Hongqiao Water Weekly: 25 NOV – 1 DEC

  1. TRAINING THIS WEEK: All training remains as usual. Friday morning practice 6am – 7:30am, swimmers should be on deck for 5:50am.
  2. VARSITY SWIMMERS ATTENDANCE & TIME KEEPING: Reminder that training begins at 4:15pm sharp for coach led land based activities. Swimmers are encouraged to come onto poolside at 4pm. Any swimmer who is late e.g. 4:16pm should hustle when they arrive on deck. Swimmers who are late shall be given 75% attendance.
  3. NANJING SWIMMING MEET: The coaching team are thoroughly looking forward to the meet, please find the Nanjing Meet Pack in MEETS for specific meet details. https://teachersh.scis-his.net/aquatics/nanjing-dec-2019/
  4. 12 DAYS OF GRINCHNESS! My group (Coach Cheryl’s) shall begin my annual Grinch Training. Grinch training shall take place on : NOV. 25,25,27,28 & 29, DEC. 2, 3 & 9,10,11,12&13. The days in-between shall be a small recovery before Nanjing! Since this is a block of time before a big break it is important to get the swimmers in the best shape possible before the break. The ultimate goal of Grinch weeks/Hell weeks is to get 1 month of training squeezed into two weeks.
  5. TEAM PICS FOR SALE AT OFFICE 10rmb: Please buy our team picture and support the team! Drop in by anytime!
  6. WINTER BREAK AND BEYOND: I can hardly believe than winter is here and 2019 is almost over?! For any families who are leaving SCIS this winter please contact your primary coach and myself (Coach Cheryl) so that we can celebrate their contributions to their team, with the team!
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