Middle School Development Team & Gold Advanced Team with Coach Jane Mao




Primary Coaches: Jane Mao

This group refines and builds upon the four strokes with more advanced skills and efficiency techniques. There is a strong emphasis on stroke mechanics and refining competition skills with the addition of interval training and conditioning. Intermediate dry land routines are incorporated 4 times a week for 20 minutes to increase coordination and strength. The recommended age for this group is 11-14 years.

We are keeping best to prepare for the next meet, maintain a healthy diet and plenty rest, please bring your race cap if you have one.

Training equipment: Suggest swimmers have a pair of Speedo Power Swim Fins and Swim Snorkeling Tube for each practice.You could refer to the following link,

Snorkel: Fins:

Gold Advanced Group swimmers should attend 4-5 practices per week and compete in all local swim meets and one away swim meet per season.  We would like to encourage all Varsity team swimmers to attend an international competition.

Practice Schedule:

Monday and Thursday 4:15pm - 5:20pm

Tuesday 3:15pm-5:20pm

Friday 3:15pm- 4:20pm and 4:15pm- 5:20pm  (rotate once every two weeks)

4 session per week,

15:15 – 16:15 Swim Training
16:15 – 17:30Swim TrainingSwim TrainingSwim Training

Prerequisites for Gold Advanced team:

  • 8 X 50 freestyle @ 1:00
  • 6 X 50 freestyle kick w/board @ 1:20
  • 4 X 100 freestyle @ 2:00
  • 4 X 100 IM @ 2:10
  • 2 X 200M @ 4:00
  • 200 IM without disqualification
  • Ability to perform all 4 strokes legally
  • Demonstrate turns and finishes for all 4 strokes, and use them during practice
  • Ability to read pace clock and be able to send oneself off at basic intervals
  • Ability to swim 1500 meters without stopping and with legal strokes and turns

Attendance is calculated as follows:

  • Absences without prior coach notification is a complete absence.
  • Absences with prior coach notification is only a 75% absence.
  • Tardy without prior coach notification is a 25% absence.

Attendance through April 2021:

Leo Lee — 85% 🙂 

Ju Yong Kim — 93% 🙂 

Ji-young Lee      — 92% 😀 

Sofia Tsapliy        — 70% Injured

Ella KaYeon Lim  — — 93% 🙂 

Calvin Li — 100% 🙂

Roze van Herpen — — 93% 🙂 

Sterre Peek — 100% 😀

Alexia du Bois de Vroyland — 100% 😀

Ji-an Willy Kim — 100% 😀

Aaron Matthew Dong — 100% 😀

Alex Han Chang — 85% 🙂

Congratulations to this following swimmer who move up to Middle School Gold Advanced team:

Jon Zeqiraj

  • As a total percentage from the swimmer’s first day to the present.
  • Absence without prior coach notification is a complete absence, 0% attendance.
  • Each swimmer is allowed 3 practices leave with 100% attendance with prior notice to Coach Jane.
  • After the 3 practice leave rule, the swimmers shall be marked for 50% attendance for all other prior notice absences.
  • Tardy (after 4:15pm) without prior coach notification is a 25% absence.
  • Swimmers should maintain 75% attendance per term to maintain slot within the team.  Swimmers who fail to maintain 75% average shall be asked to swim for the Junior Varsity group or leave the team.  Giving allowance for an excelling member of JV swimmer to move into Varsity!
  • *IB Students will receive special consideration in regards to meeting practice attendance minimum requirements.  IB students shall receive 6 leave days for 100%.

WITH PRIOR COACH NOTICE: At least 24 hours notice so that we can fill your slot in the lane with an excelling swimmer from JV.

WITHOUT PRIOR COACH NOTICE: On the same day OR no communication at all.

Please find other opportunities to swim, please find training plans for these practices:

Students wishing to progress should be able to:

  • Show a desire and maturity to learn and listen without distracting others on the team while maintaining the minimum attendance requirement
  • Have near-perfect underwater streamlines with dolphin kicking &/or an underwater pullout for a minimum of 10-meters each time pushing off the wall, diving, and turning, without being reminded
  • Have the ability to maintain a legal and consistent kick in all four competitive strokes throughout a designed kick set of 800 to 1000-meters
  • Have the ability to complete with relative efficiency, rhythm, and understanding a designed repeat set (using cycles) of 1800 to 2200-meters
  • Have the ability to maintain a legal stroke for 100-meters of butterfly
  • Have the ability to maintain legal strokes and turns for a 400-meter individual medley without losing efficiency or rhythm
  • Have the ability to maintain legal strokes and turns for an 1500-meter freestyle without losing efficiency or rhythm
  • Have the ability to consistently perform legal competitive turns in all four competitive strokes and medley swims, without being reminded
  • Demonstrate a desire to set personal goals and strive for improvement as a competitive swimmer