Bronze Team with Coach Seven Qi

Stage: Exploration

Team skills::Confidence & Focus

The Bronze team focus is on teaching the basics of all four strokes and underwater kicking. We attach great importance to learning and developing the meet skills, which will continue to prepare swimmers for swimming.

Practice Schedule:   Monday,Thursday 3:05pm-4:15pm 

Gate pick up :       16:35 SHARP PLEASE!

Attendance in March:

  • Aimee Vickers: 95% ;)(Maths Competition)
  • Nicholas Insley: 98% 😉
  • Miya Meng: 85% :)(Maths Competition)
  • Alex Zhang: 92% 🙂
  • Daniel Sun: 100% 😉
  • Gavin Zhang:100% 😉
  • Lincoln Lee:100% 😉
  • Manuel Torres-Freire:90% 😉
  • Emma Hoogwater:100% 😉
  • Sicheng Chen:95% 😉
  • Anson Lin:100% 😉
  • Andrew Nash Harline:100% 😉
  • Sijun Kim:100% 😉
  • Julia Fan:100% 😉
  • Xin Yao Ma:95% 😉
  • Lucas Lin:100% 😉
  • Flora Chen:95% 😉
  • Ethan Parsons:95% 😉
  • Gaby Lau:100% 😉
  • Sissi Liu:75% 😕
  • Collin Dai:95% 😉
  • Anais Du Bois De Vroylande:85% 🙂
  • Alice Kim100% 😉

Swim Equipment:

Swimmers should come prepared to every practice with a pair of Fins, goggles, and a swim cap.

Please refer to the following pictures of the Fins

Congratulations to the following swimmers for joining the silver team:

Daniel Sun,Gavin Zhang

Primary Coach: Seven Qi   ( )

Attendance is calculated as follows:

  • As a total percentage from the swimmers first day to the present.
  • Absence without prior coach notification is a complete absence.
  • Absence with prior coach notification is only a 75% absence.
  • Tardy without prior coach notification is a 25% absence.

Students wishing to progress from the Bronze group into the Silver group should:

  • Show a desire and maturity to learn and listen without distracting others on the team while maintaining the minimum attendance requirement
  • Have a good understanding of underwater streamlines on front & back with dolphin kicking &/or an underwater pull-out each time pushing off the wall and diving
  • Have the ability to maintain a legal and consistent kick in all four competitive strokes throughout a designed kick set of 600 meters (with rest)
  • Have the ability to complete with relative efficiency, rhythm, and understanding a designed repeat set (using simple cycles)
  • Have the ability to maintain legal strokes for 200-meters of freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke without losing efficiency or rhythm
  • Have the ability to maintain a legal stroke for 50-meters of butterfly
  • Have the ability to maintain legal strokes and turns for a 100-meter individual medley without losing efficiency or rhythm
  • Have the ability to legally perform flip-turns during all swims of freestyle throughout a middle distance swim
  • 8 X 50 freestyle @ 1:10
  • 8 X 100 freestyle @ 2:20
  • 8 x 50 kick @ 1:20
  • Demonstrate the legal strokes of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly held over 50m
  • Demonstrate the legal turns of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly
  • Ability to follow instruction and work well with teammates and coaches
  • Expanding the ability to use the pace clock