Hongqiao Water Weekly: Aug. 19-25

SWIM TEAM FALL 2019 TRY-OUTS: Hosted by SCIS Swimming Department and volunteers. LOWER SCHOOL TRY-OUTS: Monday 19th August 2019; 3:15 – 5pm (could finish sooner or later). Still looking for volunteers, email myself on cphilp@scis-china.org to express interest in volunteer opportunities. Please note our lower school swimmers from last year do not need to attend try-outs. UPPER SCHOOL TRY-OUTS: Tuesday 20th August 2019, 3:15pm – 4:15pm. All Junior Varsity swimmers from last year need to attend. Please note to attend try-outs swimmers must register to participate (see link below). https://forms.office.com/Pages/DesignPage.aspx?origin=shell#FormId=mQvTtn1LyUmpg1MczWLin3ZSeSLf0wNMpTYV2EYhVzxUN01PRUlBMlpTRDM4MEpJVUdNQ1hKT1ZGTy4u

TRAINING SCHEDULES FOR TRAINING GROUPS: Training shall be postponed to begin on Wednesday 21st August 2019 for the following groups: Bronze, Silver & Varsity. U8s first session shall begin the following week: Monday 26th August 2019, 3:15pm – 4:15pm. Junior Varsity shall begin Tuesday 27th August 2019, 3:15pm – 4:15pm. All swimmers attendance shall begin to be recorded as of Wednesday 21st August, 2019. Please check TEAM INFORMATION – PRACTICE GROUPS – CLICK ON YOUR GROUP for information of expectations and attendance averages. Any further questions please contact your primary coach. In addition can all of the swimmers contact your primary coach with the following information: email address of the guardian(s) in your family and an emergency contact number, the coaching team would like to update all of our contact details and records in this new academic year.

NANJING TRAVEL MEET: Nanjing Travel Meet shall take place on Dec. 7th & 8th 2019. Nanjing Swimming Meet is firmly one of our teams favorite meets, do not miss this great opportunity! This meet shall be available for all 9 – 18 year old student-athletes (age of 9 years old on December 7th). Swimmers who meet the age requirement to attend the meet are encouraged to attend this meet. All swimmers in Lower School must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Please use this google form (link provided below) to express your interest in this meet, this sheet shall be used to estimate how many hotel rooms are needed for our team, *official registration shall open 26. August (in next weeks HongQiao Water Weekly). *Official registration shall be where you can guarantee your room and confirm travel with our team.

SCIS Nanjing Swim – Travel Booking  for Nanjing Swim

QR code / Web link will be attached here from next week Aug. 26 


SWIM PARENT MEETING, MONDAY 2nd SEPTEMBER 2019, 6:30 – 7:30: All parents are encouraged to join our coaches and fellow swim parents at our annual Swim Parent Meeting which shall provide you with all the information that is needed for the year ahead. Snacks and refreshments shall be provided! Please use this google form (link provided below) to express your interest in attending this very important information evening.https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vdbZ_-WrCPYoD5x1Sz8t_2iVN67q2Qc5tO4u_rRwwxE/edit?usp=sharing

SUMMER NEWS FROM OUR TEAM: Thank you to all of our swimmers who continued with their swimming development over the summer. Joppe Rietveld & Alvar Kjellgren went to a swim camp together! Natalie Sorensen & Alex Chang bumped into one another at a camp in America. A huge achievement from Harold du Bois de Vroylande in qualifying and competing within the Belgian National Championships. Within these championships Harold broke four school records and gained a bronze medal for his 100 Butterfly time of 1:08.06. Please see the Long Course School records that Harold broke over the summer vacation, congratulations again Harold, the coaching team are delighted for you!

