Hongqiao Water Weekly: 23 Jan – 2nd Feb

  1. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! Training shall commence as normal on Monday 3rd Feb!
  2. ACAMIS TEAMS 2020: Please note this year ACAMIS this year has split dates and locations this year. Swimmers must confirm if they shall attend by Monday 3rd Feb, 2020 with their primary coach. If a swimmer decides not to go to ACAMIS other swimmers may be selected to go. A few swimmers have been selected to ‘swim up’ which gives the swimmer an opportunity to compete and gain experience as an ACAMIS swimmer. This means that all the slots in their age category were taken but, the coaches wanted to give this swimmer the opportunity to swim at this prestigious event. IF you are a ‘swim up’ swimmer you may take until Friday 7th Feb to make your final decision. All selected swimmers must maintain a 4 session per week average for ACAMIS! Both age groups are a travel meet, all 9-10 swimmers must travel with a responsible adult, including transportation to and from the meet.

3. HOLIDAY SETS: Please use the winter sets that were handed out weeks ago for Winter Break! Keep active everyone!

Have a great holiday, use sanitizer, wear masks and stay safe!

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Hongqiao Water Weekly: JAN. 13-19

  1. PRACTICE THIS WEEK: No practice for any training group on Tuesday 14th January 2020 due to try-outs.
  2. VOLUNTEERS FOR TOMORROWS TRY-OUTS: All captains should be present to aid the coaches facilitate the try-outs on Tuesday 14th January 2020 from 3pm onwards. Parents we are looking for adult volunteers. We did not expect the try-outs to be busy however, approx. 50 students have signed up for these try-outs. Email cphilp@scis-china.org to kindly volunteer your time!
  3. ACAMIS TEAMS: Team selections shall be announced before Chinese New Year. Top 6 swimmers females and males of the following age groups; 9-10, 11-12, 13-14 & 15 & overs shall be selected to represent our school at this years ACAMIS Championships. All swimmers who are selected for ACAMIS 2020 are expected to attend 4 trainings per week consistently until the competition. The coaching team reserves the right to change the team (up until 2 weeks before) if a swimmer who has been selected cannot commit to the training requirements.
  4. ACAMIS continued: Any swimmers who are currently on the team and cannot participate within ACAMIS for any reason (other sports conflicts or academic conflicts) should contact Coach Cheryl. 13 & over ACAMIS shall take place in Nanjing at NIS MAR. 13-14. 9-12 year old ACAMIS shall take place in Beijing at BIS on APR. 24-25.
  5. SNORKELS, FINGER PADDLES, PADDLES: All swimmers in the Silver & Varsity group should look to purchase a swimmers snorkel, finger paddles, fins and regular paddles to enhance their performance and technique. These pieces of equipment are required for every practice. Contact your primary coach for more details.

Have a great week all.

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Hongqiao Water Weekly: JAN. 6-12

  1. WELCOME BACK AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! Training resumes as normal today (Monday 6th January, 2020) for all practice groups. Friday AM training shall begins at 6am.
  2. VARSITY SWIMMERS NEW EQUIPMENT: Coach Cheryl’s Varsity swimmers should have made steps to acquire equipment, please refer to email sent on Friday 13th December at 1:32 PM.
  3. TRY-OUTS: All training next Tuesday 14th January, 2020 shall be cancelled due to try-outs. All team captains must be present at the try-outs to aid the coaches facilitate this event, between 3pm – 4:30pm.
  4. ROCKET SCIENCE SPORTS PORTAL OPENING: The portal to order the jackets, t-shirts, suits etc shall be open before CNY. We have samples at the office for people to try before they buy. Feel free to drop in the office this week between 8am – 3pm, just email your primary coach to let them know when you are dropping by. Samples shall also be available to try on Monday 6th January 3pm – 4pm & Wednesday 8th January 3pm – 4pm.

Have a great week!

