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hik4b5nm9M
  • Library: Last day for books is June 1st

***Please see the email sent out earlier this week for more details on all of the upcoming events. Email me with any questions!

Web Update:

Handwriting Without Tears

This week we focused on the letter W and were able to come up with 23 different words starting with the starting W sound!

Different Ways to Paint

This week we experimented with different ways to paint, the children had a few ideas of their own on how we could paint without using a paint brush. Throughout the week we experimented with a number of different ways to create art without a paint brush, and had lots of fun!

Xiao Yan: You can paint with hands.

Jason: You can paint like this (flicking)

Poyraz: You can stamp a balloon.

Olivia: We can like this (flicking wrist)

Balsa: Get some paint on your shoe and stamp it.

Xiao Yan: Your head, dip like this and then paint.

Anna: With paper, like this with your hand.

Riya: Put the paper in the paint and then stamp with it.

Eva: You could probably use your elbow to stamp with.

Stamp Painting 

Body Painting

Splatter Paint 

Marble Paint 

Make a Wish!

On Tuesday, we read a book about a wish granting fairy, the students were very excited about the idea of making wishes. After the book, the children made their own wishes…

Balsa: A big fat pig!

Anna: A beautifyl dress and beautiful shoes.

Hewie: I want a transformer, a blue one.

Nicholas: I want an Iron Man suit.

Bella: A beautiful blue dress.

Poyraz: I want a dark blue car.

Mairah: A princess dress.

Cody: A bicycle.

Carina: A pink princess dress.

Katie: I want to be a princess.

Anthony: Nothing.

Domi: Princess pink dress.

Jason: I want to be a real transformer.

Xiao Yan: I want to be acarpet.

Eva: I want to have a magic wand.

Olivia: A star.

Riya: I want  a pink wand.

Lyles: A scooter, a pink one.

Making a Plan

This week we also experimented with a new art material, the students have named the material ‘sticky popcorn.’ Once you get this material a little wet, it becomes sticky, and is a great open-ended way to build. Before building with the sticky popcorn students were asked to ‘make a plan’ by first thinking of an idea, verbalizing the plan, and then drawing their plan on a paper. Students were then able to use their plan as a guide to build.

Mystery Reader

On Thursday Olivija joined us as a Mystery Reader! She read two art related books with us; The Dot by Peter Reynolds, and Beautiful Oops, by Barney Saltzberg.

Beautiful Oops talks about how you can turn a mistake or accident into artwork, instead of being frustrated or starting over. On each page there was a spill, or tear on a piece of paper that the artist turned into something creative based on the shape or appearance of the mistake.  After reading the books, Olivija gave each child a ‘beautiful oops’ of their own. The children spent time imagining what the oops could be and were then free to use any material in the classroom to reinvent the oops. Thank you Olivija for joining us and contributing to our art unit!


On Thursday, we celebrated a birthday in class. We read a version of Cinderella, and enjoyed cupcakes. Happy Birthday!!

Buddy Class

On Friday, we had what will probably be our last play session with our Grade 1 buddy class. We celebrated a year of developing friendships and learning from our grade one mentors with an ice cream treat outside and then playing with them on the playground!

May 21 – 25


Gallery Walk: SAVE THE DATE! PreK Gallery Walk to celebrate our Art Unit and the end of the school year will be on June 7! Unable to attend? No worries, feel free to invite a grandparent (or other family member), family friend, or ayi for your child to share their work with.

Field Day: June 8, more information to come.

Library: Last day for books is June 1st

Web Update

Art Unit

This week we continued to explore art as an outlet of expression of emotion. We built on last weeks ideas of color and color mixing and thought about how color and shape can elicit emotions. Again, we looked at art work as a class and talked about how and why it made us feel a certain way. The children came to the conclusion that sharper shapes can be scarier than curves and more colors can show happiness.

What is a Gallery?

This week the class discussed what an art gallery is, a place where artists display art, and people can come to enjoy art. We looked at photos of many different types of art galleries and discussed how we would be transforming our PreK hallway into a gallery of our own. Over the coming days leading to our gallery opening we will be experimenting with a number of different types of art to display.

