Hongqiao Water Weekly: MAY. 4-9

  1. TRAINING THIS WEEK: All groups running as usual. Coach Jane and Coach Cheryl’s group shall practice from 3:15 – 4:30pm, Friday, May 7th.
  2. SSL CHAMPIONSHIP SWIMMING MEET: May 8th our swimming department shall host our last virtual meet of the calendar year at SCIS Pool. If your child cannot attend please notify your primary coach and Coach Cheryl Philp via email. Unfortunately parents not permitted to volunteer or spectate at this event. Warm-ups begin at 8am, first race begins at 9am. Predicted finish time shall be posted here by Thursday, May 6th at 3pm.
  3. ROCKET SCIENCE ORDER: A few swimmers have yet to come and collect their order.
  4. TRAINING NEXT WEEK: As of next week our there will be no more Friday PM training for any of the training groups due to our team moving into the off season; Silver, Coach Jane and Coach Cheryl’s group. Today shall mark the final day of weight room training for the high school students on a Tuesday PM.
  5. STUDENTS WHO ARE LEAVING SCIS: Please notify your primary coach and myself Coach Cheryl Philp cphilp@scis-china.org if your child is moving on this year. This way the coaches and swimmers can celebrate their efforts within swimming team with their team mates.
  6. LAST DAYS OF TRAINING FOR THIS ACADEMIC YEAR: During the final two weeks of June 2021 our department are going to use the pool space differently. On next weeks HWW we shall release events that we plan to host during June that shall be available for Upper School students only (swim team members and non-swim team members). For our lower school students their final days of access to our pool during after school hours are reflected below.

Last day of training
U8 team May 25th
Bronze May 27th
Silver May 27th
Gold Advanced May 27th
Gold Development May 27th
High School May 27th
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Hongqiao Water Weekly: Apr. 26 – May. 2

  1. TRAINING THIS WEEK: Friday training for all practice groups is canceled. All other practices are running as normal.
  2. ROCKET SCIENCE UNIFORM PORTAL: Swimmers may pick up their order from their primary coach at their next training.
  3. UNDER 8 CARNIVAL PHOTOS: Coming soon! Coach Seven will send some links to under 8 parents ASAP and we shall upload some here.
  4. SHANGHAI SWIMMING LEGAUE – ROUND 4 CHAMPIONSHIPS MEET! Our final meet of the academic year shall be a virtual meet on Saturday 8th May, 2021. This event shall be a morning event, parents will not be able to attend this meet. See MEETS 2021 page, information shall be updated over this week.
  5. RESULTS (NOT OFFICIAL): Swimmers and coaches should check through their times, any questions or problems that can be spotted should be emailed directly to Coach Cheryl cphilp@scis-china.org – Results can be found on our Team Information – Meet Results.
  6. PB’s: Uploaded on home page: FULL TEAM RESULTS
  7. RSS LONG COURSE LOST PROPERTY: SSIS are missing 2 parkas with their school name SSIS on the back, please check your parkas!
  8. UNDER 8 RECORDS BREAKERS: Congratulations to the following swimmers who broke 2 new school records at the under 8 Carnival (see below):

Lucas Lin 25m FREESTYLE 17’56

Oscar Wang 25m BREASTSTROKE 23’48

How to find your PBs for SCM & LCM & school records (including under 8s)
Left to right: Gaby Lau, Adriana Zeqiraj, Yolanda Chen, Sterre Peek, Ji-young Lee & Alexia du Bois de Vroylande. A mix of lower school and middle school swimmers enjoying a swim down post race.
Left to right: Edoardo Malvestiti, Lesaan Lotfi, Federico Malvestiti, Harold du Bois du Vroylande, Thomas Fortoul, Alvar Kjellgren, Joppe Rietveld & Sep Hoogwater. 13-14 yr old & 15 & over male relay teams.
Left to right: Sofia Tsapliy, Sterre Peek, Nina van Lankveld & Ella Lim, showing us their heat winners bands.
Left to right: Sterre Peek, Ji-Young Lee & Bel Chen. Happy to be back racing!
Left to right: Coach Carson Shen, Alessandro Santini, Justin Shi, BenjamWang, Daniel Sun, Kyle Li, Alex Geagea, Ji-woo Lee & Calvin Li.
Coach Jane with a mix of lower and middle school swimmers.
Left to right: Edoardo Malvestiti & Minseo Kim.
Left to right: Edoardo Malvestiti, Leo Lee, Meadow Valerio, Theo Sommer & Federico Malvestiti.
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Hongqiao Water Weekly: APR. 19-25