  • 50 FR:28.15
  • 100 FR:1:03.61
  • 100 FLY:1:08.06 
  • 100 BR:1:21.20 

SWIMMING SEASON 2019-2020: Our department have 97 swimmers signed up for try-outs. Currently we have only 20-30 slots throughout our entire team. As our team momentum continues to build and the interest to be part of our team grows our coaching team shall need to continually access each individuals suitability to each training group. Our hope is that we can continue to inspire each individual to meet their potential however, each swimmer must work hard to meet their potential in training and competitions.

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Hongqiao Water Weekly: Aug. 12-18

Welcome back to all of our return families in our swimming community. The Swimming Department thoroughly looks forward to catching up with all of our swimmers in the week to come. Exciting news from Europe this summer when Harold du Bois de Vroylande competed in the Belgian National Swimming Championships and placed Bronze medal for 100 Fy and qualified for next years Nationals with the time swam. More news on that exciting topic to come however, we really wanted to let Harold know how proud we are of him… Please find a basic overview of all of the training groups.

  1. RETURN SWIMMERS, TRAINING GROUPS: All swimmers should have received an email from their primary coach in June about their predicted swimming group for the academic year 2019-2020. Please follow the tips from your primary coach and contact your primary coach for any questions. It is normal practice to start the juniors in the same group as last year to re-access the level after 2 months break.
  2. TRAINING THIS WEEK (ONLY FOR VARSITY TEAM): On Aug. 13, 14 & 15 we would like to invite our Varsity swimmers to attend ‘open pool sessions’ from 3:15pm – 4:15pm. Hope to see our Varsity team tomorrow!
  3. UNDER 8 INFORMATION FOR 2019-2020: First day of training Monday 26th August, 3:15-4:15pm with Coach Seven Qi. One training session shall be offered for the under 8 group per week every Monday. Questions regarding u8’s should be sent to sqi@scis-china.org
  4. BRONZE INFORMATION FOR 2019-2020: First day of training Wednesday 21st August 2019, 3:15pm-4:15pm with Coach Seven Qi. Three training sessions shall be offered for the Bronze group each Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Questions regarding u8’s should be sent to sqi@scis-china.org
  5. SILVER INFORMATION FOR 2019-2020: First day of training Wednesday 21st August 2019, 3:15pm-4:25pm with Coach Jane Mao. Four sessions shall be offered on; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Questions regarding silver group should be sent to jmao@scis-china.org
  6. JUNIOR VARSITY INFORMATION FOR 2019-2020: First day of training shall begin on Tuesday 27th August 2019, 3:15pm-4:15pm with Coach Carson Shen. Up to three sessions are available for Junior Varsity swimmers upon invitation. Questions regarding junior varsity group should be sent to cshen@scis-china.org
  7. 11-12 VARSITY INFORMATION FOR 2019-2020: Aug. 13, 14 & 15 we would like to invite our Varsity swimmers to attend ‘open pool sessions’ from 3:15pm – 4:15pm. First official day of training shall begin on Wednesday 21st August 2019, 4:15pm – 6pm with Coach Carson Shen. Six sessions are available upon invitation. Questions regarding junior varsity group should be sent to cshen@scis-china.org
  8. 13+ VARSITY INFORMATION FOR 2019-2020: Aug. 13, 14 & 15 we would like to invite our Varsity swimmers to attend ‘open pool sessions’ from 3:15pm – 4:15pm. First official day of training shall begin on Wednesday 21st August 2019, 4:15pm – 6pm with Coach Cheryl Philp. Six sessions are available upon invitation. Questions regarding varsity team should be sent to myself on cphilp@scis-china.org
  9. TRY-OUT INFORMATION: Information for those who shall participate or incase any friends of our team are inquiring. All participants must register first using this link https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=mQvTtn1LyUmpg1MczWLin3ZSeSLf0wNMpTYV2EYhVzxUN01PRUlBMlpTRDM4MEpJVUdNQ1hKT1ZGTy4u or scanning the code below. Monday 19th August 2019, 3:15 – 4:15 Lower School Try-Outs. Tuesday 20th August, 3:15 – 4:15 Upper School Try-Outs. Questions regarding the try-outs should be sent to myself on cphilp@scis-china.org
Swim team try out registration