Gallery Walk

Photographs of different types of art (sculptures, masks, paintings, photographs) were placed on our classroom tables and the students had a chance to walk around and look at the art. They were asked to think about how it made them feel. After we had a few minutes to see each piece of art we met on the carpet and each child was given three representations of emotions. One was a happy face, the other was a sad, and the final one was a scared face. The children could then walk around and place the emotion next to a piece of art they felt represented that specific emotion. At the end the teacher took a photograph of each table to show how students opinions could be different for each piece of artwork. The results were displayed on our projector and students had the opportunity to explain why they chose a specific emotion.


This year we are focusing part of our gallery on the idea of self-image. Students had the opportunity this week to create self-portraits. Self-portraits were first made with only black pencil and students had the option to do a second portrait with color. Later in the week we looked at masks as a form of art. We discussed why a person might wear a mask and what a mask might do for someone. The students had an opportunity to think about how the mask they made would help them, what they wanted it to do or represent. There were some very thoughtful ideas presented. We will continue to explore the idea of self-image and different ways we can portrait or express ourselves through art over the next few weeks.


Kindergarten Visit

On Wednesday we visited Ms. Palaez’s Kindergarten classroom as a way to start to familiarize our students with some of the teachers they will see next year when they are in Kindergarten. Before visiting we had a chance to brainstorm questions about what happens in Kindergarten and how it might be the same and different from Pre-Kindergarten. For the first half of our visit the Kindergarten students read books to us and the second half we discussed what it is like to be in Kindergarten. We will continue to visit a few more Kindergarten classes over the remaining weeks of school to help with the transition.

Handwriting Without Tears

This week we worked on the letter V. We were able to think of 16 letters starting with the V sound. We noticed that we were unable to come up with as many V starting V sounding words as we usually do for other letters and had a good conversation about how some letters do not have as many words as others. Very insightful thinking by the children.

May 14 – 18


Yearbook Order: Order forms were distributed last week and are due this coming week, please message me if you need another form. A yearbook is RMB 200.

Gallery Walk: SAVE THE DATE! PreK Gallery Walk to celebrate our Art Unit and the end of the school year will be on June 7!

Field Day: June 8, more information to come.

Last day for library June 1

PAFA Spring Picnic: 4:00 – 7:00 PM May 26 at the main campus (1161 Hongqiao)

Web Update

Field Trip

On Tuesday, we went on a field trip to an art studio. Leading up to the field trip we spoke as a class about two different approaches to making art, self-directed and directed. The students recognized that at school they typically do self-directed art but we talked about how the trip would be more of a directed, step by step based piece of art. We discussed the value of both and the kids were excited to try this style of art too. The children really enjoyed the trip and we all made a piece of art that was shark themed. After the trip, we reflected on all of the different steps the students took to complete the work and the variety of materials they included as well. First, they started by painting the background, then used clay to make the shapes of a shark body part. We reflected on how it can be difficult to draw or make an animal with clay but if you think about the different shapes and how they relate to each body part it can help make it less daunting. In addition to using clay for the shark the students also had the opportunity to include coral, seaweed, and other animals in the ocean…a great chance to add their own individual approach. We also used sponges to paint on the clay. Overall, it seems the field trip was a great learning experience and a reminder that we can use multiple materials when making art to help express ourselves or bring our idea to life. Enjoy some photos from our trip.

Color Mixing

Last week when discussing how emotions related to different pieces of artwork a number of students referenced color as the reason for why they felt a certain way about a piece of work. We spent most of the week focusing on the primary colors, color mixing, light and dark colors, warm and cold colors. Early in the week we used a number of different forms of color wheels to explore and a wide spectrum of colors.


We found a website that allowed us to select specific colors and a quantity of the color to mix online. This was a great and easy way for students to experiment with how to lighten and darken a color. Feel free to check it out at home!


In addition to practicing online, we also painted a lot this week using tempura and water color paints. Students focused on different ways to mix colors either on a pallet, on their paper, or in a cup of water.

We also did a science experiment called walking watercolor rainbow. We had seven cups, four with water and four without. The two cups on each edge had the color red, one cup had yellow, and the other blue. The remaining three cups were empty of water and color. We then connected each cup by using a paper towel. At each step of adding a paper towel we made predictions on what we thought would happen.


We let the experiment play out over the next two days and observed to see that water and color traveled through the paper towels and MIXED to create all of the colors of the rainbow from only our original primary colors!