  1. TRAINING THIS WEEK: No changes to training this week. Friday practice for upper school (both Coach Jane & Coach Cheryl’s practice group) will take place from 3:15 pm – 4:30 pm.
  2. RSS MEET INFO: See MEETS 2021 page, updates available. Parents/guardians who would like to spectate have to scan a code and add information before April. 20th, 2021, this code can found on MEETS 2021 page. The rule is 1 person per swimmer, which means parents/guardians spectating cannot bring young children.
  1. I believe in myself
  2. I quickly adjust to new situations 
  3. Day by day I grow in confidence 
  4. My potential for success is unlimited
  5. I am courageous and I confront my fears
  6. Everything I do leads to something better
  7. I love myself and I enjoy being me
  8. I deserve success
  9. There is always another way and a better solution 
  10. I forgive myself when I make mistakes
  11. I stay calm in frustrating situations
  12. Life wants to best for me
  13. I am fortunate to be surrounded by people who support my goals


Get your gear in order.

On the day of the big race, you don’t want to be scrambling around trying to find your racing gear. Make sure that you have all the essentials the night before the big meet kicks off.

Your racing suit. Goggles. Caps. Double up on these items if possible.

Stock up on dry towels, snacks for after warm-up and between races, and a water bottle. Dress warmly to keep your core temperature raised between races. Wearing flip-flops or sneakers in-between races, we absorb a lot of cold through our feet.

If you want to use your new dome cap you must train in this cap throughout this week to familiarise yourself with new equipment.

Visualize in advance. How do you want to perform?

I know that you are already dreaming about how you want to perform during your races, so take it a step further and spend a few minutes each evening visualizing how you want to race.

Manage expectations.

Remember that rarely do things ever go perfectly, much less according to plan, so go into your day of racing with the mindset of being flexible with distractions. Being able to stay focused in the face of unexpected circumstances is one of the hallmarks of elite swimmers.

Keep surprises in your diet to a minimum.

The last thing you want is your stomach doing a backflip in the moments you are standing behind the blocks. This may mean you have to do some planning in advance in terms of meal preparation. Or drinking lots of water. Do not make major changes to your diet or your routine.

Do not try new goggles on the day of the meet.

Try not to do new things before the race or use new goggles or caps. If you have new equipment it must be used for training in the week before the meet so the swimmer can figure out how it fits and any adjustments.

If you want to use your new dome cap you must train in this cap throughout this week to familiarise yourself with new equipment.

Stay Hydrated and aim to get 8-10 hours of sleep every night this week.

If you want your body to perform well, you must treat your body well. Drinking a lot of water on the day of swimming is not enough, make sure you are not dehydrated on the days leading up to the meet.