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Last HWW of academic year of 2019-2020

  1. TRAINING THIS WEEK: Junior team finishes at 4pm all this week. Seniors begin at 4pm and finish approx. 5:30pm. No training on Friday 14th June 2019.
  2. FAREWELL TO THE FOLLOWING SWIMMERS: Thanks to the following swimmers for their dedication to our team and their performance on a weekly basis. The coaches wish you all well in the future in and out of the pool. U8 swimmers: EMMA EROCLANI, COLTON LESTAGE, OSSIAN TIBBERT-WYKVLIET. Bronze swimmers: NATHAN LITCHENBERG, LILA LOPEZ. Silver swimmers: ISIS VERHOEFF, FINN TIBBERT-WYKVLIET, JACKSON LESTAGE, DYLAN SEIFORD, NATHAN CRANDALL, AUSTIN LEE. Varsity swimmers: JACK CRANDALL, NATALIE SORENSEN, LUCAS FLORCZAK, CATO VLIEGENBERG, SOPHIE VLIEGENBERG, MADELYN SUNG, OLIVIA PIKE, KUZEY ORULUER. Junior Varsity: MERIJN VERHOEFF.
  4. SWIM TEAM 2019-2020: Swimmers families should expect to receive an email this week if they have been offered an unconditional offer to swim next year. Swimmers may be asked to try out again for the following reasons: unable to achieve an average of 75% training attendance over the academic year or unable to attend at least 2 meets per semester. All Junior Varsity swimmers shall try-out in August.





WEDNESDAY 21st AUGUST: TRAINING BEGINS (no Junior Varsity practice until following week)



6. HAPPY SUMMER VACATION TO ALL!!! For those swimmers who have swam all year without taking breaks or skipping practices you should all enjoy 2-4 weeks of complete rest from formal swim training, getting in the pool and playing and low level intensity is of course encouraged! After these weeks of well deserved rest, everyone should start training and swimming again. Your coaches shall send you all some practices to work through during the summer vacation!

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Hongqiao Water Weekly: Jun. 3-9

  1. HAPPY DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL: Enjoy the long weekend this week! Since Friday is a non school day, no practice on Friday 7th June. Varsity’s last morning practice of the academic year shall be hosted tomorrow morning Thursday 6th June, 6am-7:30am.
  2. NEXT WEEK TRAINING: No training on Friday 14th June. Our junior sessions shall finish at 4pm and our senior session shall start at 4pm & finish approx. 5:30pm. Seniors should come to the pool for 3:45pm to begin shoulder mobility/dry land. No morning practice next week.
  3. JUNIOR VARSITY: Junior Varsity team are invited to email Coach Carson cshen@scis-china.org to arrange make up sessions for the 2 missed training due to the holidays.
  4. CHECK OUT BEFORE HOLIDAYS: All swimmers should ensure that they check out with their coach before we break for the holiday. The following things must be done before the end of the school year: lockers emptied and keys returned, all equipment & personal belongings (goggles, water bottles, fins, paddles) should be removed from the pool hall/lobby area, lost property should be thoroughly checked on deck and in basement of school & please pick up all medals and trophies from this academic year from the swim office.
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Hongqiao Water Weekly: MAY. 27th – JUN. 2nd


SUMMER SPLASH 2019: Thank you for another successful year of swimming. Our objectives for the summer splash were to create a race day/relaxed training environment which offered events that do not appear in our league frequently. Great music thank you Mikey and Hugo for your playlists and thank you to our volunteers, your time and help is appreciated and necessary!

TRAINING THIS WEEK: A few small changes, coach Seven shall run Coach Cheryl’s Varsity practice this evening due to the senior graduation dinner. Apart from those changes all other sessions shall run as normal. Friday AM 6am shall run this week.