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Hongqiao Water Weekly: DEC. 9-13

  • LAST WEEK OF SWIM PRACTICE: All practices as usual this week. Friday AM practice 6am – 7:30am. On Monday 9th December our department hosted a lil’ dragons session with the Silver team as the demonstration swimmers led by both Coach Seven and Coach Jane. The swimmers loved it!!
  • NANJING ROUND 3: Congratulations to our swimming team for placing 2nd overall at Shanghai Swimming Leagues Round 3. What an incredible competition, thank you for all the support!

TOP 5 TEAMS (out of 16)

1st SAS PUXI = 1041

2nd SCISQ =    901

3rd SSIS =        685

4th BISSX =       652

5th WCIS =       506.5


Boys 50 Fly 9-10  Kim, Jian  37.17

Boys 50 Back 9-10 Langenhof, Bo Robert Eric-Jan    37.38

Boys 100 IM 9-10 Kim, Jian   1:25.09

Boys 200 Free Relay 9-10 Dong, Aaron    Langenhof, Bo Robert Eric-Jan   Glitterstam, Filip    Li, Calvin            2:13.05

Boys 200 Medley Relay 9-10 Langenhof, Bo Robert Eric-Jan    Kim, Jian.      Dong, Aaron    Li, Calvin      2:27.28

Girls 200 Medley Relay 13-14 Lim, Emily (BA) Song, Jungeun (BR) Vazquez-Quiroga, Lerie (FLY) Sato, Haruka (FR) 2:16.64

SCIS TEAM: 2nd overall out of 16 teams!
13-14 girls medley record breakers! Left to right: Lerie Vasquez-Quiroga, Jungeun Song, Emily Lim & Harkura Sato! Swimming a swift time of 2:16.64. This record was previous held by Cato Vliegenberg, Maddie Sung, Jungeun Song & Natalie Sorensen who went a time of 2:18.46
  • TROPHIES: All age group team trophies and team trophies need to come back to the office. Hope that you enjoyed them!
  • HOLIDAYS: Please make sure that all swimmers are kept active throughout the break. Recovery and rest should include: long sleeps of 8-12 hours each evening, healthy food, active recovery exercises (long walks, jogs, other sports) and good hydration practices. Swimmers should continue to engage in many active recovery sports and exercises throughout the break. Swimmers from the under 8, bronze and junior varsity should engage in as much consistent swimming as possible throughout the break. Please contact your primary coach for details.
  • SILVER & VARSITY: Your primary coach shall email you with instructions of how what we advise over the break for ultimate performance in the championship season up and coming.
  • TRAINING IN 2020: Starting as soon as possible on Monday 6th January, 2020. No time to waste!

Have a great break!

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Hongqiao Water Weekly: DEC. 2-8