Website cited (with adjustments from our coaches that we feel are relevant):


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Hongqiao Water Weekly: Apr. 12-18

  1. TRAINING THIS WEEK: Only schedule changes impact our upper school swimmers. Tuesday 13th our upper school students should be on the poolside at a later time of 4:30 pm due to the u8 Carnival. High School: No weight room training on Tuesday due to U8 Carnival. Friday 16th Coach Jane’s team shall begin practice at the later slot from 4:15 pm – 5:30 pm & Coach Cheryl’s team shall begin to practice at the early slot from 3:15 pm – 4:30 pm.
  2. UNDER 8 CARNIVAL APRIL 13th: Looking forward to our under 8 Carnival Tuesday 13th, this is a fun event we are organizing for the youngest swimmers on our team. Gate collection time shall be 4:45 pm, just 10 mins later than usual, please be prompt. Unfortunately no spectators at this point due to COVID-19 regulations. This is an event for SCIS Swim Team members only. All swimmers who turned 9 after January 2021 are encouraged to take part in this event. Any questions please contact Coach Seven Qi who is organizing this event!
  3. DEADLINES FOR SELECTED LONG COURSE TEAM: Rocket Science Sports info & updates available on our site on MEETS 2021 (see link https://teachersh.scis-his.net/aquatics/meets-2/ ). DEADLINE WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14TH, 4:30 PM for info requested (see link above). No exceptions, thanks for your cooperation and understanding.
  4. UPPER SCHOOL SWIMMERS: Looking for approximately 8 swimmer volunteers for tomorrow’s U8 Carnival, please email me, Coach Cheryl cphilp@scis-china.org if you would like to help our coaching team.
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Hongqiao Water Weekly: Apr. 5-11

  1. TRAINING THIS WEEK: Thursday 8th training as usual. Friday 9th training as usual; Middles School training 3:15 – 4:15 & High School training 4:15 – 5:30.
  2. SCHOOL HOLIDAYS INFORMATION: No team training on school holidays or early release days.
  3. ROCKET SCIENCE SPORTS LONG COURSE: Still waiting for information, see MEETS 2021 on our home page for any other information.
  4. UNDER 8 CARNIVAL APRIL 13th: Looking forward to our under 8 Carnival next Tuesday, this is a fun event we are organizing for the youngest swimmers on our team. Gate collection time shall be 4:45 pm, just 10 mins later than usual, please be prompt. Unfortunately no spectators at this point due to COVID-19 regulations. This is an event for SCIS Swim Team members only. All swimmers who turned 9 after January 2021 are encouraged to take part in this event.
  5. DRILL OF THE WEEK: Coming from Coach Seven next week.
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Hongqiao Water Weekly: Mar. 29 – Apr. 3

  1. TRAINING THIS WEEK: No training on Friday 2nd April 2021. All other days and groups run as normal.
  2. ROCKET SCIENCE LONG COURSE MEET: Teams for this meet have been announced on our site https://teachersh.scis-his.net/aquatics/meets-2/ all information that is available is stated on this page.
  3. LAST WEEKS COACHING SWITCH: Our coaching team found it a valuable experience to coach different groups and gain insight into how our team is training across from the youngest to the eldest team member. Our coaching team has a weekly coaching meeting where we discuss our team, tips, skills, and team direction so it was great to coach different swimmers and put these skills and practices in place at different ages and development phases!
  4. U8 SWIMMING GALA: Tuesday 13th April 15:05 – 16:45 our coaching team shall host a fun swimming gala for primarily under 8 swimmers at SCIS Aquatics Centre. Any swimmers who recently turned 9years old shall be invited to swim at this carnival, any swimmers who turned 9 years old after January 2021 should attend this event! The primary aim of the gala will be to give the swimmers a pressure-free environment to race one another, build confidence and learn how a swimming meet environment works. No medals shall be awarded but times shall be posted after the event, different awards for skills rather than just speed-based times shall be presented. Our middle school and high school swimmers shall be the volunteers for this meet and we shall try and do some mixed fun relays with siblings etc! All swimmers shall receive a SCIS participation award.
  6. DRILL OF THE WEEK: By myself, Coach Cheryl Philp. Parents, please get involved and try out our drills! See drill of the week download at the bottom of this post. This week is Breaststroke and the drill is based on kick efficiency as in Breaststroke the kick accounts for nearly 70% of the forward propulsion in the stroke.
  7. AMERICAN RED CROSS SAFETY TIP OF THE WEEK: These safety tips are a feature in our PE Swimming program. A tip on this week is relevant for all swimmers of all abilities: MUSCLE CRAMPS. When you experience a muscle cramp, do not submerge and go under, no matter how confident you think you are in the water this is extremely dangerous, keep your head out of the water and get to the side as quickly as possible.
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Hongqiao Water Weekly: Mar. 22 – Mar. 28