TRAINING THE FOLLOWING WEEK: Coach Jane’s u8 group shall be cancelled on Monday 3rd June.


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Hongqiao Water Weekly: MAY. 13-19

  1. SUMMER SPLASH: Final date for summer splash shall be held on Sunday 26th May beginning at 8am until approx. mid-day. Our High School students have the High School Prom on Saturday 25th & the Color Run is on 1st June, any other weekends in June are too late. Looking for full team attendance and parent volunteers to aid us run this relaxed and fun morning for our students! Swimmers may start to sign up for 3 individual events as of today, they should email their primary coach to request events.
  2. SUMMER SPLASH VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090948AAA929A3FB6-summer

Doha Yeo 7-8 GIRLS 50 FLY 44.38

Doha Yeo 7-8 GIRLS 50 FREE 39.06

Doha Yeo 7-8 GIRLS 50 Back 46.75

Minseo Choi 7-8 GIRLS 50 Breast 1:00.49

Bo Robert Eric-Ja Langenhof 9-10 BOYS 50 Back 39.88

Aaron M Dong 9-10 BOYS 50 Free 34.89

Willy Kim 9-10 BOYS 100 Breast 1:46.18

Harry Yeo 9-10 Boys 200 IM 3:19.24

Isaac Curnow 9-10 BOYS 200 Free 2:54.60

Isis Verhoeff 9-10 GIRLS 200 Back 3:25.88

Harold du Bois de Vroylande 11-12 BOYS 200 Fly 2:58.95

Harold du Bois de Vroylande 11-12 Boys 100 Fly 1:14.14

Nathan Crandall 11-12 BOYS 100 Back 1:27.87

Natalie Sorensen 13-14 GIRLS 200 Free 2:24.13

Natalie Sorensen 13-14 GIRLS 100 Free 1:06.21

Jungeun Song 13-14 GIRLS 200 Breast 3:08.12

Jungeun Song 13-14 GIRLS 100 Breast 1:27.95

Kyuan Lee 13-14 BOYS 50 Breast 33.17

Hugo Kvarnstroem 15-16 BOYS 50 Breast 32.66

Mia Gabay 15-16 GIRLS 200 Back 2:50.37

Blenda Kjellgren 15-16 GIRLS 200 Breast 3:15.48

4. CHANGES TO TRAINING THIS WEEK: All as normal, Friday morning 6am – 7:30am.

5. LAST DAY OF TRAINING FOR THE SEMESTER: Training right up to just before the holidays, last day of training shall be Thursday 13th June 2019. Meaning last AM session shall be held on Thursday 6th June (only 4 more early mornings???!!).

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Hongqiao Water Weekly: MAY. 6-12

  1. CHANGES TO TRAINING : This week there shall be a few changes to coaches within training groups. Coach Seven shall be off for the full week and Coach Cheryl shall fill in for Coach Seven’s Bronze practice on Monday & Wednesday. Coach Jane shall take Friday Bronze group along with her usual Friday group. Apologies to my Silver team who have not seen me too much over these weeks due to a lot of changes that cannot be prevented. Friday AM training as usual 6am – 7:30am for Varsity Swimmers who swim with Coach Cheryl only, thanks!
  2. PAYMENT FOR RSS: For those of you who have not yet paid for the Long Course meet please do so at the front desk, 250rmb. Please ensure that the fees are paid this week, this includes swimmers who scratched from the meet in the week before.
  3. RESULTS FROM RSS LONG COURSE: Congratulations to the swimmers who participated in this past weekends swimming meet. Results and records to come by next weeks update. Coaches enjoyed another great event from Rocket Science Sports! Well done to all!
  4. SUMMER SPLASH: Our annual summer splash is up and coming. Originally we had projected May 25th however, now aiming for June 1st, hope to confirm this date next week!
  5. HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS AWARD CEREMONY: Well done to all swimmers who continue to swim, remain accountable and up-keep a strong communication with their coach. It is a big achievement to juggle school work, social relationships, other hobbies along with swimming. Swimming is a good vehicle to teach us many great qualities that will be used over and over again in the future. The awards went to the following swimmers: Break through swimmers: BLENDA KJELLGREN & LUCAS FLORCZAK. Swimmers of the year: SOPHIE VLIEGENBERG & HUGO KVARNSTROEM. Swimmers swimmer: PETER MICHAEL VALERIO. Lifetime achievement award: KIRA FLORCZAK. My speech this year covered being thankful for opportunities and giving thanks to the people who allow us to pursue opportunities. “Humility is not about thinking less of yourself, it is about thinking of yourself less.”