  1. TRAINING THIS WEEK: All training as usual, Friday AM Dec. 6th, 2019 cancelled due to Nanjing. One day of full rest shall be a significant aid for the swimmers performance during the weekend. Grinch week shall be held on the following days for Coach Cheryl’s group; 2nd & 3rd and shall resume on Dec. 9th. All swimmers swimming with Coach Cheryl on Grinch Days should expect a slightly later training time of approx. 6:30-45pm. Any swimmers who need to leave earlier can do this with no penalties on attendance averages, just let Coach Cheryl know before we begin training.
  2. HOODIES & PANTS: We received information that the hoodies and pants shall hopefully arrive today. IF they arrive before training we shall distribute out between the times of 3pm – 4pm today, Wednesday & Thursday. Help shall be needed at these times and days for anyone around on campus. Thank you in advance. Please note that the distribution times are strictly between 3pm – 4pm.
  3. CAPS FROM ROCKET SCIENCE: Tracking these down…
  4. NANJING TRAVEL: Passports for independent traveling swimmers should be passed into our swimming department today and tomorrow. Meeting for all travelers to Nanjing shall take place in The Forum at 1:30pm sharp and buses shall leave as close to 2pm as possible. All Nanjing Travelers should check this page for any useful details about the travel trip.
  5. EMAIL ADDRESSES THAT ARE CONTINUOUSLY PINGING BACK UNDELIVERED: flau@whl.asia.com , YISE62233@scis-student.orgvanc63350@scis-student.orgthak52607@scis-student.orgheke61437@scis-student.orgoruk57096@scis-student.orgcraj56187@scis-student.org, sweetcho2@never.com IF you think these email addresses belong to you / your family please contact Coach Cheryl with the correct email addresses.
  6. TRAINING NEXT WEEK: Monday 9th December, 2019 Coach Seven and Coach Jane will lead the u8 team for a Lil Dragon session. Coach Jane will use the Silver Team swimmers as demonstration swimmers to aid the Under 8s skill acquisition and development. Coach Carson’s group that usually trains at 4:15pm – 6pm should attend training at an earlier time of 3:15pm – 4:30pm to swim a recovery session after Nanjing. Coach Cheryl’s group shall begin training at usual time of 4:15pm and finish earlier at 5:30pm.
  7. IT’S NOT GOODBYE, IT’S UNTIL NEXT TIME: The swimming department would like to say, ‘until next time’ to the following swimmers; Isaac Curnow, Doha Yeo and Harry Yeo. Isaac was spotted in PE swimming with natural water feeling, from there Isaac transitioned into Coach Jane’s under 8 group, up through Silver and now into Varsity team. Isaac has been a valuable member of our swimming team, he has broken a few records along the way (short course and long course middle/long distance free records). Importantly Isaac holds himself to an extremely high level of accountability each day in preparation, effort and respect levels and Isaac is currently our captain for the 11-12 boys. Doha was another swimmer plucked from Learn to Swim PE classes from ECE and is one of our youngest swim team members to be invited onto our swimming team. Doha has been one of our only under 8 swimmers who has been able to chip away to the infamous Sophia Miller record reign and currently holds a handful of short course and long course records in fly and free in various distances! Her brother Harry came onto our team a few months later and began as a Bronze swimmer and quickly moved up to Silver team and now into Varsity team. Through a lot of hard work in training Harry was the holder of the 9-10 boys 50 Backstroke last year. Keep swimming guys, you will be missed! Swimmers please make sure you say goodbye and stay in touch with your team mates.
Left to right: Bo Lagenhoff, Isaac Curnow & Austin Lee at SAS Pudong Spring 2019.
Left to right: siblings Doha Yeo and Harry Yeo at the opening of our newly refurbished pool in August 2018.
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Hongqiao Water Weekly: 25 NOV – 1 DEC

  1. TRAINING THIS WEEK: All training remains as usual. Friday morning practice 6am – 7:30am, swimmers should be on deck for 5:50am.
  2. VARSITY SWIMMERS ATTENDANCE & TIME KEEPING: Reminder that training begins at 4:15pm sharp for coach led land based activities. Swimmers are encouraged to come onto poolside at 4pm. Any swimmer who is late e.g. 4:16pm should hustle when they arrive on deck. Swimmers who are late shall be given 75% attendance.
  3. NANJING SWIMMING MEET: The coaching team are thoroughly looking forward to the meet, please find the Nanjing Meet Pack in MEETS for specific meet details. https://teachersh.scis-his.net/aquatics/nanjing-dec-2019/
  4. 12 DAYS OF GRINCHNESS! My group (Coach Cheryl’s) shall begin my annual Grinch Training. Grinch training shall take place on : NOV. 25,25,27,28 & 29, DEC. 2, 3 & 9,10,11,12&13. The days in-between shall be a small recovery before Nanjing! Since this is a block of time before a big break it is important to get the swimmers in the best shape possible before the break. The ultimate goal of Grinch weeks/Hell weeks is to get 1 month of training squeezed into two weeks.
  5. TEAM PICS FOR SALE AT OFFICE 10rmb: Please buy our team picture and support the team! Drop in by anytime!
  6. WINTER BREAK AND BEYOND: I can hardly believe than winter is here and 2019 is almost over?! For any families who are leaving SCIS this winter please contact your primary coach and myself (Coach Cheryl) so that we can celebrate their contributions to their team, with the team!
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Hongqiao Water Weekly: NOV. 18 – 24

