Hongqiao Water Weekly: NOV. 11-17

  1. TRAINING THIS WEEK: All the Monday Nov. 12 sessions were cancelled due to the team international swimming meet. All other session run as normal including Friday AM 6am – 7:30am shall run as normal.
  2. ROUND 2 DCSZ: Please see MEETS – SSL RD 2 https://teachersh.scis-his.net/aquatics/ssl-round-2-dcsz/. Swimmers who competed at SAS Swimvitational & Hanoi are not permitted to attend this meet. Rest, recovery and balance is important not only for the swimmers but the coaches. This weekend Coach Carson and Coach Cheryl shall attend on Saturday & Coach Jane and Coach Seven shall attend on Sunday. Please check if you have been signed for this meet, if you cannot attend please notify your primary coach ASAP. If you did not attend SAS Swimvitational you should have been signed up for this meet.
  3. HANOI VIETNAM @ UNITED NATIONAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL: This weekend 30 swimmers attended this amazing swimming meet. This meet was a great meet at our swimming level which enabled many of our swimmers to be challenged but, gave them an opportunity to place on the podium.
SCIS Honqiao & Pudong team after awards ceremony! 30 swimmers flew to Hanoi to compete in a fast and fun meet.
Left to right: Doha Yeo, Adriana Zeqiraj, Bel Chen, Ella Lim, Roze van Herpen & Sterre Peek who gained the trophy for overall best 9-10 girls team! Special mention to Ella Lim who took 2nd overall highest point scorer in the 9-10 girls category.
Left to right: Nina van Lankveld, Lerie Vazquez-Quiroga & Alesia Vazquez-Quiroga. Congratulations to both Lerie and Alesia who took 2nd overall highest point scorers in their age ranges.
Bel Chen & Adriana Zeqiraj out at our field trip to Hanoi night market after the 2-day event!
Left to right: Alvar Kjellgren, Mikey Valerio & Joppe Rietveld. Both Alvar and Mikey took gold for 100 Backstroke at the weekend in their age groups! Well done boys.


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