Have a great week all, looking forward to another great week of practice.

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Hongqiao Water Weekly: Apr 29 – May 5

  1. ROCKET SCIENCE SPORT LONG COURSE MEET: All entries have been completed for Rocket Science Long Course Meet. Please check out further information on our website via: MEETS – RSS Long Course 2019. All swimmers attending this meet should pay meet fees of 250 rmb at the front desk with Sellen Zhang before the end of this week. Since the pool is located right on top of a subway line this is the meet we ask all families to travel to and and from on their own. Further information of starting times to follow on the MEETS – RSS Long Course 2019 to follow.
  2. TRAINING THIS WEEK: Training as usual on all school days, Wednesday no school/no training. Friday AM practice shall be held on Thursday AM 6am, Friday PM 3:15 – 4:30 training as usual.
  3. UPDATE ON RECORDS BROKEN: Natalie Sorensen went 29’33 50 FREE which matches the current record by Kathryn Thams.
  4. SWIMMERS MAKING WAVES: Harold du Bois de Vroylande all year has been working towards his goal of swimming at the Long Course National Belgian Championships. He recently attended a Long Course swimming meet outside of Shanghai and swam times which qualified him to attain that goal. Currently with Harold’s times that he swam means that he is currently ranked 3rd fastest in his age range in his country for 50 Freestyle swimming 28’95 & 4th fastest for 50 Butterfly 31’58. Well done to Harold!

5. SPORTS AWARDS CEREMONY 2019: All swimmers 9th through 12th grade should attend our annual High School Sports Awards ceremony. Please ensure that smart attire is worn, dress trousers/pants and a collared shirt / dress / khaki shorts. Please refrain from wearing: t-shirts, sports shorts & light colored jeans. Look forward to celebrating a year of sports with all the other athletes at SCIS.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS ON 2ND PLACE OVERALL AT SPRING SPRINTS!Well done to all of our swimmers who participated in our latest swimming meet at Shanghai American School Pudong. Our team show cased some incredible swims and many individual school records were broken. Congratulations to all, an overall team win takes all the team effort. Well deserved to our swimmers! For those of our who placed overall please ensure that you pick up your ribbons & medals on poolside.
  2. SPRING SPRINT INDIVIDUAL RECORD BREAKERS DOHA YEO 8 & U, 100M FREE 1:23.11 | HARRY YEO 9-10 YRS, 50 FLY 37’23 | HAROLD DU BOIS DE VROYLANDE 11-12 YRS, 50 FLY 30’52 | NATALIE SORENSEN 13-14 YRS, 100 FREE 1:03.12 & 50 BACK 32’44 | KYUAN LEE 13-14 YRS, 50 BREAST 31’69 | HUGO KVARNSTROM 15 & O, 50 BREAST 31’01
  3. SPRING SPRINT RELAY RECORD BREAKERS  R. McDonald, E. Ercolani, L. Drost, D. Yeo    1:19.36
  4. CONGRATULATIONS TO SPRING SPRINT OVERALL WINNERS  Doha Yeo, Harry Yeo, Nina van Lankveld, Natalie Sorensen, Kira Florczak & Blenda Kjellgren.
  5. TRAINING THIS WEEK Coach Jane is out for this week, her u8 classes shall be covered by Coach Cheryl & Coach Seven. If there are any under 8 absences please email Coach Cheryl cphilp@scis-china.org . Coach Jane’s Friday class from 3:15-4:30pm is cancelled this week. All other practices shall run as normal, Monday and Wednesday Coach Carson shall take the full silver team.
  6. Rocket Science Long Course Entries Coming soon

