Hongqiao Water Weekly: DEC. 9-13

  • LAST WEEK OF SWIM PRACTICE: All practices as usual this week. Friday AM practice 6am – 7:30am. On Monday 9th December our department hosted a lil’ dragons session with the Silver team as the demonstration swimmers led by both Coach Seven and Coach Jane. The swimmers loved it!!
  • NANJING ROUND 3: Congratulations to our swimming team for placing 2nd overall at Shanghai Swimming Leagues Round 3. What an incredible competition, thank you for all the support!

TOP 5 TEAMS (out of 16)

1st SAS PUXI = 1041

2nd SCISQ =    901

3rd SSIS =        685

4th BISSX =       652

5th WCIS =       506.5


Boys 50 Fly 9-10  Kim, Jian  37.17

Boys 50 Back 9-10 Langenhof, Bo Robert Eric-Jan    37.38

Boys 100 IM 9-10 Kim, Jian   1:25.09

Boys 200 Free Relay 9-10 Dong, Aaron    Langenhof, Bo Robert Eric-Jan   Glitterstam, Filip    Li, Calvin            2:13.05

Boys 200 Medley Relay 9-10 Langenhof, Bo Robert Eric-Jan    Kim, Jian.      Dong, Aaron    Li, Calvin      2:27.28

Girls 200 Medley Relay 13-14 Lim, Emily (BA) Song, Jungeun (BR) Vazquez-Quiroga, Lerie (FLY) Sato, Haruka (FR) 2:16.64

SCIS TEAM: 2nd overall out of 16 teams!
13-14 girls medley record breakers! Left to right: Lerie Vasquez-Quiroga, Jungeun Song, Emily Lim & Harkura Sato! Swimming a swift time of 2:16.64. This record was previous held by Cato Vliegenberg, Maddie Sung, Jungeun Song & Natalie Sorensen who went a time of 2:18.46
  • TROPHIES: All age group team trophies and team trophies need to come back to the office. Hope that you enjoyed them!
  • HOLIDAYS: Please make sure that all swimmers are kept active throughout the break. Recovery and rest should include: long sleeps of 8-12 hours each evening, healthy food, active recovery exercises (long walks, jogs, other sports) and good hydration practices. Swimmers should continue to engage in many active recovery sports and exercises throughout the break. Swimmers from the under 8, bronze and junior varsity should engage in as much consistent swimming as possible throughout the break. Please contact your primary coach for details.
  • SILVER & VARSITY: Your primary coach shall email you with instructions of how what we advise over the break for ultimate performance in the championship season up and coming.
  • TRAINING IN 2020: Starting as soon as possible on Monday 6th January, 2020. No time to waste!

Have a great break!

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