Hongqiao Water Weekly: MAY. 6-12

  1. CHANGES TO TRAINING : This week there shall be a few changes to coaches within training groups. Coach Seven shall be off for the full week and Coach Cheryl shall fill in for Coach Seven’s Bronze practice on Monday & Wednesday. Coach Jane shall take Friday Bronze group along with her usual Friday group. Apologies to my Silver team who have not seen me too much over these weeks due to a lot of changes that cannot be prevented. Friday AM training as usual 6am – 7:30am for Varsity Swimmers who swim with Coach Cheryl only, thanks!
  2. PAYMENT FOR RSS: For those of you who have not yet paid for the Long Course meet please do so at the front desk, 250rmb. Please ensure that the fees are paid this week, this includes swimmers who scratched from the meet in the week before.
  3. RESULTS FROM RSS LONG COURSE: Congratulations to the swimmers who participated in this past weekends swimming meet. Results and records to come by next weeks update. Coaches enjoyed another great event from Rocket Science Sports! Well done to all!
  4. SUMMER SPLASH: Our annual summer splash is up and coming. Originally we had projected May 25th however, now aiming for June 1st, hope to confirm this date next week!
  5. HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS AWARD CEREMONY: Well done to all swimmers who continue to swim, remain accountable and up-keep a strong communication with their coach. It is a big achievement to juggle school work, social relationships, other hobbies along with swimming. Swimming is a good vehicle to teach us many great qualities that will be used over and over again in the future. The awards went to the following swimmers: Break through swimmers: BLENDA KJELLGREN & LUCAS FLORCZAK. Swimmers of the year: SOPHIE VLIEGENBERG & HUGO KVARNSTROEM. Swimmers swimmer: PETER MICHAEL VALERIO. Lifetime achievement award: KIRA FLORCZAK. My speech this year covered being thankful for opportunities and giving thanks to the people who allow us to pursue opportunities. “Humility is not about thinking less of yourself, it is about thinking of yourself less.”

Have a great week all, looking forward to another great week of practice.

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