Junior Varsity

Practice Schedule:

Friday:  3:15pm – 4:20pm

Primary Coach: Jane Mao           <jmao@scis-china.org>

Thank you to Coach Seven Qi for helping us at the start of the season.

WELCOME swimmers back!


Thank you  for your interest in our swimming team.

Try-out dates:

Monday 25th January, 17:00-18:00 OR  Tuesday 26th January, 17:00-18:00

*Students with schedule conflicts and cannot attend these dates please contact cphilp@scis-china.org

  • Swimmers should be able to swim 4 competitive strokes over 50m – 100m
  • Swimmers should be able to perform a dive from the deck
  • Swimmers should be willing to commit to 2-3x per week for the academic year of 2021.
  • Swimmers should be willing to show SCIS pride and dedication by participating in all of our Shanghai based competitions (usually 1x per month)
  • Must sign up to attend try-outs, see link and QR code
  • Deadline for sign-up JANUARY 22n, 2021.

Prerequisites skills for Junior Varsity:

  • 8 X 50 freestyle @ 1:20
  • 4 X 100 freestyle @ 2:30
  • 4 X 100 IM @ 3:00
  • 400m freestyle 7:40
  • 200 IM without disqualification
  • Ability to perform all 4 strokes legally
  • Demonstrate turns and finishes for all 4 strokes, and use them during practice
  • Ability to read pace clock and be able to send oneself off at basic intervals
  • Ability to swim 500 Meters without stopping and with legal strokes and turns

Equipment: Suggest swimmers have a pair of Speedo Power Swim Fins and Swim Snorkeling Tube for each practice.You could refer to the following link:  Snorkel: https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.  Fins: https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.


Students wishing to progress from the Junior Varsity to Varsity Team:

  • Show a desire and maturity to learn and listen without distracting others on the team while maintaining the minimum attendance requirement
  • Have near perfect underwater streamlines with dolphin kicking &/or an underwater pullout for a minimum of 10-meters each time pushing off the wall, diving and turning, without being reminded
  • Have the ability to maintain a legal and consistent kick in all four competitive strokes throughout a designed kick set of 800 to 1000-meters
  • Have the ability to complete with relative efficiency, rhythm and understanding a designed repeat set (using cycles) of 2000 to 2300-meters
  • Have the ability to maintain a legal stroke for 100-meters of butterfly
  • Have the ability to maintain legal strokes and turns for a 400-meter individual medley without losing efficiency or rhythm
  • Have the ability to maintain legal strokes and turns for a 800-meter freestyle without losing efficiency or rhythm
  • Have the ability to consistently perform legal competitive turns in all four competitive strokes and medley swims, without being reminded
  • Demonstrate a desire to set personal goals and strive for improvement as a competitive swimmer

Please find other opportunities to swim, please find training plans for these practices:

Attendance through December 2020:

  • Yukiko Nii — 100% 😀
  • Meadow Valerio — 100% 😀
  • Frida Asard  — 92%
  • Ryan  Hunter Anderson — 83% 🙂
  • Theo Sommer — 100% 😀
  • Matteo Catullo — 92% 🙂
  • Sophie Fung — 100% 😀
  • Pavvo Miettinen — 67%
  • Hsin-Hua Teng — 92% 🙂
  • Leo Lee — 100% 😀
  • Carla Juarez Sanchez Bustos — 50%
  • Victor Desaulles — 75%
  • Anjolie Bilodeau –100% 😀
  • Jankin Ng — 100% 😀
  • Tara Atladottir — 92% 🙂
  • Jon Zeqiraj — 83% 🙂
  • ChenJia Han — 83% 🙂
  • Clement Lau — 92% 🙂
  • Claire Sui — 75%
  • Moragna Cantalupo  — 100% 😀
  • Aya Fukuoka — 83% 🙂

Welcome this following swimmers moved up to Junior Varsity team:

Victor Desaulles, Anjolie Bilodeau

Attendance is calculated as follows:

  • Absence without prior coach notification is a complete absence.
  • Absence with prior coach notification is only a 75% absence.
  • Tardy without prior coach notification is a 25% absence.
  • As a total percentage from the swimmers first day to the present.
  • Absence without prior coach notification is a complete absence, 0% attendance.
  • Each swimmer is allowed 3 practices leave with 100% attendance with prior notice to Coach Jane.
  • After the 3 practice leave rule the swimmers shall be marked for 50% attendance for all other prior notice absences.
  • Tardy (after 3:45pm) without prior coach notification is a 25% absence.
  • Swimmers should maintain 75% attendance per term to maintain slot within team.  Swimmers who fail to maintain 75% average shall be asked to swim for Junior Varsity group or leave the team.  Giving allowance for an excelling member of JV swimmer to move into Varsity!
  • *IB Students will receive special consideration in regards to meeting practice attendance minimum requirements.  IB students shall receive 6 leave days for 100%.

WITH PRIOR COACH NOTICE: At least 24 hours notice so that we can fill your slot in the lane with other swimmer.

WITHOUT PRIOR COACH NOTICE: On the same day OR no communication at all.