Captains 2019-2020

Thank you to our captains of 2018-2019!

Being selected as a captain for any team is a privilege and honor. If you are not selected as a captain this season I want you to know that you are valued and we do value your contributions to the team. In some cases you may feel strongly that you deserved to be the captain. Please have an open conversation with your coach if you feel this way (best to make an appointment).

Congratulations to our captains of 2019-2020. Team captains were selected by the entire coaching team by process of identifying swimmers who the primary coach of the age ranges felt exhibited captain traits throughout training (a variety of training & competition days) votes were taken by the coaches for each age range. Please read the article below.

Congratulations to:

10 & under Captains : Ella Lim & Filip Glitterstam

11-12 Captains: Matilda Glitterstam & Isaac Curnow

13 -14 Captains: Jungeun Song & Kerem Samataci

15 & over Captains: Mia-Sam Gabay & Peter Michael Valerio