Hongqiao Water Weekly: FEB. 5th-11th

  1. Dulwich Panthers Long Course – 2nd place overall

On Feb. 3rd, 57 swimmers traveled to Dulwich’s Minghan campus to compete in a friendly long course opportunity.

Our team were extremely happy to place overall 2nd place, our team exhibited positive attitudes and an aggressive racing style.  The coaching team were delighted to see good sportsmanship matched with a strong will to win.

Special mention to the following swimmers who placed as high point scores within their age category:  Sophie Vliegenberg (1st), Natalie Sorenson (2nd) & Justin Lee (2nd).

DCS Panthers LC 2018 Results

Our team managed to uphold our goals of the meet set within our team meeting:

  1. NO DQ’s

Medal presentations shall take place at 4:15pm today and tomorrow for junior swimmers.

Varsity swimmers can collect their medals & ribbons after practice tonight.

School records shall be updated and announced in next weeks Hongqiao Water Weekly.


No changes, last week of full training before the Chinese National Holiday.  All swimmers should do their best to attend 100% practice.


Most of the meet on our calendar are fully supported and funded by SCIS.  

The meets that we ask the parents to pay for are additional add on meets that I have added to our calendar.

If you have been entered and *SCRATCH* you are still obliged to pay for the meet fees.  

*SCRACTCH: means that you are signed up and for some reason due to illness or conflict of activities you do not compete in the meet.  Note that organizing the races/meet takes a lot of work for the organisors so we need to think ahead and be as organized as possible! 


Please ensure that when you sign up for a meet that you are committed to the meet.

Particularly with travel meets which require flights/trains and hotels.

Before I can get a price, I need an accuarte number of participants.  If the participants drop out it completely changes the price for everyone.

Currently with our Bangkok sign up I have now 6 swimmers who have now backed out that were signed up and we already paid the 50% deposit to the hotel.  

Our situation with this booking has been made very difficult to navigate.

Please be mindful and respectful of our time.  It takes a lot of time to organize these trips and their are many variables to consider, now our team is expanding it will only continue to get more complex.

The improvements I shall make for next year: we shall start sign up for ALL travel meets in Sept 2018.  SCIS swim team shall only open up a specific amount of slots for each meet, sign ups shall be booked on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.  The aim will be to have all meets organized and paid for by Nov 2018.


Shanghai Swimming League Championship Meet shall be hosted at Shanghai American School Pudong.  

This is a fully funded meet by SCIS; meet fees and buses shall be covered. Parents shall be asked to pay 20rmb per seat for the bus, both ways shall be 40rmb.

The meet is split into age groups, a long weekend for those of you with a child in each day!

Saturday 3rd March – 11 & overs

Sunday 4th March – 10 & unders

Compulsory meet for ALL swim team swimmers, absolutely compulsory for ACAMIS team swimmers, no exceptions.  The times gained at this meet shall be the most competitive times that we can use for ACAMIS entries.

NO sign up sheet for participation in this meet, all swimmers shall be signed up for this meet.  If you cannot attend please email your primary coach with your reason for non-attendance.

There will be a bus sign up that shall come out next week!  A reminder any swimmers who are signed up and do not notify the coaching team of their absence by Feb. 16th shall be asked to pay the 80rmb meet fees.

ACAMIS 2018 

If you haven’t settled payment please do so with Real Travel ASAP.  Contact: Effie Chen – effie.chen@realtravelshanghai.com / Lily Zhang Lilysmile1021@hotmail.com


Apr. 14th SPRING SPRINTS, shall be a compulsory meet for all SCIS team members for this season.  

Please see our meet calendar for the remainder of the season.



I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of the parents for your continued time and support.  Each meet our parent fan base seems to grow and each race I hear the cheering from the stands get a little louder and more confident.   

The meet days whip past for us coaches and those obsessed with the sport, but I do understand that for the parents you are often waiting around 10 hours + to watch no more than 3 mins of your child’s performance.

Thank you for your time and support, it means a lot to the coaches and most importantly the swimmers!  Pat on the back to you all.  

Have a great week all!

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