SCIS Swimming Introduction

Shanghai Community International School Hongqiao are proud to provide our students with a swimming program that provides rounded and progressive swimming pathway for student/athletes of all ages and abilities.


These learn to swim lessons are taught by our professional swim coaching team and delivered to Kindergarten, G1, G2, G3, G4 & G5.

SCIS Swimming use the American Red Cross syllabus for our PE Learn to Swim classes focused on water literacy and safety.

2018 – 2019 Physical Education Swimming Program


Swim every other day through the month of May 2017.

The program is lead by 5 swimming instructors so that our students can enjoy small group sessions in a grouping that is appropriate for their skill level and confidence.

How we are making these sessions safe, progressive and fun for this early development stage:

  • Adjusting the pool water temperature to 30 degrees
  • Sections of the pool bottom have been risen with swimming tables to aid the feeling of security and aid the coaching team with a safe environment
  • Clearly planned sessions with the main focus of ‘learning through exploration’
  • Developing the key elements of water safety using the FUNdementals

1st – 5th grade Learn to Swim Program

Through this section of the students time at school the swimming department host an impressive swimming calendar.

The swimmers swim 12 weeks in the academic calendar following the American Red Cross curriculum.

American Red Cross curriculum

6th grade – 9th Grade

Synchro Swimming Unit

10th Grade

Water Polo Unit

Competitive Swimming Team



SILVER GROUP:  Carson Shen’s practice group – 4 AVAILABLE PRACTICE PER WEEK (1 HRS)

SILVER GROUP:  Cheryl Philp’s practice group – 4 AVAILABLE PRACTICES PER WEEK (1.25 HRS)

JUNIOR VARSITY: 1-3 PRACTICES AVAILABLE, if the swimmers would like more sessions per week contact Coach Carson Shen and we can add on practices to the week if the student is willing to work hard to meet the expectations.

VARSITY: for our top performing swimmers ages 11 – 18.  In total there are 6 different practice groups which are ability based within our VARSITY structure.  Please go to TEAM INFORMATION for detailed info of the sets that must be swam to achieve each different level.

VARSITY Carson Shen’s practice group – 4 AVAILABLE PRACTICES PER WEEK (USUALLY 1.5 HRS). 3 different levels within this practice group.

VARSITY Cheryl Philp’s training group – 5  AVAILABLE PRACTICES PER WEEK (USUALLY 2 HRS). 3 different levels within this practice group.