Hongqiao Water Weekly: DEC. 2-8

  1. TRAINING THIS WEEK: All training as usual, Friday AM Dec. 6th, 2019 cancelled due to Nanjing. One day of full rest shall be a significant aid for the swimmers performance during the weekend. Grinch week shall be held on the following days for Coach Cheryl’s group; 2nd & 3rd and shall resume on Dec. 9th. All swimmers swimming with Coach Cheryl on Grinch Days should expect a slightly later training time of approx. 6:30-45pm. Any swimmers who need to leave earlier can do this with no penalties on attendance averages, just let Coach Cheryl know before we begin training.
  2. HOODIES & PANTS: We received information that the hoodies and pants shall hopefully arrive today. IF they arrive before training we shall distribute out between the times of 3pm – 4pm today, Wednesday & Thursday. Help shall be needed at these times and days for anyone around on campus. Thank you in advance. Please note that the distribution times are strictly between 3pm – 4pm.
  3. CAPS FROM ROCKET SCIENCE: Tracking these down…
  4. NANJING TRAVEL: Passports for independent traveling swimmers should be passed into our swimming department today and tomorrow. Meeting for all travelers to Nanjing shall take place in The Forum at 1:30pm sharp and buses shall leave as close to 2pm as possible. All Nanjing Travelers should check this page for any useful details about the travel trip.
  5. EMAIL ADDRESSES THAT ARE CONTINUOUSLY PINGING BACK UNDELIVERED: flau@whl.asia.com , YISE62233@scis-student.orgvanc63350@scis-student.orgthak52607@scis-student.orgheke61437@scis-student.orgoruk57096@scis-student.orgcraj56187@scis-student.org, sweetcho2@never.com IF you think these email addresses belong to you / your family please contact Coach Cheryl with the correct email addresses.
  6. TRAINING NEXT WEEK: Monday 9th December, 2019 Coach Seven and Coach Jane will lead the u8 team for a Lil Dragon session. Coach Jane will use the Silver Team swimmers as demonstration swimmers to aid the Under 8s skill acquisition and development. Coach Carson’s group that usually trains at 4:15pm – 6pm should attend training at an earlier time of 3:15pm – 4:30pm to swim a recovery session after Nanjing. Coach Cheryl’s group shall begin training at usual time of 4:15pm and finish earlier at 5:30pm.
  7. IT’S NOT GOODBYE, IT’S UNTIL NEXT TIME: The swimming department would like to say, ‘until next time’ to the following swimmers; Isaac Curnow, Doha Yeo and Harry Yeo. Isaac was spotted in PE swimming with natural water feeling, from there Isaac transitioned into Coach Jane’s under 8 group, up through Silver and now into Varsity team. Isaac has been a valuable member of our swimming team, he has broken a few records along the way (short course and long course middle/long distance free records). Importantly Isaac holds himself to an extremely high level of accountability each day in preparation, effort and respect levels and Isaac is currently our captain for the 11-12 boys. Doha was another swimmer plucked from Learn to Swim PE classes from ECE and is one of our youngest swim team members to be invited onto our swimming team. Doha has been one of our only under 8 swimmers who has been able to chip away to the infamous Sophia Miller record reign and currently holds a handful of short course and long course records in fly and free in various distances! Her brother Harry came onto our team a few months later and began as a Bronze swimmer and quickly moved up to Silver team and now into Varsity team. Through a lot of hard work in training Harry was the holder of the 9-10 boys 50 Backstroke last year. Keep swimming guys, you will be missed! Swimmers please make sure you say goodbye and stay in touch with your team mates.
Left to right: Bo Lagenhoff, Isaac Curnow & Austin Lee at SAS Pudong Spring 2019.
Left to right: siblings Doha Yeo and Harry Yeo at the opening of our newly refurbished pool in August 2018.
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