  • TRAINING THIS WEEK: Training canceled on Tuesday 23rd for all training groups on that day.
  • UNDER 8S: Under 8’s are invited to a makeup session on Friday 26th from 15:15- 16:15, gate pick up for the under 8’s at 16:35. *Please note we may not always have the ability to make up any canceled sessions. Cancelations in our team are rare we do our absolute best to keep our program running during school term days.
  • UPPER SCHOOL SWIMMING ON FRIDAY 26: Both Middle School Swimmers and Upper School Swimmers training on March 26th shall swim at the adjusted time between 16:15-17:15. This adjustment in scheduling shall allow the u8 an opportunity to make up their lost session on Tuesday.
  • COACHES SWITCH-UP: This week we have strategically switched coaches in all training groups on Monday & Thursday of this week. The coaching switch shall provide the students with an opportunity to be coached by the lead coach of another training group. This opportunity helps the coaching team evaluate the overall team’s progression from a different perspective. All programs shall run at the same time as usual. The coaches’ switch-up looks like this. *Continue to email only your primary coach, the primary coach is responsible for passing the information.

Monday  Thursday
Coach S. Qi Silver Team Middle School Development Team
Coach C. Shen Bronze Team Gold Advanced Team
Coach J. Mao High School Silver / High School
Coach C. Philp Middle School  Bronze / Silver
  • RSS LONG COURSE MEET: An unexpected meet has come up that we have gained approval to attend if the COVID-19 climate in Shanghai has no unexpected changes. Our coaching team shall take approximately 50 swimmers, we shall select the 4-5 swimmers per age range (9 years old & up). Our coaching team has not yet received the meet program or event list. The selected team shall be posted on the website on the home page before Friday 26th. See home page tabs – Meets 2021 (for information).
  • ROCKET SCIENCE PORTAL: SCIS team uniform portal has opened for a short window of time until Mar. 28th. If you would like to purchase any team kit click the link at the bottom of this post. All information provided on the website.
  • DRILL OF THE WEEK: Coach Jane’s drill of the week demonstrated by Nina van Lankveld. See the attachment at the bottom of this post, this drill has been printed and displayed around the Aquatics facility.
  • UPDATED WEBSITE FEATURES: Skim through the website to see new updates. Encourage swimmers at all ages to do the same, upper school students are expected to read the website updates and keep themselves informed with team weekly updates!


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Hongqiao Water Weekly: Mar. 15-21

  1. DRILL OF THE WEEK: Coach Carson’s drill of the week demonstrated by Adriana Zeqiraj (Silver Team). Find the attachment below.
  2. SSL RD3 RESULTS: Please find attached the full results from Shanghai Swimming League Round 3 at the bottom of this post.
  3. TOP TIMES: Please find attached the full team PBs (personal best records) at the bottom of this post.
  4. SCHOOL RECORDS ACHIEVED DURING SSL ROUND 3: Listed below in a table. These students shall be presented certificates at a school assembly, coaches are discussing with the grade level leaders about which assembly shall be suitable.
  5. TRAINING THIS WEEK: No changes. Coach Janes group is in the early slot on Friday 19th, 15:15-16:15 & Coach Cheryl’s group is in the 16:15-17:15 slot.
  6. EQUIPMENT: Thank you to all the parents for ensuring that your child has the correct equipment to participate in competitive training. I would recommend that all swimmers who are storing their equipment on the poolside should keep their kit in a mesh bag or sports bag. This can decrease the likelihood of getting your equipment mixed up/lost, keeps our facility looking tidier and more organized, and saves time for the student-athletes. See pic at the bottom of this post.
  7. TRAINING NEXT WEEK: All training groups are canceled on Tuesday 23rd March, 15:00 – 18:00. Our coaches shall be attending our American Red Cross Lifesaving and CPR re-certification.
Student Stroke (M) Record
Alex Chang Backstroke 50 37’34
Nina van Lankveld Freestyle 50 29’09
Nina van Lankveld Freestyle 100 1:04’65
Nina van Lankveld Backstroke 50 33’45
Harold du Bois de Vroylande Backstroke 50 30’71
Harold du Bois de Vroylande Butterfly 50 27’69
Harold du Bois de Vroylande IM 400 5:34:00
E.Lim, K.Kassab, S.Peek, N.van Lankveld Freestyle Relay 200 2:04’67
W.Kim, A.Dong, J.Kim, C.Li Freestyle Relay 200 2:05’53
C.Li, S.Peek, A.Dong, N.van Lankveld Medley Relay 200 2:23’29
H.Vroylande, E.Malveestiti, E.Lim, P.Peek Medley Relay 200 2:17’42