  1. TRAINING THIS WEEK: All training sessions as usual. Friday AM training shall be 6am – 7:30am. Varsity swimmers had an alternative training last night when we went to support SCIS Basketball team who have a few team members; Diego & Thomas. Really happy to see such warmth and positivity throughout our team. Diego and Thomas; good game!
  2. SCHOOL RECORD BREAKERS: Tomorrow at the upper school assembly school records breakers shall be presented certificates for their achievement. Matilda Glitterstam 800 Freestyle 11-12 girls 11:46.99 (SAS Swimvitational) Bo Langenhof 50m Backstroke 9-10 boys 37.51 (SAS Swimvitational) Willy Kim 50m Breastroke 9-10 boys 42.43 (SAS Swimvitational)    F . Glitterstam,    B . Langenhof,   C . Li,   A . Dong: 2:14.82, 9-10 Free Relay B . Langenhof,     J . Kim,     A.Dong,     C. Li: 3:30.23, 9-10 Medley Relay Harold du Bois de Vroylande 200 Fly 13-14 boys: 2:44.47 Peter Michael Valerio III 200 Fly 15 & Over men: 2:47.41 Alvar Kjellgren 200 Back, 13-14 boys: 2:38.60 (SAS Swimvitational) Kyuan Lee 200 Breast, 13-14 boys: 2:42.12 (SAS Swimvitational) Jungeun Song 200 Breast, 13-14 girls: 2:55.01 (SAS Swimvitational) Jungeun Song 50 Breast, 13-14 girls: 36’95 (SAS Swimvitational) Jungeun Song 100 Breast, 13-14 girls: 1:21.56 (SAS Swimvitational) Kyuan Lee 100 Breast, 13-14 boys: 1:12.11 (SAS Swimvitational) Justin Lee 100 Breaststroke 1:11.95 (UNIS)
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Hongqiao Water Weekly: NOV. 11-17

  1. TRAINING THIS WEEK: All the Monday Nov. 12 sessions were cancelled due to the team international swimming meet. All other session run as normal including Friday AM 6am – 7:30am shall run as normal.
  2. ROUND 2 DCSZ: Please see MEETS – SSL RD 2 https://teachersh.scis-his.net/aquatics/ssl-round-2-dcsz/. Swimmers who competed at SAS Swimvitational & Hanoi are not permitted to attend this meet. Rest, recovery and balance is important not only for the swimmers but the coaches. This weekend Coach Carson and Coach Cheryl shall attend on Saturday & Coach Jane and Coach Seven shall attend on Sunday. Please check if you have been signed for this meet, if you cannot attend please notify your primary coach ASAP. If you did not attend SAS Swimvitational you should have been signed up for this meet.
  3. HANOI VIETNAM @ UNITED NATIONAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL: This weekend 30 swimmers attended this amazing swimming meet. This meet was a great meet at our swimming level which enabled many of our swimmers to be challenged but, gave them an opportunity to place on the podium.
SCIS Honqiao & Pudong team after awards ceremony! 30 swimmers flew to Hanoi to compete in a fast and fun meet.
Left to right: Doha Yeo, Adriana Zeqiraj, Bel Chen, Ella Lim, Roze van Herpen & Sterre Peek who gained the trophy for overall best 9-10 girls team! Special mention to Ella Lim who took 2nd overall highest point scorer in the 9-10 girls category.
Left to right: Nina van Lankveld, Lerie Vazquez-Quiroga & Alesia Vazquez-Quiroga. Congratulations to both Lerie and Alesia who took 2nd overall highest point scorers in their age ranges.
Bel Chen & Adriana Zeqiraj out at our field trip to Hanoi night market after the 2-day event!
Left to right: Alvar Kjellgren, Mikey Valerio & Joppe Rietveld. Both Alvar and Mikey took gold for 100 Backstroke at the weekend in their age groups! Well done boys.