Some students were curious if paint was the only thing we could mix, they wondered about other materials in the classroom. On Friday morning the art table had three different types of paper (white, red, and green) and different things to draw with (colored pencils, crayons, markers, and craypas). During the morning children were able to experiment with all of these different materials to see what type of surface or writing tools were best for mixing colors

Buddy Class

On Friday we spent time working with Ms. Miller’s 1st grade students in our classroom in the morning. After almost an entire year the students are starting to really get to know one another and are building some nice relationships, it has been so fun to see these develop over the school year.

Telling Time

The students noticed a new digital clock in the classroom. Previously we only had an analog clock, this new digital clock seems to be an easier way for us to start looking at how to conceptualize time. Throughout the week we talked about the different measures of time such as seconds, minutes, hours, days, and weeks. Throughout the week we would make a reference to both our digital and analog clocks for when certain things in our schedule would occur such as library, music, story, etc. We are starting to understand how to read time on a digital clock and separate the hours from minutes, eventually students will transfer the knowledge from the digital clock to the analog. We also borrowed an analog clock from a first-grade class to experiment with.

Outdoor Classroom

On Friday, we paired up with a two Preschool Classes to create an outdoor classroom. There were many different items that are typically in the classroom that we brought out for students to play with. A tent had books to look at, Magna-Tiles, and Bristol Blocks were available on a red carpet, one table had dot paint, and butcher paper was spread out with crayons and markers for drawing. All of this in addition to our usual offerings of water play, and painting. A student commented that “It’s like the classroom was brought outside!”

May 7 – 11



Art Field Trip: Tuesday, May 15 we will be going to MoGo

Spring BBQ: Saturday, May 26 starting at 2:00 on the Main Campus.

Pre-K Gallery Walk: Our end of the year celebration is scheduled for Thursday June 7 from 2:00-2:45pm.  We will be celebrating the end of our Art Unit and the wonderful year we have had together. Please come enjoy all of the art our Pre-K students have been working on for the past month as our hallway and classrooms transform to art galleries.

Weekly Update

Sensory Play

This week we had a number of opportunities to engage in some fun sensory play in the classroom and outside on the playground. Sensory play is a great way for students to strengthen their fine motor muscles in a fun and creative way.

Art Unit

This week students came up with a list of words related to Art. We wrote down all of the words and later looked to see if we could find a pattern or relationship between them. We came up with three categories for our art words, places we see art, types of art, and feelings. As a group we went through each of our words and decided which of the three categories it would best fit. We were then able to try and come up with a better definition of art. We have decided that art is a way for people to express themselves. We learned that expressing yourself is essentially saying how you feel and that there are many ways to express ourselves verbally, and non-verbally. We looked at many different pieces of art and discussed how we felt or how the artist might have felt when they made the piece.

Nicholas: I feel happy

Mairah: Happy!

Xiao Yan: Sad

Katie: Scary, I don’t be scared, the person is scared. He’s not happy.

Eva: Funny, because I know that movie it’s not scary it’s just funny.

Codie: He looks scared.

Jason: He is an art and this art have a rock. It makes me feel good.

Bella: Scary.

Mairah: I feel scared too.

Eva: It makes me a little angry, I’m saying a saddish angry.

Anthony: I feel funny.

Xiao Yan: Silly.

Anna: A sad scared because it makes me a sad and scared.

Carina: Funy.

Balsa: I saw this one earlier. It looks a little silly.

Hewie: Scared (opens mouth to show teeth) ahhh!

Poyraz: That one is also a little silly right there.

Olivia: It’s a little scared. That person is scared. I feel silly though.

Nicholas: I feel funny because I think this guy is funny and when I look in the sky it looks funny.

Codie: Funny, the people in the middle look funny hahaha.

Katie: The mouth looks funny like this (opens mouth) ahhhh hahahaha.

Lyles: I am scared, this person is scared.

Anthony: I am scared of the blue one.

Nicholas: Because this thing could be put in another place and he could not come back.

Domi: This is scared, it looks like a tunnel inside.

Bella: Happy, the colors.

Balsa: It’s messy and silly with all of those colors.

Eva: I like one of those purple colors it makes me feel a little scared.

Mairah: Happy, because it’s colorful.

Anna: Happy and sad. My happy so much that it could be sad. The color is so beautiful. It is sad because there is some dark there.

Balsa: I know, sometimes when you’re so much happy you can cry.

Poyraz: All of the colors are a little silly and smiley.

Xiao Yan: I think it’s silly, the ground has water and the lights are inside the water.