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Hongqiao Water Weekly: Mar. 8-14

  1. CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR TEAM AT THE SSL ROUND 3 VIRTUAL MEET! Our Upper School swimmers did an amazing job of helping our team run a successful meet here at SCIS Aquatics Centre.
  2. RESULTS: Full results (with all schools swims) shall be posted and sent to teams when we receive them from the host school.
  3. MIDWEEK UPDATE TO COME: By Wednesday noon we shall post a midweek update on the website with results and school record announcements.
  4. NO CHANGES TO TRAINING THIS WEEK: All practices run as normal this week.

Have a great week ahead!

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Hongqiao Water Weekly: Mar. 1-7

  1. REGULAR THIS WEEK: Training shall resume as normal on the following days; Monday, March 1st & Tuesday, March 2nd.
  2. DATES VIRTUAL SWIMMING MEET: March, 4 & 5th, all swimmers attend both days, at SCIS Aquatics Centre.
  3. TIME SLOTS OF THE MEET: Swim team swimmers in lower school (over the age of 9 years old) should attend the Virtual Meet between the times of 3:05 pm – 4:45 pm on both days. Swim team swimmers in Upper School should attend the Virtual Meet between the times of 4 pm – 6 pm on both days.
  4. WHO SHOULD ATTEND THE VIRTUAL SWIMMING MEET?: All swimmers on our swimming team who are the ages of 9 years old and over from March, 4th 2021.
  5. WHAT SHOULD YOUR CHILD BRING TO THE VIRTUAL MEET? Swim team swimmers should bring SCIS Swimming Cap (red or white), bathing suit, goggles, water bottle, towel, and flip flops. Training equipment FINS and snorkel are not required on the days of the Virtual Swimming Meet.
  6. CAN I COME TO WATCH OR VOLUNTEER AT THE VIRTUAL MEET? Unfortunately at this time, we cannot permit parents on campus to watch the swimming meet or volunteer. The Aquatics Department looks forward to inviting you to the pool in the future.
  7. HOW DO I KNOW WHAT I AM SWIMMING? The coaches have posted the events you shall swim on the poolside walls. No changes can be made.
  8. WHAT IF I CANNOT MAKE IT TO THE VIRTUAL MEET? Please email your coach of the reasons why you cannot participate to your primary coach and cc in Coach Cheryl Philp cphilp@scis-china.org
  9. WHAT TO EXPECT AT YOUR FIRST SWIMMING MEET: Bring a spare cap and goggles. On the day, find your coach immediately and follow their instructions. Find out what events you are swimming, in which order (your coach shall help you with this). Swim your best and your goal is to swim the correct stroke without receiving a disqualification (your coach will talk to you about disqualifications and what that means in each training and as they teach you how to swim). Most importantly, have fun and it’s you against the clock, do not think about anyone else!
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