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Hongqiao Water Weekly: APR. 8-14

  1. SPRING SPRINTS 2019 Shanghai American School Pudong

Spring finally arrived just in time for our annual Spring Sprints 2019 hosted by SAS Pudong on Saturday 13th April, 2019.


Please read:

How to prepare for a swim meet

Spring Sprints is an Shanghai Swimming League meet in which we organized the meets to compete in an East side / West side format.  This means that the meet is going on simultaneously in two different locations, the format allows the meet to take place over 1-day instead of an entire weekend.  

SCIS are a ‘west’ side team however, the numbers were a little uneven and we raised our hand to volunteer to even out the playing field and join the ‘east’ side.

This meet runs as a strictly sprint only meet meaning only 50’s and 100’s are available (the usual 25’s for under 8 swimmers).

SCIS look forward to competing in this meet, today is the final day to *scratch from the meet, all swimmers have been entered.   Please notify your primary coach and Coach Cheryl for any *scratches.

*Scratch = not to participate in the swim meet.

Bus sign up for Spring Sprints below, deadline 6pm this evening!  

Spring Sprints 2019 BUS SIGN UP



All as normal.  

Friday AM practice 6am – 7:30am for Coach Cheryl’s Varsity and the swimmers listed from Carson’s group as 

  • Matailda Glitterstam
  • Madelyn Sung 
  • Yougwoo Song
  • Diego Vina Chiot
  • Olivia Pike
  • Joppe Rietveld 
  • Lucas Zhang


Monday 15th April & Tuesday 16th April the pool will be closed for 2-full-days.

Our Aquatics Department are undergoing our annual professional development & upkeep of Lifeguarding, CPR and AED training from American Red Cross.

Please make adjustments with the transportation department, classroom teachers and any other relevant people.


Anyone who has been given a locker key by anyone in the Aquatics Department please contact Coach Cheryl (currently I have no log of this).

Any swimmer who would like a locker please contact Coach Cheryl and Lifeguard Mark mzhang@scis-china.org from this point forward.  100 rmb deposit that shall be returned upon key return at the end of the term.


Please ensure that your funds raised for the swimathon are handed into the coaching team ASAP.  Would like to complete our donations by Wednesday!


The Olympic swimmer that some of you had the pleasure and honor to meet at ACAMIS has a really interesting background story that I thought I would share.  James Goddard was one of the most elite swimmers in GB history and specialized in IM & Backstroke.  

Goddard represented Great Britain at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, where he finished 4th in the 200m backstroke.Goddard also represented Great Britain at the 2008 Summer Olympics in the 200 m individual medley swimming events. At the 2012 Summer Olympics, he only competed in the men’s 200 m individual medley, finishing in 7th.

However, Goddard the UK media commented maybe was around at one of the most competitive times in IM & Backstroke swimming, see this article for more.  

Battling for Bronze


Silver swimmers from Coach Carson and Coach Cheryl’s group should note that Coach Jane is leading an extra Silver team practice group every Friday from 3:15pm – 4:30pm.  Please email coach Jane if you would like to join her practice group!

This is not compulsory but, recommended, particularly if your child has missed any sessions that week.


Support our senior swimmers who are working hard organizing HEART OF STARS which is an exciting talent show with our student body.

Cindy Chen and Sydney Funk shall be selling Heart of Stars tickets on Tuesday 3:15 – 4:15 on poolside for 40rmb (discount price for swim team swimmers, siblings and parents).

Snacks shall be available to purchase on the night and a raffle of FREE Disney Ticket giveaway are also available!

Have a great week.

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