Codie: The chair is also in the water and that is silly.

Handwriting Without Tears

This week we focused on the letter “M” and discovered 34 different words with the M starting sound.

Crack The Egg

In the Ball Room this week students enjoyed playing a new game “Crack The Egg.” In this game one student lays in the middle of the trampoline holding their legs with their arms while four other classmates jump on the trampoline bouncing them in the air. If their arms or legs come apart they are cracked. The children are getting very good at figuring out how to take turns in each of the roles of the game and making sure to limit the number of children jumping at a time.

Happy Birthday!

On Friday, we celebrated a birthday in class by reading David Goes to School, by David Shannon and eating cupcakes. Happy Birthday!


ECE Art Auction- May 12

Time is running out! Be sure to get your tickets for a fun evening with our SCIS community at the ECE Art Auction. Beautiful art pieces created by our own ECE artists will be auctioned off live by our emcee for the evening, Melanie McClure.

Silent auction packages include a four-day cruise to Japan, Shanghai Insiders jeep tour, brunch packages, hotels stays and more. Spa treatments & lunch at the Westin, vouchers for Sherpas and Din Tai Fung will be raffled off throughout the evening.

Tickets can be purchased at the ECE front desk or Thursday, May 10 at the Kindergarten and Grade 1 concert on the Hongqiao main campus. Be sure to get your tickets so you don’t miss this fun filled evening!

April 30 – May 4


  • Field Trip to Mogoh Art studio on Tuesday May 15th! Field trip forms will go home on Monday. Please return by Friday, May 11th.
  • Art Auction is on May 12th. Please let me know if you need help ordering tickets.
  • SCIS Summer Camp- please see below for more information about camp at the ECE this summer. It is a great program…and best of all I will be there this summer 🙂 let me know if you have any questions!

Weekly Update

Sharing Break

Students were excited to have a mid-week break for the Labor holiday. When they came back to school on Wednesday they shared what they did with their day off.

Xiao Yan- I and my grownup went to the supermarket.

Riya: I went to the bingo plaza, and I play games in the bingo plaza.

Jason: I play at my friends birthday party and have one balloon.

Domi: I go to the zoo and it is front, close to the school…a little close. And I go with one persons birthday.

Anthony: I go to ice skating, I fell down but I know how to climb up. I also go to rock climbing, I climbed up to the top. My sister tried the taller one, there was a button to touch on the top.

Katie: I go to my friends house to play.

Lyles: On the holiday I go on an adventure on a pirate ship.

Carina: I go to play with my friends. I don’t know what that is called, that place, it was so hot.

Cody: I go to movie, a dog movie. My mom gave me buy two ice creams. I see something driving and something like this it’s silly.

Mairah: I go to a park, with my brother and my mom and dad. I also go to one store there too and I got one book.

Poyraz: I do fishing, I go on a boat and do fishing. I caught a cray fish. One fish got on but it didn’t want to come up, he jumped off.

Bella: I went jumping and jumping on a trampoline. There was also a ball pit on the side too. I went with Dylan, my sister and mommy and daddy.

Nicholas: I yesterday bought a transformer toy at my home. I also got a camera and I take a lot of pictures of a fish, and a star fruit.

Olivia: My family, my sister, my grandma, and my grandpa, and uncle come to Shanghai to my home! Now they are at my home, here in Shanghai my family.

Eva: I watched in the movie theatre. It was a little boy who went in the ground to race. He had to find the three keys and put them in the right place. It was so funny, the guy got up with coins on his eyes.

Hewie: I go to a little bit Starbucks. Elizabeth go with me too. I eat pizza too.

Anna: Uh my don’t go anywhere. I just stay in my house and give my mom some flowers. I play with my mom something, I play cat. Me is cat and mom is a pirate cat.

Tina: I went to a park with my family, and took my son to a playground.

Mr. Andrew: I went golfing yesterday with a few of my friends.

Hide and Seek

This week many students enjoyed a game of hide and seek. They took turns counting to 20 while their classmates hid around the Discovery Lab. Once someone was found they would stand near the door to show they had already been found. The last person to be found had the option to be the seeker or choose a friend. The game started with two classmates and quickly developed into a very large game. It was great to see so many classmates working together in this game!


