Silver Group

Silver Team with Coach Carson Shen




This group refines and builds upon the four strokes with more advanced skills and efficiency techniques. There is a strong emphasis on stroke mechanics and refining competition skills with the addition of interval training and conditioning. Intermediate dryland routines are incorporated 2 times a week for 15 minutes to increase coordination and strength. The recommended age for this group is 9-10 years.

Equipment: Swimmers must have a pair of Speedo Power Swim Fins for each practice.

Silver Group swimmers should attend 2 practices per week and compete in all local swim meets and one away swim meet per season.  We would like to encourage all silver team swimmers to attend this years international competition, a responsible adult should accompany each silver team swimmer.

Primary Coach: Carson Shen

Training Schedule for both Silver & Advanced Silver: Monday-Thursday-Friday, 3:15-4:15 p.m.; primarily swimmers aged 9-10 years old (encouraged to attend all practices, but swimmers should maintain 75% practice attendance) silver swimmers must compete in all of the meets offered in Shanghai and 1 travel meet per year.

PM 3:15PM – 4:15PM



OFF OFF 3:15PM – 4:15PM  3:15PM – 4:15PM   

Silver (Prerequisites for movement into Varsity):

  • 4 x (3 X 50) freestyle @ 60 / 55 / 50 repeat
  • 8 X 100 freestyle @ 2:00
  • Demonstrate the legal strokes of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly held over 50m
  • 10 x 50 kick @ 1:10
  • Demonstrate the legal turns of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly
  • Ability to follow instruction and work well with teammates and coaches
  • Expanding ability to use pace clock

Attendance through  March 2021

  • Alexander Han Chang    5th grade  75%
  • Bel Chen                         5th grade   100%
  • Ji-woo Lee                      5th grade   100%
  • Justin Shi                        5th grade   89%
  • Alexandro Santini          4th grade   93%
  • Benjamin Wang             4th grade  100%
  • Alex Xiang                    4th grade  30%
  • Yolanda Chen                4th grade  30%
  • Rachel McDonald          5th grade 100%
  • Adriada Zeqiraj             5th grade  100%
  • Alex Geagea                  5th grade 82%
  • Katherine Li                  5th grade 100%
  • Kyle Li                          5th grade 100%

Attendance is calculated as follows:

  • As a total percentage from the swimmers first day to the present.
  • Absence without prior coach notification is a complete absence.
  • Absence with prior coach notification is only a 75% absence.
  • Tardy without prior coach notification is a 25% absence.

Students wishing to progress from the Silver group into the Gold group should:

  • Show a desire and maturity to learn and listen without distracting others on the team while maintaining the minimum attendance requirement
  • Have near perfect underwater streamlines with dolphin kicking &/or an underwater pullout for a minimum of 5-meters each time pushing off the wall, diving and turning, without being reminded
  • Have the ability to maintain a legal and consistent kick in all four competitive strokes throughout a designed kick set of 500 to 600-meters
  • Have the ability to complete with relative efficiency, rhythm and understanding a designed repeat set (using cycles) of 500 to 600-meters
  • Have the ability to maintain a legal stroke for 100-meters of butterfly
  • Have the ability to maintain legal strokes and turns for a 200-meter individual medley without losing efficiency or rhythm
  • Have the ability to maintain legal strokes and turns for a 400-meter freestyle without losing efficiency or rhythm
  • Have the ability to consistently perform legal competitive turns in all four competitive strokes and medley swims, without being reminded
  • Demonstrate a desire to set personal goals and strive for improvement as a competitive swimmer
  • Possess all of the skills and abilities listed as minimum requirements for progression from the Exploration group to the Silver group that are not restated here

*Swimmers unable to reach the minimum requirements for the Varsity group by the end of 5th grade may be given the opportunity to continue to work toward that goal in the Junior Varsity group.