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Hongqiao Water Weekly: NOV. 4-10

  1. TRAINING: Fri AM training cancelled due to Hanoi trip. I want to ensure the swimmers and families have the extra time to prepare in the morning for the international meet.
  2. TRAINING NEXT WEEK: Monday Nov. 11th ALL practice groups canceled due to Hanoi travel trip. Training shall resume as usual on Tuesday Nov. 12th. Friday AM practice shall run 6am – 7:30am.
  3. ROCKET SCIENCE PORTAL ORDER: The RSS portal order of the towels, string bags, tshirts, PJ pants, suits, parka jackets have mainly come in. Still waiting to receive the swimming caps and a few families orders. This order is not the hoodies and pants, this is a different order.
  4. HANOI TRIP: 10:30am meet in the canteen for a sandwich and salad snack before the airport. 11am bus leaves school gates for all Hanoi travelers, SCIS Pudong team members should meet us at the check in! Do not forget your passport please! Please review the travel document that was uploaded to Meets – Hanoi.
  5. SAS/ISB SWIMVITATIONAL 2019: Congratulations to the high performance team who were selected to this prestigious event. Results and break downs coming soon!
  6. SUZHOU SWIMMING MEET: Meet entries coming Thursday Nov. 8th, 2019 by 3pm.
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Hongqiao Water Weekly: OCT. 28 – NOV. 3


9-10 Boy            50 FR           Li, Calvin                                       32.82

9-10 Boy            50 BR          Kim, Jian                                        42.99

13-14 Boy          50 Fly          du Bois de Vroylande, Harold       28.80

13-14 Girl          50 BR          Song, Jungeun                                 37.76

9-10 Boy           IM Relay        2:33.56       Li Calvin,  Kim Jian,  Glitterstam Filip,  Dong Aaron
9-10 Boy           FR Relay        2:15.87         Glitterstam Filip,  Li Calvin,  Langenhof Bo Robert Eric-Jan,  Dong Aaron
13-14 Boy          FR Relay       1:51.24        Lee Kyuan,  du Bois de Vroylande Harold,  Athanasopoulos Nikolas,  Samataci Kerem

13-14 Boy          IM Relay       2:01.74       

Kjellgren Alvar, Lee Kyuan,  du Bois de Vroylande Harold,  Samataci Kerem

TRAINING THIS WEEK: Friday AM training is cancelled due to the SAS-ISB meet. All other groups shall run as normal.

SAS-ISB MEET: Please go to MEETS – SAS-ISB to check information about this meet https://teachersh.scis-his.net/aquatics/sas-isb-nov-123/ swimmers who have been selected as part of our high performance team may pick up the t-shirts on Wednesday or Thursday this week from the swimming office. Please ensure that all families paid the 200 RMB meet fees for this 3-day competition at the front desk! T-shirts shall not be handed out without payment. Swimmers who are swimming on Friday should contact teachers and advisory leaders about you/your child’s absences on Friday afternoon and request feedback of how to correctly stay on top of all academic work. Swimmers are welcome to attend in Halloween outfits! Bus sign-up https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080F48ABA62CA4F49-sasisb

TEAM PHOTOS FOR SALE: This year we printed and laminated a copy of our team photo and this is available for sale in the swim office for 10rmb. Contact your primary coach and they can help you with this! Cash only please.

HANOI TRAVELERS: All paid, ready to travel soon! Passports should be handed into Coach Cheryl between Monday 4th November – Wednesday 6th November. Families should contact all teachers and advisory leaders about you/your child’s absences taken for Hanoi and request feedback of how to correctly prepare your academic homework and expectations with the absences taken.

MANY MEETS UP AND COMING: A string of meets are up and coming for our 9years old and over team. SAS/ISB Swimvitational, Hanoi and SSL Round 2 in Suzhou is up and coming over the weekend of Nov. 16-17. Swimmers may only compete in 2 out of 3 of these meets. The swimmers need rest and recovery and time for other activities. This time last year we had a similar situation of back to back meets and at that time I made a clear identification that I did not want to ask swimmers to compete in such a manner again for numerous reasons.

Have a great week!

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