On Thursday the students had their final concert of the year. They had three rehearsals this past week. For the past few months they have been working so hard with Ms. Babb to learn the words, dances, and instrument routines. It was truly a proud moment to see them celebrate their hard work with such a wonderful performance on Thursday night! Thank you so much families for coming out to support and celebrate all of the hard work your children have done.


Enjoy a few funny photos from our picnic on Friday!

Buddy Class

We spent Friday afternoon on the Kindergarten and Grade 1 playground with Ms. Miller’s grade one class.

Mystery Reader

On Thursday we had a special mystery reader, Ms. Stacey! Ms. Stacey worked at SCIS last year and the year before as our Early Years Coordinator. The children were very excited by the surprise. Thank you Ms. Stacey for taking the time to visit!!

If you would like to come in and read to the class before the end of the year please just send me an email!


April 23 – 27


  • No school on May 1st  
  • PK Concert is on May 3rdPlease see Ms. Babb’s website for details. If your child will not be able to come to the concert, please let me know as soon as possible!
  • ECE Art Auction on May 12th– ticket forms have been sent home, I look forward to seeing you there!
  • PAFA Spring BBQ 2:00 PM on May 26th at the HQ Main Campus
  • Summer Camp is here! Follow the link to find out more information and register. I am excited to be running camp this summer so please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have!

Weekly Update

Unit of Inquiry

This week we finished up our unit of inquiry into plants as a resource for living things. We reviewed our three main concepts of the unit, living and non-living, how we care for plants, and the resources plants provide for living things. We had a chance to have a number of great conversations throughout the unit and increased our understanding about our relationships as humans with plants.

Framing in the Positive

The students love playing in the gross-motor areas of our school such as the ball room, discovery lab, and playground. These areas provide them with space to move, climb, build, use their imagination, and strengthen their muscles. Occasionally it can be a little exciting or overstimulating when students go to these areas and are moving quickly and having fun. Over the past few weeks we have made a habit out of reviewing some of the rules and roleplaying certain scenarios or problems that happen in these spaces. The students have been able to identify things they should not do. This last week they were challenged to reframe or state things they can do in these gross-motor areas. We review these things a few times a week as a way to make our gross-motor play more successful. Please see a great list of ideas the class came up with this week.

Lyles: You can play in the ball room, safely.

Poyraz: We can play together.

Anna: We can share the toys.

Eva: You could build together.

Riya: Play together.

Olivia: Use words.

Xiao Yan: Share toys.

Balsa: Play in the ball pit.

Cody: Use your words, you can say ‘can I play?’

Anthony: Play safely.

Bella: Listening.

Nicholas: We can listen to friends.

Shared Writing

This week we finished our shared writing story about all of the different things that plants need. We finished with five total pages, and work (writing, spelling, and illustrations) was contributed from all students in our class. We will keep the book in the classroom as a remainder of the knowledge the students built throughout our unit on plants.

What do living things get from plants?

Students brainstormed a number of different things plants provide for living things. After exhausting our list, we read a book about plants as a resource and were able to add a few more items to our list. Please see below…

-Oxygen (air)

-Food from…


Fruit-the flower



-Planting…it is fun to do!

-Jobs like a florist, or farmer



-Wood products, like homes, toys, and tables.

Classroom Garden

As part of our final assessment for this unit of inquiry students were given the opportunity to make a plant using any material in the classroom. As a class, we have discussed the different parts of plants and the students did their best to create a plant of their own design. Students started their work with a teacher and were asked to explain their idea prior to getting any materials or starting to work. If students were struggling with an idea or what to include on their plant they thought aloud with a teacher and referenced classroom resources, photos, our natural materials, or books. It was a great and creative way for them to display their learning and connect our plant unit to our art unit. Enjoy the variety and creativity in our wonderful garden below, feel free to ask your child to explain the different features of their plants to you!

Handwriting Without Tears

This week we focused on the letter K. Like all of our other weeks students brainstormed words that had the same starting sound as the letter K. Throughout the week we have several brainstorming meetings where we list off the words with our letter sound. This week while writing our words the students noticed the words they were saying actually started with the letter C. We quickly realized the letter C and K are able to make the same sound. It was a little confusing, but we were only focussed on reinforcing the letter sound and not the actual starting letter.

New Unit!

For the remainder of the school year we will be focusing on how people use art to express ideas, thoughts, and emotions. We will be exposed to a number of different types of visual art and have the opportunity to engage in creating art as well.

Student Taken Photos