Hongqiao Water Weekly: 23 Jan – 2nd Feb

  1. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! Training shall commence as normal on Monday 3rd Feb!
  2. ACAMIS TEAMS 2020: Please note this year ACAMIS this year has split dates and locations this year. Swimmers must confirm if they shall attend by Monday 3rd Feb, 2020 with their primary coach. If a swimmer decides not to go to ACAMIS other swimmers may be selected to go. A few swimmers have been selected to ‘swim up’ which gives the swimmer an opportunity to compete and gain experience as an ACAMIS swimmer. This means that all the slots in their age category were taken but, the coaches wanted to give this swimmer the opportunity to swim at this prestigious event. IF you are a ‘swim up’ swimmer you may take until Friday 7th Feb to make your final decision. All selected swimmers must maintain a 4 session per week average for ACAMIS! Both age groups are a travel meet, all 9-10 swimmers must travel with a responsible adult, including transportation to and from the meet.

3. HOLIDAY SETS: Please use the winter sets that were handed out weeks ago for Winter Break! Keep active everyone!

Have a great holiday, use sanitizer, wear masks and stay safe!

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